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  1. Agreed. This lad has a bright future.
  2. ....kin arseholes this errant group of dicks. Hang your head in shame!!!
  3. Vardy will score. He wasn't invited to the party and is seriously hacked off today. Come on JV bang in a hat-trick!!!!
  4. £199 Million paid back over 1440 Minutes and £1m up front and they can have him
  5. You can take the mick, but I called it (per my post 28th Feb), got ridiculed on the next comment and now maybe we can all see Vardy's evolution is playing on the left/left wing. I repeat take the mick, but today he put 2 goals on a plate from that position.
  6. Refreshing a footballer scoring a hat-trick means so much to him. I'm not into blubbing, but that was a genuine huge moment in his life and I'm glad I could watch him do it live. Well done NACHO!!!
  7. Emotion. Clearly emotional. Love him even more now!!!!
  8. Got ridiculed for saying this. Guess Vardy is indeed happy operating left wing after all........
  9. So this is it then. The debut. The moment many wanted. Lets see..............
  10. If Wood starts for Burnley I fancy them to unsettle us. He's a huge player (in every sense) as he's great in the air, but most importantly wins the battles up top and brings the co-striker into goal scoring positions. I sense this is going to be a really tough game for us. Going to be a close one.
  11. Since returning from injury Vardy hasn't looked the same player. This positional switch would move him to a slightly less pressured role, to a side of the pitch he always is more comfortable playing and most importantly we've got other players injured, so we're not blessed with loads of other options. Nacho only knows up top..... Might work for several reasons.
  12. If we go back to 4-2-3-1 ....... Play Vardy in Barnes spot (Left Wing) Nacho up top as (Striker) Richardo / Albrighton (Right Wing) Takes the pressure of Vardy (Clearly not back to previous best) and gives him some space with the ball at feet rather than the usual runs onto long passes. Vardy always works the left hand side anyway, so a natural move for him.
  13. Tough night and yes, we can all see the decline. Previous wins are masking this issue. When does Brendan fire the gun on Barnes playing 9? Next Season I guess.
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