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  1. Bat tomorrow like its day one. Just bat time. We have to get enough to ensure we don't lose the game. The track looks like an absolute road but no harm in then letting the bowlers steam in
  2. Harsh on Evans in my view; but I suppose we don't know if he has a niggle, or something else going on and of course we don't watch them in training/nets etc.
  3. I don't know that either because I don't think that; because I don't see two things and just assume direct causality between the two? Not sure what more I can say?
  4. I agree. Now ask yourself when having lots of players in a position actually stopped MUFC buying a player. You even mentioned VdB. They also have Lingaard to go back there. Point is, I'm not convinced JM is quite as focussed on LCFC as some would like to imagine.
  5. Not fact mate; just opinion in this instance. I do agree with you, but also our owners just don't tolerate damage to reputation/brand. Principle means a lot in a club like ours. JM10 wants to play for Manchester United, but we all know that, that's pretty much a matter of public record.
  6. I suspect JM10 would have been moving on irrelevant of this; but that's another thread.
  7. Maybe it was all a bit last minute and that was where he could get in? I don't really know how it all works. I'm not a golfist.
  8. I have often wondered what the club would think of either Maddison or Vardy playing golf for this reason. I have never really taken any notice of whether either played, but I suppose we now have our answer. FWIW I would agree with you that its not ideal. Maybe its more an 'impact' sort of weakness though? I'm almost past caring.
  9. Oh yeah, for definite; he's a brilliant player and if he had gone this season uninjured, I'd expect him to have pretty much leading stats for his position.
  10. There is another point here which is that Maddison's hip is a real concern and has always been a bit suspect, but hasn't really improved in the way they hoped, despite some procedures and being 'managed'. Other teams are also noticeably targeting his hip (if you can be bothered, go check the last half hour of the Man City game).
  11. This I am happy to comment on; I've heard slightly different things, but I BELIEVE that MOST of the players (possibly all uninjured, but possibly NOT all uninjured) have had to report to the ground and train properly, but separately from any other squad, ie not with the academy, not with the first team etc.. What the plans are for next week I don't know but it may be different for different players. From the interviews so far, it sounds to me like he wishes to re-integrate them.
  12. No idea what you're talking about. Must have missed that one. Just have a little patience.
  13. Not really, but: - Read between the lines on Bert's recent post. - Could very easily have been even worse (and we'd have heard about it earlier!) - Keep an eye on twitter/MSM and anything the usual characters post on here over the next week (but very likely tomorrow) That's all I want to say for now.
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