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  1. I started at 197 in the queue and got on within a couple of minutes. Was able to buy tickets for me and my dad, who's also a season ticket holder with the required number of points. Good luck everyone.
  2. I disagree to be honest, Pope has left Iheancho with virtually an open goal if he gets any contact on it. He's just misjudged the flight of the ball. Don't get me wrong it's a great strike but Pope made it considerably easier for him. The ball's gone into the middle of the goal.
  3. By far our best outfield player again yesterday. There's a piece on the Athletic this morning about Fernandes and how leggy he's looking as he plays near enough every game. Lo and behold Tielemans is one of only a handful of midfielders to have played more minutes than him in the PL this season. I'd love us to win the FA Cup but I'd be seriously tempted to completely rest him and see if he can have the international break off too to fully recharge his batteries. He's integral to everything we do as a team.
  4. If we'd had a lack of fight against a Burnley side which scraps for everything we'd have lost quite frankly. There was no lack of effort out there today, just not enough quality to keep the ball well and create chances and still some tiredness.
  5. "No foul, no foul, SQUEEEZE!"
  6. No it's not just you, I enjoyed it too. We're missing our key creative players and the likes of Ricardo and Vardy are clearly only half-fit, yet people expect us to just turn up and roll over Burnley.
  7. This season will be his last with us as even a semi-regular with KDH coming back. Hope we can get a decent fee for him.
  8. Dunno why so many are so negative. We competed well with loads of players out and it's a decent point. What were you expecting?
  9. Created a good chance at the end but overall poor. With Barnes likely out for a while he's going to get plenty of game time over the rest of the season and needs to step up.
  10. Superb today. That save to begin with, but I thought his distribution was excellent too, particularly out to Ricardo and Amartey.
  11. Well we've been miles off it as per but Vardy by his standards has had three great chances.
  12. Maddison's are nowhere near as bad as people make out. You only have to look at how we defend set-pieces to know that we simply don't attack the ball well. It's a major problem.
  13. Bang goes the suggestion of giving corners and free kicks to Youri. Comfortably worse than Maddison.
  14. People comparing him to Gray are being unfair. Gray rarely ran at players and often disappeared completely in games. Under tries to make things happen, and clearly right now it's not paying off as often as we'd all like. As another posted alluded to, the question is whether Brendan thinks he can mould him into a consistent performer.
  15. Well he ain't perfect but there's always a chance he'll make something happen. Not sure if we'll sign him but he offers far more than Perez. Either Albrighton or Under going forward please.
  16. I agree, I don't think we should expect too much of him this season - it's not the kind of injury where he needs just a few games to get up to speed. He'll most likely need months of regular football to regain his confidence in his legs and get back to his best.
  17. I think everyone understands why Albrighton would play over Under, and Rodgers' sub was justified today by how Neto was nullified after Marc came on. Perez's selection is the problem - I don't get it. He's not even good defensively. Under will probably start on Wednesday and he needs a performance.
  18. Considering how often he was one on one with Traore he was outstanding.
  19. Poor again today. He should've been subbed off at half-time, Albrighton shored up the right side against Neto and put in a few good crosses. Fail to see why Under doesn't get a chance over him.
  20. He did okay, negative on the ball and positionally all over the shop but made a couple of good tackles towards the end. He's not good enough long term and I think this will be his last season with us as even a back-up. I'm still not sure what kind of CM he is, I guess box-to-box but he's not good enough at either end of the pitch. Justin man of the match for doing an excellent job on Traore.
  21. Excellent interview as it explores so many different elements of his career, from the inevitable comparisons with his dad, dropping down from Manchester City to Notts County, the importance of characters like Maddison/Mahrez - essentially the mavericks in the team - to go with your Albrightons and Simpsons, and how Khun Vichai instilled such a positive feeling through the club from top to bottom. I saw the comments in another thread about him referring to a "tough" upbringing too. They're utter nonsense. He refers plenty of times to his privileged upbringing and how he's never wan
  22. Tielemans Justin Vardy flick v Man City Man City
  23. I have a big fear he could be the one to go in the summer. Two years left on his deal, currently no signs of him extending and the ability to play for the biggest clubs in the world.
  24. I'm glad other people have spotted this too. I didn't notice it at first but when you see the angle behind the goal, you can see the shot gets a faint touch off Justin's boot which diverts the ball past Kasper, and of course he doesn't have time to react. It would have made a huge difference. Kasper has set himself and the deflection diverts it past him.
  25. Assuming Rodgers is here I think we'll aim for someone in the Kane/Aguero mould, someone who is capable of holding the ball up and being involved in the build up but also capable of running in behind. Essentially a much better version of Iheanacho.
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