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  1. Can anyone recommend a goalkeeper? I have TOTS Alisson but he’s shite.
  2. Gold 2 with seven games to spare I ran out of time to do anymore games. I wasn’t staying up past 3am to grind games out
  3. Mate I have his highlight card also and was looking to upgrade him if they released a special version of him. I’ll hold onto him for now incase he doesn’t get one.
  4. With Madders winning that competition the other day, does anyone reckon he will get a special card?
  5. Fifa 20? Completed it mate.
  6. What time do WL rewards drop?
  7. Mate I probably overpaid for them but I couldn’t be arsed to wait and plus I don’t play as much Fifa as I did. Vardy cost 1,080,00 coins but could of picked him up for as less as 750k when he first came out but people realised he has a four star WF so his price rocketed. Soy cost 185,000 coins. Played 6 games in Fut champs with this and only lost one game. So far so good. Soy is a beast. Haven’t used Ididi as did him late last night.
  8. Better than my Prime Shevchenko.
  9. Must do because there isn’t enough swaps out in this season to reach the top tier icons.
  10. It’s mad when shit like this happens. It’s as if EA hit a switch as soon as they can see you over performing. Also it’s crazy when you got like 3-0 up before the break, then EA turn the game on its head and your opponent all of a sudden becomes a Fifa god and your players can’t pass wind.
  11. How does pausing a match end up as being counted as a loss?
  12. He’s being played out of position. Problem is he won’t take Vardy’s place up top unless the main boy gets injured and we haven't played two strikers together for years.
  13. Am I the only one struggling to make coins on this?
  14. Any reliable stream for this? Hesgoal is being a let down today.
  15. Didn’t want to watch the game anyway....
  16. I really hope he didn’t see any positives in that performance because that was horrific.
  17. Hoping you got that ‘Auto save’ tabbed clicked.
  18. Well it’s that time again..... STREAMMMMMMM?!
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