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  1. On 24/12/2019 at 05:29, Aus Fox said:

    I still blame Pleat, he irreversibly changed everything, he was as Knockaert would say very idiot.

    Pleat was to blame then, and is to blame for everything bad in the world since.

    Kerb Crawling, Spurs **** that he is.

    Though I do totally agree with this, we need to look deeper. I blame Terry Shipman for bringing that t**t to our club in the first place... he constantly defended his incompetence 

  2. It has to be Vards. Even though he is arguably the best striker we have ever had along with his selfless off the ball running, from what I have heard, listened and witnessed, he is the fulcrum of the team, the glue that binds everything together behind the scenes... the bloke is just becoming the new Mr Leicester City.

  3. Game day once again, where the excitement starts to churn away and you are eager for 3 o'clock to come. As a foxes fan I know they can get a result today. I even fancy putting a bet on us winning 1-0 Maddison, but I know if I did that we would end up losing 3-0. So, come 5 o'clock and we are on the end of a drubbing, you know I went and visited Paddy at the Power Palace 🙄

  4. 6 hours ago, lcfc sheff said:

    Definitely would love to see it at some point, he can tackle, bring the ball forward and make something happen 

    Am I the only one who thinks Ndidi's distribution is dog shit? Mendy is far better in my personal opinion... maybe a little controversial for some 

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