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  1. On 08/09/2018 at 10:10, Bristol fox .... said:

    I get that, but as an announcement about expansion is imminent i would of thought the club would of incorporated any additions into the development thats going to happen.

    Word is that VAR is expected to be used in the Premier League next season, and the owners feel that It is important that we are ready, when that happens, to be able to communicate VAR decisions clearly to our fans.

    The current screens have served a purpose, but aren’t seen by our owners as very effective at communicating right across the pitch due to their limited size (And awkward position in the corners).


    New screens on a stadium extension wouldn’t be up for 4-5 years, which is 3-4 years too late for the start of VAR.


    (On a side note, bigger screens also equals increased advertising revenue.)





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  2. Out of the current squad, for me it’s Chilwell, by far.


    People seem to love him, because he joins in with the attacks, but he simply can’t defend, and that should be priority 1 for a full back.

    He loses the ball with misplaced passes, and puts us under pressure in our own half.


    He’s direct going forward, but still needs a better end product.


    The amount of times last season that I found myself saying “****ing hell Chilwell!”


    I accept he’s young and will improve, but people gush over him way too much.

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  3. Overall a decent display.


    we looked quite positive and more forward thinking than the back end of last season.


    Good displays from Ricardo, Chilwell, Gray, Maddison, and even Ghezzal when he came on.


    Not Iheanacho’s best game, but did get into decent positions.


    Amartey was poor, and for all the haters who will disagree with me, I’d have much preferred Simpson in that spot if we are to play Ricardo further on like we did first half. At least Simmo is solid defensively, even if he doesn’t offer anything going forward.


    Didn’t think Maddison was the man to take off with Vardy coming on, but I’m guessing it was more to do with his spat with Fred which was bubbling away a bit.


    I’m not too disappointed, but for me the real questions will be asked at home vs Wolves, in front of a home crowd, with a more up to speed squad.

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  4. It’s at times like this that we should all take time to appreciate how far we have come since that moment in our history!


    Just 10 years ago, we were owned by Milan Mandaric, had managers like Ian Holloway and Martin Allen, got relegated to the 3rd tier, spent the summer picking up free transfers, were desperate to sign the likes of DJ Campbell, and our seemingly best players were the likes of Joe Mattock, Iain Hume & Stephen Clemence!


    Who’d have thought that 10 years down the line, we’d have won the Premier League, played in a Champions League Quarter Final, be about to expand the stadium, having a new training complex built, buying players for £25m+, selling players for £60m+, have nearly half of our squad at a World Cup, have Key players in the England side, and be one of the top 20 richest clubs in the world?


    Should really put things into perspective sometimes!



  5. 1 minute ago, breadandcheese said:

    Could we not just give him a big signing on fee to get round this?  


    You think an agent that is demanding £150k a week for his player isn’t going to be demanding a huge signing on fee for his player, and a huge agent fee for himself aswell??


    Unless the demands drop significantly, he isn’t going to be signing for anyone soon.

  6. 6 hours ago, Ric Flair said:

    Gonalons is gross but Meyer is a very good attacking midfielder, can play anywhere. He'd be superb for us in our new setup in the Mahrez free era.


    6 hours ago, LCCFox96 said:


    Apparently they've also bid £8.9mil for Maxime Gonalons from Roma. Whether they'd be entertaining the idea of both or not I'm not sure. Max Meyer on a free transfer would be an astute addition for just about everyone in the PL. 


    7 hours ago, Lovejoy said:

    Palace linked with Max Meyer. If he's struggling to get his move to a big club, could be one to look at.

    Max Meyer is now a free agent, but the reason no-one is picking him up is because his agent is demanding his wages are at least £150k per week!


    Even with no transfer fee, he isn’t going to be given a contract by us, (or anyone else in the premier league for that matter) that would make him our top earner when walking into the club.

  7. 24 minutes ago, SecretPro said:

    Why? Can you let me know what he's ever done?

    He’s still young (21) so isn’t going to have stupidly great stats, however............


    He’s young, English (so transfer value is more likely to grow than drop), was obviously highly rated by good scouts / coaches (Man City don’t usually waste good money on crap), had a very good spell at Celtic (1 goal every 4 games is great for a winger), leading them to want him back again, he’s been involved in the England set up, he’s experienced a winning mentality (unbeaten Celtic season), he’d be hungry and determined to prove himself in the Premier League.


    I’m not sure what more you could ask for from a 21 year old really?


    (His stats are comparable if not better than Demarai Gray, and most City fans seem happy to have him? Not a world beater, but definitely good enough for our squad, and a better option than Diabate in my opinion?)




  8. 13 minutes ago, breadandcheese said:

    I'm surprised we haven't been linked with Ben Gibson this summer. We usually always are.

    He signed a new contract in October at Boro.

    He still seems to be available for the right offer, (around £15m) but his wages are probably much higher than they were prior to signing that new contract. Maybe that’s a factor?

  9. Patrick Roberts is the man I want to see at the club now.

    I think all round it would be the best and most sensible signing for us at this point.


