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  1. That’s a great stat and one people keep harping in about conveniently overlooking that Puel was also the manager who put us in the losing positions. And his magic formula didn’t work against the footballing giants of Southampton, Cardiff and Newport.
  2. I’m here. All the the statements I’ve made still stand. I don’t blow with the wind and you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.
  3. Bloody he’ll. Are we playing in gold this half ??
  4. That’s when we grab our glorious consolation mate.
  5. Puel reflects on poor luck but is encouraged by the quality and intensity his side showed.
  6. Oh I completely agree, Puel is a busted flush mate. He’s finished. He’s ballsed it and the players don’t even look bothered.
  7. Morgan hasn’t even broken a sweat all game. He’s our captain. Forget Puel for a minute - there comes a time when the captain can have influence and really professional pride should be at stake.
  8. Let’s be honest, if wolves are at the races today, it’s 5 nil at half time. I don’t know if top is there today but he’s no fool.
  9. I’m pretty sure you need a permit for a whole that big. Can we fill it in so we can’t hear them ?
  10. Ok so let’s make it straightforward. Would you agree he’s taking us backwards ?
  11. Might be good enough and progress for some of you lot, but not for me. We all have our own expectations and standards. I expect to see professionalism, some sort of game plan, application and enterprise. You can pick your own standards though. Some for example think just playing some young players is enough. Fair enough.
  12. Leave him there till Puel is gone. He’s ruining players.
  13. I slated him and suggested he was losing his plot during time in the PL which I stand by. Onviously I have egg on my face now as he’s proven himself time and again since..... Oh!
  14. Oh come on mate. You can see that’s not true. Look at the real evidence - the performances in front of your very eyes. They are pathetic. Analyse it sufficiently to twist it if you can but I don’t see the point ?
  15. I call it as I see it. No time for false idols. Carry on though! You’ll see.
  16. Mate if we can’t appreciate the quality of this Wolves side then we are all blind. Daring to to compete with footballing giants like these is just madness.
  17. Where’s all the Puel lovers now ? Be interested to hear their thoughts.
  18. Nah. You’re unrealistic and too ambitious. You need to satisfy yourself with all this intensity and quality
  19. Yep. Lots of progress and forward thinking. We are trialling a strategy of not marking any of their attacking players in any situations. We are the trailblazers. Granted it requires lots of work but in Puel we trust !
  20. Mendy red or Morgan red soon I reckon. 6-1 reverse with even Wolves celebrating our goal. Lovely.
  21. Don’t know why everyone is upset what with all this ‘progress’ going on! Not marking at all is very progressive indeed.
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