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  1. Interesting thought Robin.
  2. White shorts would look so much better if they replaced the gold lines on the shirt for white.
  3. Tbf he hasn’t really been given a chance here but injuries have set him back. I hope he gets a loan move away, especially to another Prem team because it’s vital he gets game time.
  4. Ahh sound. Do you know this weekends lottery numbers by any chance?
  5. Don’t feel bad about it pal. You should delete them from his friends list. There obviously taking the piss out of your son and it’s not on. Doesn't your son have any school friends that could play online with him?
  6. I wasn’t his biggest fan when he was here but he will always be a legend here after that title winning season.
  7. See what you’re saying. But Evans will be a guaranteed starter next season.
  8. Why is Evans in the second team? By far our best centre half last season.
  9. Incredible signing. What a moment.
  10. Boo ****ing hoo. Pay the money or **** off.
  11. The roof of this place is about to blow when Tilly is announced.
  12. Ignore me mate. I’m just a miserable, old, jealous bastard
  13. Nah that would be too much hard work for youngsters to do nowadays. They would rather just sit in their pants, swiping right, until they can find a quick leg over.
  14. Stupid idea. Put the hard work in throughout the season and earn that reward of European football.
  15. Excited about this signing. Think he will do really well here.
  16. Walked past this earlier wondering what it was. Fair play to everyone who played in that heat today. It was bad enough for me walking around Abbey park with the kids. Couldn’t imagine trying to run around on them half pitches in this heat.
  17. That would be so EA to do something ridiculous like that
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