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  1. Same as someone else mentioned, the game was so stretched after we scored in normal time, with Columbia throwing men forward, that we were screaming out for Vardy to replace Sterling.


    We were launching clearances up the field, and I have no doubt Vards sitting on their last man could have killed Columbia off, if brought on earlier.


    Trouble was, Southgates head was on shutting Columbia out, not killing them off on the break. (Understandable to an extent, so not criticising particularly, but it did nearly cost us).


    I’m sure Jamie would have loved the pressure of taking that last penalty, (which is why he was originally 5 on the list) injury or not, but he seems like he very much tows the line with what Southgate asks for, so the injury took it out of his hands.


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  2. 8 minutes ago, OhYesNdidi said:

    Saints fans hate him & he was left out of their squad towards the back end of last season. Attitude problems + lack of consistency makes me think we should swerve. 

    Wasn’t aware of the attitude problems, still wouldn’t necessarily count it out though.

    May be more of a risk though if that was the case.

    Can’t believe i’m Saying this, but may be someone that has a good relationship with Puel, and he could manage him better than Hughes did.

  3. Anyone fancy us going in for Sofiane Boufal from Southampton?


    just been unexpectedly left out of their Pre-season tour by Mark Hughes, signed for Southampton under Puel, right age range (24 I believe), not a prolific scorer by any means, but could be another good attacking option if (when) Mahrez leaves?


    Possibly big wages, but realistic transfer fee of £12-18m?

  4. 27 minutes ago, Gerard said:

    £2.5m release clause.


    He would be a good buy for us if we don't trust Morgan to be third choice. He's not a world beater but good value for money with PL experience and would get a fair amount of games for us. 

    I agree that value for money may be right, but getting a fair amount of games for us? Not so sure on that.

    Ask Dragovic if he felt he got a fair amount of games for us? And that was only behind Maguire and Wes, now we have Evans aswell.

    Even if we don’t “trust” Morgan like we used to, he’s still looking like being club captain, so would still be holding all the cards for third choice should Evans pick up injuries.

    This is the problem we have in getting another CB to sign now, they must be thinking “I’ll hardly see any action behind those three”.

  5. Can’t help but feel we are missing a trick by not going after Gerard Delofeu.

    Rumours circling that Watford are about to sign him for £9m.

    He’s already had playing time in the PL, so knows what it’s about, he’s creative, with quite a bit of flair, and could help to fill the hole that Riyad will be leaving when he completes his move.

    I’d be looking to add him to our squad.


  6. 9 minutes ago, Buce said:


    You'd soon calm down when it came to filling it up.

    At least i’d know that the jag had been well maintained over the years, whilst Greal.... I mean, the fiesta, has been filled up with the wrong type of gas on more than one occasion.........

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  7. Rumours circulating that West Ham are about to sign Javier Pastore from PSG for £17.5m.


    i know he’s 28 and Grealish is 22, but I swear to god if that happens and we spend more than £17.5m on Grealish, I will slit my own wrists!


    It’s like spending 5 grand on a 5 year old fiesta, to the find your next door neighbour got a 10 year old jaguar for the same money!!!! ?

  8. I honestly can’t believe how many people are gushing over Jack Grealish?!!


    I’m sorry but I can’t stand the lad.


    Massively overrated and will very quickly get found out in the prem.


    Every so often strikes a decent shot, but most of the time he ends up losing the ball, or just throwing himself to the floor in the hope of winning a free kick.


    Add to that the previous evidence of childlike behaviour, and the constant whining to the referee, and if that wasn’t enough, he has a face that is just crying out to be hit, hard!


    Someone I wouldn’t want anywhere near a City shirt.


    Simply must be better options out there than him.

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  9. 19 hours ago, NorthfieldsFox said:

    I have been offered £1500 for two of my line of 4 ??? , just mentioned to someone I know well I was thinking of giving two up and he said I’ll give you £1500 for them , seems Peope are very keen to see premier league football at the KP 


    I have decided to keep all 4 , but it did shock me 

    As someone who purchased individual tickets for every home game this season because I couldn’t get hold of a season ticket, I can very much understand this.


    Including the £60 membership fee, I spent £800 to watch the equivalent of a season ticket that would have cost me £450.


