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  1. You neglected to comment on this bit though: Difference is, when its anything digging at the left, there is a huge melt-down, harm is done, people are hurt, can life go on and then the pathetic calling for people to be SACKED for example. Such Rage. Really?
  2. Glad you asked..... Not sure how old you were at the time, but please see the letter below from the outgoing Labour Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Liam Byrne in 2010. Labour handed over a pile of financial SH** to the coalition........ Do you honestly, really genuinely believe Labour would have done better?
  3. For the exact point I made. If it had been Boris, yourself and Metro Twitter would have agreed and lapped it up. In reality it's just an opinion, a t-shirt, her opinion, but just so happens to be shared by many............ Difference is, when its anything digging at the left, there is a huge melt-down, harm is done, people are hurt, can life go on and then the pathetic calling for people to be SACKED for example. Such Rage. Really?
  4. The left and FAUX RAGE. If it had been a picture of Boris and the same sort of comment, Metro Twitter would have been lapping it up. Lefties, just don't like it up em!!
  5. You lefties are just so innocent and honest......... https://thebrexitparty.com/ Now when you get over you faux rage, start to look at the reality and if you want Marxism, then I hope you've got deep pockets to pay for it!!!!
  6. This is what Labour will say to you in 12-24 months time, when their "Utopia" starts to implode and the general public are in utter shock and seriously regretting Marxists in power.... Go on Lilly, say it.......
  7. Quite simply, Labour is seeking to control your housing, your money, your internet, your travel and your opinions. Oh and spend a staggering "EXTRA" £83 Billion a year doing it. Lets be VERY clear here. This is not New Labour of 13 years in power (and they still impacted us in many intrusive ways to our liberties). Corbyn et al, will be on a totally new level of interference and control in YOUR lives. Just one example (can people not get their head around) a state run broadband/internet and not worry? The state controlling the delivery of what we all look at...…….or worst still can look at. All fluffy and nice because they say it will be free. NOTHING IS FREE!!. Irrespective of financials, the STATE running the internet is utter madness. I've nothing to hide personally, but the prospect scares the hell out of me...……. and this isn't even before discussing the reality wealth creation will be utterly crippled as a result of this manifesto. Wake up, this is certainly revolutionary stuff, but who can name a successful economy / country which operates on such a hard left policy platform, AKA Marxism? 20-40 year olds didn't experience the 70's, but my god if they did this manifesto would be like waking up from a nightmare. If they got in, ironically those of Labour's greatest supporters, the under 30's, in the long run will pay (below) the most in money/lost entrepreneurial opportunity and lost liberties........
  8. Each to their own and that's what its about. I respect you view and logic, but differ in my chosen outcome. I voted remain, but do feel a form of BREXIT must be delivered. Its only because of the EU ruling (Article 50) which required 2 years exit, then May's choosing to delay it for months before requesting and then the clear obstruction since (the deaths by a 1000 cuts) delaying by parliament to proceed. This is all designed to strategically beat the leavers into submission. Maybe its worked and the GE will show this, but I still feel fundamentally by not leaving, the damage to the democracy in our country will run deep. So a referendum giving a choice to stay is all part of the strategy and for that I've decided we must take the deal now option (Conservative) and try and move on.
  9. Its not acceptable for leavers though. They've just witnessed 3 1/2 years of the establishment (media/politicians/business) all try and block it. Death by a thousand cuts. From the conversations I have/hear its a case of accept this (based on the above sentence) as the best outcome they realistically can get.
  10. Ok I say Lewis Hamilton is quick, you say he's fast............. (that FT article is open to read BTW. I just clicked on it, but its back behind the PW now) I'm pretty sure the current Labour party policy platform is hard left and has strong Marxist undertones. You say Social Democracy. We differ with the words used, but what they want to do is radical in recent decades. Do people really want a hard left Government, including one which owns/runs Broadband? Forget the (supposed) free bit, how many would openly say they want the Government to run the whole Broadband network in the UK? Do you?
  11. If you hate the idea of leaving, that's your choice, but democracy spoke and was for leaving. Boris's deal is not Hard Right Brexit as you describe. Its nearer BRINO and already approved with the EU. So yes, despite me touching on many other reasons to consider when voting this time, his deal isn't likely to lead to a car crash as you put it as the EU are already signed up to first exit stage. Equally, you are only viewing this point from the UK side. It can be noted and verified if you doubt me, that Germany, Italy, Spain etc are not exactly doing economically very well at the moment. They would 100% need a future trade deal resolving in good time. The EU is not in great shape.
  12. Marxism uses a methodology, now known as historical materialism, to analyze and critique the development of class society and especially of capitalism as well as the role of class struggles in systemic economic, social, and political change. According to Marxist theory, in capitalist societies, class conflict arises due to contradictions between the material interests of the oppressed and exploited proletariat—a class of wage labourers employed to produce goods and services—and the bourgeoisie—the ruling class that owns the means of production and extracts its wealth through appropriation of the surplus product produced by the proletariat in the form of profit Taking 10% of all annual dividend payments made (Company over 250 employees) and put into a "Peoples fund". Each person gets £500 below a certain income bracket and whats left goes to the treasury. This would include most Private Pension funds which annually depend hugely on divined payments/growth. https://www.ft.com/content/8a70b692-0967-11ea-b2d6-9bf4d1957a67 I could carry on............... At least Blair was centrist/moderate socialism, Corbyn et al are definitely Marxist.
  13. Personally, I think they all have terrible leaders for different reasons. However, away from the 3 of them, the policy and reality of what they would do in Government is where I have to think here. Who is likely to run the country the best in the next 5 years, or do the least damage? Foreign Policy, Domestic Interference (privatisation/nationalising), Economy, Immigration etc etc etc etc Lib Dems economically wouldn't be a disaster, but very unlikely to get into power and their core manifesto point is undemocratic and this would be too big a wound to heal. I have kids and would fear for how our country / politics would end up with Brexit simply revoked. The largest ever vote ignored. Not a healthy situation whichever way you voted in 2016 (I voted remain). Labour genuinely scare the hell out of me. This isn't centre left Labour form 97, 01, 05. Blair (forget how we feel now), was palatable and electable at the time, hence 3 terms. This latest group are hard core left wing, openly Marxist now. For the above 2 reasons alone, sort of a best from a bad bunch, I can only vote Conservative as I feel they're the most likely to do the least damage in power.
  14. That's fine, but just to be clear the Lib Dems won' win, but you might get them in a coalition. So you don't want the Conservatives and moving away from their leader, are free-market business friendly Government. This must mean, again moving away from their leader, you would want Labour, who are now openly proposing a Marxist policy platform. Yes?
  15. Eamonn, with your point, I agree to an extent. By standing against something they spent 3 years in parliament blocking from happening, should they get in power it would mean enough want it to happen and its validated by democracy. