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  1. I didn’t realise they made a tunnel
  2. Email sent. Can’t wait for them to tell me it’s £70 or fvck off.
  3. What’s the email then to make a complaint? I’ll send one over to see what they say.
  4. I’ll only go once it’s back to full capacity. Reason being is that I go along with my Grandad who is at high risk so until this all blows over I am happy to watch the games from home. Also not happy about this ballot bollocks.
  5. The club do monitor sites like this, especially FoxesTalk.
  6. Ahh well that certainly takes the piss then. Literally got us ST holders by the bollocks.
  7. Is this system been thought through just by the club or is this happening at all PL clubs?
  8. Still waiting on my £80 refund from my ST thanks to COVID which is now going to be put on holding onto my ST thanks to COVID
  9. My older brother has a disabled ST and requires a carer to go with him, currently my Grandad is the carer and his ST is free of charge. So my brother will have to pay £70 to secure his ST for the remainder on the season and beyond but what about my Grandad? Will his ST be safe as long as my brother pays the £70?
  10. Season Ticket refund. I’ve just done a check on my online banking and nothing has gone in so I’ll give them a tinkle tomorrow.
  11. Anybody still waiting on their refund? I was told end of July but nothing as of yet?
  12. Yeh on paper it’s a a very good season but it’s also a big opportunity missed. We had Champions League football in our hands and we flapped it.
  13. Only person smiling through the pain is Vardy
  14. Finished it the other day, I really enjoyed it. Controversial to say the least but I thought Naughty Dog did a really good job of it. It was always going to be hard to hit the expectations of the first game but I wasn’t disappointed and hopefully there will be a third.
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