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  1. Puel out

    Sack the TEA LADY NOW!!!!
  2. FA Cup 2018

    If its Friday night its possible the Beeb will show it live...
  3. Diabaté Signs

    Wow #2
  4. Dragovic

  5. Matty James

    Another steady game clocked up by Matty. Adrian Silva looked very good Tuesday and may be considered better in time, but still slightly off the pace for now. CP still likes MJ in the middle when fit it seems......
  6. Foodbank - Tomorrow

    Wow. Sounds unpleasant and you’re at the coal face. We must remember though some people are genuine and really need help, but I suspect you see many who play the system. Is it difficult keeping the balance of fairness in mind, seeing what you see?
  7. Foodbank - Tomorrow

    In that job you would know how tough it can be for people nowadays, or not ...................
  8. Dragovic

    Can pass, tackle, head and stick his leg out like he's Mr Gadget. Sign him up!!!
  9. Andy King

    Look, they guy is a club legend. Therefore emotion gets involved when analysing his performances and lines get blurred. Its tough talking about AK, positively or negatively.....🤐
  10. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

  11. Andy King - 10 consecutive seasons

    Kingy you’re a Legend already. One Club Man 👊👊👊
  12. Southampton (A) 4-1 Post Match Thread

    Well done Kingy....LCFC Legend. Not our best midfielder we know, but just another goal added to the many over the years. 👍
  13. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Congratulations to Burnley Football Club. Must be an amazing time for the fans at the moment and grabbing the interest of many a neutral. Seems lots of people like an underdog and in this case the sense that Burnley FC, the small town but past pedigree gives them a down to earth, real feel compared to the £Millions spent by the top dogs full of overseas players and wall to wall press coverage.
  14. Poll - Stadium expansion after 3 seasons in top flight

    Are we getting closer to 10,000 more seats? Feels like we’ll be safe for another season now, so is this the pivotal moment the owners sign it off?
  15. 'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    100% I’ve posted numerous times recently about the fact that Burnley is smaller than Nuneaton. Some people need to grab a sense of perspective here....