    I’m intrigued by the Ademola Lookman situation at Everton, I think he wants to leave now, but Everton seem to be unwilling to let him go, even though he’s down the pecking order. If he is available, i’d take him as another option for us.


    My only real concern is at CB.


    I’m not convinced by the Evans signing (hope i’m wrong), and Wes and Benny just aren’t good enough I’m afraid.


    Maguire needs a quality CB next to him, so they can form a proper partnership. (Which in turn could help us to keep Maguire for longer...)


    I feel we need to replace Benny with an upgrade, but I really do not know who.


    Lets face it, Wes isn’t going anywhere.






  10. 10 minutes ago, MPH said:

    no i am not.  Im talking about a safe standing area- a terraced but one that has a reduced capacity .. less people than a regular terraced thus making it safer to stand in. reducing the risk of  any type of crush injury... you're making it far more complicated than it needs to be for your self to understand.

    So if the gates got opened for any reason, allowing people to just pile in, what stops everyone getting pushed down the terrace and then trampled?


    (ie Hillsborough)

  11. 1 minute ago, MPH said:



    That's just a guess.

    Of course it is, but an educated one?


    The people that spend time debating things on here, are probably very enthusiatic about the club, and therefore probably are the same enthusiastic fans at games?


    Tell you what, poll how many people on here sit in the Kop, or next to the away fans?

    i’d wager It’s a high percentage again?

  12. The problem with polls like this is that This forum is probably made up of a greater % of the hard core singing, shouting, and standing fans anyway.


    The % that say yes on foxestalk is (probably) going to be significantly higher than the % that would say yes if the 32000 in the stadium on any given match day were asked.


    Ask all the fans in SK1 for example, and you’d probably be near 100%?


    The sample on here is very skewed.

  13. 33 minutes ago, MPH said:



    Not necessarily - a safe standing area can take into account the amount of people permitted in an area.. you could have the same sized area as  was allowed for standing before but allow 100 less people in it, for example... 

    That is what was outlawed after Hillsborough.


    There was a standing “limit” but the gates got opened and people just piled in.

    There is no way this would ever be allowed nowadays.


    The only standing that is an option currently (in Europe) is rail seats.

  14. 54 minutes ago, davieG said:

    King Power have spent plenty of money changing aspects of the stadium that will not provide a financial return eg the renaming or rather de-naming of the kiosks, fearless stickers ever where plus murals, tvs in the concourse, clappers, t-shirts, scarves, donuts and beer these were presumably done to increase customer satisfaction  then one wonders how significant is the financial return from pasting King Power all over the stadium at the expense of nods to our history. 


    Although I accept what you are saying, those things cost in the lower thousands of pounds, ripping out even just 1500 seats and installing rail seating would cost significantly more.


    30,000 pints at cost (£1-£1.50 a pint) = maybe £30,000 (not all fans are eligible)


    you’d probably be lucky to get 50 rail seats installed for that.


    Not to mention the pints raise customer satisfaction for maybe 20,000 of the stadiums capacity (60% ish), the rail seats would raise satisfaction for maybe around 1500 fans? (5%)


    I’m all for rail seats and safe standing as a fan who would use them, but with my business head on, it’s hard to create a solid business case.

  15. 1 hour ago, Voll Blau said:

    Your scepticism is, of course, well founded. That said, it's only in the very recent past that people were dismissing the idea of safe standing areas being implemented full stop. Now they're actually being put in place, and in one case (Celtic) have been working well for a number of years. Once it becomes commonplace, which I'm confident it will, there's no reason why clubs wouldn't lobby to allow more people into such areas - especially as demand is bound to grow.


    Like I say though, this is all very long-term thinking. 1:1 is bound to be the short to medium-term ratio because the technology is almost completely alien in this country at the moment, and the authorities are obviously cautious. I don't think either clubs or campaigners would want to push their luck by suggesting otherwise right now, and they'd be foolish to do so.


    I totally understand where you are coming from, and eventually in years to come, if safe standing gets passed initially, i’m Sure clubs will then try and push forward with the ratio to increase capacity and ticket sales and income.


    If they are looking at it that way now though, that’s a very long term vision, with huge question marks over it.

    I doubt any business (club) would be willing to invest in replacing seats with rail seating in the hope that this will eventually come to financial fruition.


    Most business want to see full return on their investment within 2-3 years, and there is simply no way that will happen will rail seats as replacements for current seats.


    I personally think that our most realistic hope of seeing safe standing at King Power stadium is if it’s incorporated into a stadium expansion, where an increase in capacity offsets any costs.


    Anyone know if we are allowed to install rail seats into our new stand extention even if legislation isn’t yet passed? And until legislation is passed / denied, just use them as seats, not standing??



  16. 13 minutes ago, breadandcheese said:

    I think you're probably right, but is there not wriggle room with the width of the seats?  Narrower seats, mean more to a row, so presumably, for a safe standing area, you could make each designated space smaller to increase the capacity of the section.



