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  1. There taking the piss. Not taking this competition seriously.
  2. Morgan to score a last minute header from a Maddison corner to win the game.
  3. Cherry Coca Cola Pepsi Max Cherry
  4. Got my old laptop out the other day, haven’t used it in years, and started playing my old saved Football Manager 2014 Leicester save on it. Forgot how addictive FM is.
  5. We’ve moved forward as a club now. He needs to get back to full fitness and the club to either find a decent permanent move for him or a loan deal. The guy needs game time when he’s fit again but it won’t be with us.
  6. Good you tit. He had a shit game but it’s his first start for us so instead of being a massive tit, get behind him you tit.
  7. Natcho man to the rescue until Top Boy Vards is back. Nothing to worry about.
  8. Tomato and herb pasta sauce from Aldi. Cheap as fvck and tastes like shit.
  9. If you’re agreeing with @nickm about the reasons behind WBA getting relegated is solely because of Evans then you’re an absolute tit.
  10. I think the club should do something about it so that there is 4G or WiFi at the ground. People moaning about others being glued to their phones for betting reasons, checking scores or whatever but what if someone needed to get in touch with you in a emergency? You would literally be fvcked up until the crowd has gone after the game.
  11. Yeh would of been ideal to get a proper Mahrez replacement but Puel obviously has faith in Gray. Hope he can step us this year. Also be interesting to see whether Rachid can cut it at this level.
  12. Not a bad summer from us then. Made some very positive signings and also tying down N’Didi and Vardy. All we need now is for Slab Head to sign a new deal and it’s been near enough the perfect summer for us.
  13. The guy has great experience at this level and we all know he’s a solid PL defender. Give him time to settle and I’m sure he will be good.
  14. MOTM for me also today. Played the game simple, broke down attacks and worked his bollocks off.
  15. Looks brilliant that. Top work from Union FS.
  16. So happy for him. Hope he kicks on from here. Top performance from him.
  17. Morgan has been a brilliant servant to us but he’s declined massively over the last few years. There’s no doubt this will probably be his last season here, and if Evans is fully fit you would expect Maggy and Evans to be our first team back two with Morgan and Lord Farquaad as back up.
  18. Really up for this now. I did say 2-0 but I’m not bothered as long as we put in a good performance and get the three points.
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