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  1. 1 minute ago, RoboFox said:

    Fvcking hell, I thought football Twitter was full of braindead morons.


    The comments sections of sports streaming sites contain the absolute dregs of humanity on the internet.

    The Facebook groups are as bad.


    Where can I watch the city game tonight? 


    Replies with absolute certainty:

    It's on the LCFC website.

    It's on YouTube.

    It's on BBC red button.

    It's on Sky.



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  2. 16 hours ago, Bourne Blue& White said:

    Nice snapshot of the main stand enclosure circa mid eighties v The Villa. Great times. 🦊


    Great picture and I can see myself. Thanks for posting! 


    Either April 84 2-0 win or October 84 5-0 win I think. 

  3. On 10/10/2019 at 20:38, floz said:

    Time to revive a 2016 classic:


    We're on our way,

    We're on our way,

    To the Champions League,

    We're on our way,

    How do we get there I don't know,

    Follow Brendan and Kolo,

    Pack your bags cos Leicester's on their way.



    13 minutes ago, LCFC FOX said:

    I was thinking Brendan and Kolo seeing as they’re the managers :dunno: just trying to make it fit 


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