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  1. Are you new here? It’s like that in most match threads.
  2. On a serious note, we were so much better in the second half. Disappointed to not come away with 3 points. Praet looked really good imo.
  3. EA will never give a fvck. It’s like a merry-go round. We jump off, someone else jumps on. There’s too much money involved in it nowadays. They only care where the money is. They’ve only started to improve single player modes and Pro Clubs now buts that’s only because the community have been badgering on about it for years but for EA that’s not the money maker. They couldn’t give a toss about updating the game so people enjoy it.
  4. What’s Chris Sutton got to say about them getting booted out of the Champs League by a Sunday league side?
  5. They looked crap against Utd but it was the first game back. Taking any points from Stamford bridge would be a good result.
  6. Gutted I’m going to miss this. Gave my ST away as I’m going to Skeggy for a little family trip. If anyone finds a stream, please DM me the link. It would be much appreciated.
  7. Always remember this being blasted before kick off at the then ‘Walkers Stadium’. Brilliant song, wish they would bring it back.
  8. I’m glad we now have to give this guy a good opportunity. I just hope he takes advantage of this chance. I’m also excited to see what all the fuss is about Benkovic. Hopefully he also gets some game time too.
  9. We are so lucky to have such wonderful people running this club. His Dad would be so proud of him. What a man. The way he dealt with his Fathers death, and then to continue his Dads legacy is incredible. 💙
  10. Might unfollow him on Insta as it’s only a moment of time until he’s in some shit selfie with Lings and Pog. His bird on the other hand......
  11. Big expectations on his big head. Good luck to him.
  12. Looks like I’m going to have to give the demo a whirl. Adamant I’m not getting Fifa this season after the shit show of last seasons.
  13. Is the Community Shield not televised anymore?
  14. Because they are a nightmare when it comes to mowing the grass and the dogs think they are play toys
  15. Best way to get rid of frogs in the garden?
  16. It’s all over the world mate. Football fans for you.
  17. He’s probably been smoking some of the good stuff.
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