    Highly unlikely in my opinion, if anything you may get less rail seats to a row, as each seat has to have downward metal poles at each side of it so that the seat can swing down.

    At most I would imagine you’d have the same amount of seats but the seats themselves would actually be narrower anyway?


  17. 1 minute ago, Voll Blau said:

    It's baby steps though. Abroad the ratio allowed is 1.6 people to every safe standing spot, whereas initially here it's 1 to 1. Club see that long-term they'll be able to push the idea of increasing the ratio when the relevant bodies are satisfied that it is safe, which it is.


    Also, let's not forget this is not just about financial return. Clubs have a responsibility to ensure their fans are watching the game safely in a manner of their choosing. How far a little bit of goodwill can go by implementing technology which will benefit sitters and standers alike shouldn't be underestimated, regardless of the financial bottom line.

    I honestly don’t see safe standing in the uk every increasing past a ratio of 1:1, given past events.


    The only way that safe standing will be passed in the uk is if every ticket sold still has a designated space in the stand, (row and seat number).

    Abroad, if higher ratios are used, i’m Assuming (correct me if I’m wrong, because I may be) that a set number of tickets for the whole block are issued, and then people just go and stand anywhere in their designated block?


    Given historical events in the uk, there is zero chance that this would ever get passed, as you could get parts of the blocks empty and parts overcrowded?


    I think 1:1 ratio is the key factor currently making safe standing a remotely viable consideration in the uk, and I don’t ever see that changing.


  18. 12 hours ago, jammie82uk said:

    Why should they be it’s of no advantage to the club to be behind it 

    This is the problem with Safe standing currently.

    Apart from a couple of lower league clubs where it is increasing their profile by getting media attention by being the “first” to install it, (and possibly increasing their attendances? Maybe? Depending on the club involved?) there is no financial benefit to the big clubs to do it.


    Any business (and let’s not be blind to the fact football is just a business now), wants to see financial returns on financial outlay.


    Installing rails seats costs money, while no extra income comes back because it doesn’t increase capacity.


    Will attendances decline without Rail seating? / improve with it? No.


    There is literally no return on investment.






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  19. 2 hours ago, st albans fox said:

    JV is used tactically by southgate. he stays high up and forces the opposition defence to sit deeper than they want to. he doesn't come short looking for the ball. creates more space for the three behind to operate in. 

    I don’t agree.


    He isn’t used as he should be when England are defending, especially if we are leading late in the game and the opposition are throwing men forward (like Columbia last night).


    He should be staying on the halfway line, forcing at least 2 players to stay back, and ready to pounce on the long clearances, where he can outpace most defenders.


    Instead, he drops right back in, with Kane,  and is never further forward than around 10-15 yards into England’s own half while we are defending.


    Southgate does some things well, but utilising Vardy to his strengths isn’t one of them.



  20. Same as someone else mentioned, the game was so stretched after we scored in normal time, with Columbia throwing men forward, that we were screaming out for Vardy to replace Sterling.


    We were launching clearances up the field, and I have no doubt Vards sitting on their last man could have killed Columbia off, if brought on earlier.


    Trouble was, Southgates head was on shutting Columbia out, not killing them off on the break. (Understandable to an extent, so not criticising particularly, but it did nearly cost us).


    I’m sure Jamie would have loved the pressure of taking that last penalty, (which is why he was originally 5 on the list) injury or not, but he seems like he very much tows the line with what Southgate asks for, so the injury took it out of his hands.


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  21. 8 minutes ago, OhYesNdidi said:

    Saints fans hate him & he was left out of their squad towards the back end of last season. Attitude problems + lack of consistency makes me think we should swerve. 

    Wasn’t aware of the attitude problems, still wouldn’t necessarily count it out though.

    May be more of a risk though if that was the case.

    Can’t believe i’m Saying this, but may be someone that has a good relationship with Puel, and he could manage him better than Hughes did.

  22. Anyone fancy us going in for Sofiane Boufal from Southampton?


    just been unexpectedly left out of their Pre-season tour by Mark Hughes, signed for Southampton under Puel, right age range (24 I believe), not a prolific scorer by any means, but could be another good attacking option if (when) Mahrez leaves?


    Possibly big wages, but realistic transfer fee of £12-18m?

  23. 27 minutes ago, Gerard said:

    £2.5m release clause.


    He would be a good buy for us if we don't trust Morgan to be third choice. He's not a world beater but good value for money with PL experience and would get a fair amount of games for us. 

    I agree that value for money may be right, but getting a fair amount of games for us? Not so sure on that.

    Ask Dragovic if he felt he got a fair amount of games for us? And that was only behind Maguire and Wes, now we have Evans aswell.

    Even if we don’t “trust” Morgan like we used to, he’s still looking like being club captain, so would still be holding all the cards for third choice should Evans pick up injuries.

    This is the problem we have in getting another CB to sign now, they must be thinking “I’ll hardly see any action behind those three”.

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