    Even at £750 for one seat, that would have equalled guaranteed tickets (no messing about online every week) and still saved me £50.


    I’m sure lots of people are in exactly the same boat, which is why we are hoping the ground extension results in more season tickets being made available.


    if I can’t get hold of a season ticket this year, it’ll be the for me same again.


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  10. 5 minutes ago, Walkers said:

    Why is there no chance this could happen exactly?

    Personal opinion.


    I don’t see Atletico paying £25m+ for a player of Vardy’s age, and I don’t see our owners letting him go for anything near that sort of money.


    No one can argue his goals aren’t invaluable to us staying in the Premier league, and that’s worth £120m each and every season.

    £25m for 20 goals is a pittance in the Premier League.

  11. 2 minutes ago, the fox said:

    How you gonna start a thread after calling the news a "rumuor" and "there is no way this will happen"?

    In my opinion there is no way it will happen, but it’s out there as a reported rumour, so people will want to hear it and discuss it.

  12. With Evans looking likely to be joining, Dragovic won’t have any interest in coming to us aswell, he’s after first team football.


    He hasn’t been getting games in front of Wes, let alone Evans coming in aswell.


    I don’t think Puel is a big fan of him for some reason.


    It’s a shame though, i’d love him in our squad, and our first team, but I can’t help but feel we’ll have seen the last of him now.

  13. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/leicesters-jamie-vardy-eyed-stunning-12562315?utm_source=google_news&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=google_news&utm_content=sitemap


    I nearly spat my Coffee out laughing when I read this!

    Some papers really do just make up the stupidest crap!


    Lets not panic, there is no way this will happen, but let’s hope the silly rumours will help speed up the signing of another new contract for our main man. ?

  14. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pushing for this to happen, I’m just gauging opinion.


    Last week around 90% of the Foxestalk members who voted said that Puel has to go. Is it now time for that point to be made from the start of the match vs Arsenal?


    The owners (almost certainly) don’t read forums, but they can’t ignore chants in the stadium.


    I personally don’t advocate constantly sacking managers, but maybe this time it is actually needed.

    If fan opinion is that strong, do the fans need to make that point even before we go 1-0 down? or will that just make things harder for the team on the pitch with the negativity?


    Do we still need to concentrate on supporting him to try and turn things around?





  15. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see a small increase in season ticket prices this season.


    I know that a lot of fans find season ticket price increases to be incomprehensible given the TV rights deals, but football is a business nowadays.


    I believe season ticket prices have been frozen for a few years now, and whilst there is no doubt an argument that the club don’t “need” the extra income, prices won’t stay frozen forever.


    As others have said, inflation is affecting pricing on everything, every year, and half of the clamour for season tickets now (and the near 99% renewal rate) is based on the fact that they save you a huge amount now vs the increasing prices of individual tickets.


    The gap between comparative season ticket price per game, and regular individual tickets per game, can’t keep increasing at the rate it currently is. You’ll end up with single tickets being double the price of a comparable season ticket entry.


    I may be wrong, but I do see an increase coming this year.


    If it does turn out that I am wrong, and prices are frozen again, I for one will feel very grateful for it.

  16. 46 minutes ago, ramaiya2 said:

    Nigel Pearson

    Rafa Benitez

    Deigo Simione


    Patrick Viera



    Benitez won’t come, he’s loved in Newcastle now by the fans and the owner.

    He can manipulate Ashley now.


    Simeone? Ha! No chance! More chance of going to Arsenal than us! (And that won’t happen either!).


    Cambiasso? It’s a good story, but that’s about all.


    Vieira? He’d come, but I honestly think he’d struggle. Needs more experience.


    Pearson? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, no chance of a third stint.

  17. Personally, I’d take Allardyce as our new manager, but I know lots of others that wouldn’t.


    Dyche won’t move now, not with a shot at Europe with Burnley.


    Rafa won’t come, his stock is Sky high at Newcastle, enough to have Ashley and the fans eating out of his hand.


    Wagner could be worth a shout, he may feel that keeping Huddersfield up is the most he can get out of the club.


    Realistically, I’d also take Silva or  Jokanovic (assuming Fulham don’t go up, and we could convince him).


    I’d also be part of the Pearson in brigade, but I don’t think that will happen for a third time.


