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  1. Excellently well disguised humblebrag! Or do you actually not have a girlfriend?
  2. Presented without comment other than 'sorry'. http://www.pimpthatsnack.com/
  3. If you have snaffled yourself a mega size airport toblerone, then I do agree a digestive is a sensible proposition. You've just reminded me of that website where people submit recipes and pictures etc of making absolutely giant jammy dodgers and the rest! Let me find it and browse it all night as opposed to this work I could and should be doing.
  4. There's a few things to address here: 1) I'm currently using what I'd describe as a large toblerone (ie you know you shouldn't eat it all in one night - but do anyway), not the 'normal' ones or the minis. I guess its mid-size, but it feels too large to be big size, and it certainly isn't a mega airport one. 'I've been round the world and seen loads of amazing sights and cultures and had all sorts of experiences, but thanks for picking me up from the airport, here's some aftershave (not the one you wear), a bottle of crap whiskey (but its huge) and a mega sized toblerone'
  5. Can we go a step further and add in a bit of philapelphia cream cheese, for what is essentially a macgyvered bite-size cheesecake? Hold that thought.
  6. Plenty of funds there; but we do need to move on some of the more redundant wage-spend.
  7. If you've never tried a 'slice/pyramid' of milk choc toblerone between 2 (like a sandwich) of the saltier ritz crackers from the box is really missing out. Its not quite life changing, but I'd support anyone who claimed its evening changing.
  8. Ah well. At least I'm woke as fuq.
  9. Isn't it 'woke'? Or am I behind on all this millennial stuff. Balls. Just checked and technically I'm a millennial.
  10. A prism of pure joy. The kids like the white choc one. I've always loved the standard milk choc. The dark choc and fruit n nut though have emerged as a real lockdown favourite though. A real treat. If you've not tried either; you really do owe it to yourself. When the airports open again I'm going to but several of the absolutely huge ones (check the best before dates though as I guess they may have sat there a while). I wonder if King Power sell a Toblerone equivalent in their duty frees? Or maybe Toberone itself? What a world eh? What a world.
  11. It was entirely 'satire' and a few people ran with it and continue to do so... its a bit of a social/thought experiment to see how conspiracy theories can be launched and created and curated and indeed this one does seem to have taken on a bit of a life and momentum of its own.
  12. My son is absolutely fascinating and very insightful. He's hugely intelligent and knowledgeable and interested in things. The social side, he finds more difficult, but I wouldn't even class it as a disability or a 'condition' its just a different way for the brain to work and the connections to work. He might struggle to read a room or know exactly how 'best' to read emotions or react in a certain situation, but if there's an eight year old out there who knows more about dinosaurs, mythology (of any culture/era), mathematics, lobsters (!), chess or has the passion for learning he d
  13. The Finland not existing one fascinated me for about an hour of one evening and then I realised there is satellite photography and people who definitely live in Finland or were born there, including Jari Rantonen, Jussi Jaskelaainen and our very own The Mighty Fin and Finnaldo. Are they the lot who bury dead sharks for a bit (wouldn't want to try with a live one would you? Have your bloody head off) and wait for it to rot or whatever and then eat it as a delicacy? Maybe we should acknowledge that Finland DOES exist, but that it SHOULDN'T exist.
  14. Don't let me de-rail the thread there or suck the fun out of it by the way; I've always thought it was a bit odd and I'm probably guilty now of just taking it more personally as its closer to home. Apologies for the stroppy interjection.
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