    Unfortunately, the negative side of me looks at people like Pardew, Bilic, Rowett, de boer, and says that those names will come to the fore.....

  18. I don’t buy into this whole “the players have downed tools” nonsense.


    I’ve been to nearly every game, and from what i’ve seen first hand, the players haven’t “downed tools”, they seem to have adapted their play considerably since Puel arrived, but the changes haven’t had positive results.


    When we have the ball, we play slow, “methodical” passing, across the back four, and then the midfield 4.

    Left, right, back, right, left, back.

    We slowly move up the pitch to the edge of the opponents area, by which time they have 10 men behind the ball.

    Then we look for space, find none, so end up playing backwards and across again.


    Crosses are non existent under Puel until the final 10 minutes. (Which then ends up being the only time we put the opponent under real pressure).


    There are no swift counter attacks, no crosses into the box, and that leaves you trying to pass through (at least) 10 men, with very little space, which it doesn’t seem we have the passing playmakers to do effectively.


    Then we lose the ball, and get hit hard and fast, like we used to do against teams.


    Even Schmeichel (before his injury) had adapted his play to holding the ball for the full 6 seconds, clearing his area, and making short passes out at the back under Puel. You could see that change a mile off.

    Given that his long and quick distribution was a huge positive attribute to his game, who apart from Puel made that change??


    Oh, and don’t get me started on the substitutions and team selection issues, I suppose the players are to blame for that also?


    Albrighton at right back? First sub at 75 minutes? More subs on 90 minutes while losing???!

    (Not today obviously).


    I will concede that the players have lost faith in how he is trying to make them play, but I don’t believe they have “downed tools”. They still seem to be trying to play his way, but “his way” doesn’t work. It didn’t for Southampton, and it doesn’t for us.


    I’m all for giving a manager time, and generally believe stability breeds success, but on this occasion, Puel needs to go.



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  19. Been down to the stadium, white shirts only showing as 50% off in store.

    Ordered online and got 75% the shirt AND printing AND premier league badge.

    came to a total of £16.25 with Vardy 9.


    (plus I had £5 credit, so only £11.25! Bargain!)


    click and collect may may take a few days though.

  20. I’ve not read through all 17 pages of comments, but I can imagine what is in there, and my comments will probably be very similar, but i’ll Throw my 2 pennies worth in anyway.


    Some of our players are overrated and need to work on basic issues;


    Chilwell gives the ball away too much in his own half. He can burst forward well, but he needs to learn to be a defender first and foremost. Every time he got the ball in our own half, I expected him to give it away, which he usually did.


    I’m a big fan of Simpson due to him being the opposite of the above. He knows he is a defender, and rarely does anything stupid, or give much away.

    Why oh why though does he not learn how to cross the ball when he does get into advanced positions? Time after time when we were attacking, he got the ball in space around 20 yards out on the right, but refused to play the ball in?

    If it’s because he knows he is no good at it, then spend time in training perfecting it!!


    Gray. He has no end product I’m sorry to say, and people need to crawl out of his arse.

    He’s started to try and cross the ball, and play people in, (which is better than always cutting inside and shooting from 20 yards, like he used to), however he rarely actually produces anything. His crossing and passing is poor. 


    General issues:


    Our set pieces today were woeful. I can’t honestly remember any getting past the first man, whether that be corners or free kicks. Any team having 10 corners against us in a game would probably score from 3 of them right now, and yet we can’t deliver the ball into a dangerous area.


    As others have said, the team selection today just didn’t add up. Silva, who has shown in his few appearances so far that he has an eye for a pass, didn’t get a sniff of a game, even though he didn’t feature last weekend? Surely it can’t be a fitness issue now.

    James is our new “king” in that he’s a solid back up player, but when we have Iborra and Silva available, he shouldn’t be starting I’m afraid.

    We are clearly missing Okazaki, but Gray just doesn’t complement Vardy at all. For all the stick Iheanacho gets, he seems a better choice as a link up player with Vardy.


    I hate to say it, but if we are in with a shout of being “best of the rest”, it’s only the case at the minute because the rest are equally just as bad.

    I believe Everton have taken 9 points from the last 10 games, and Burnley haven’t won in 10 games, and yet we still can’t break away from them.


    Says it all currently.


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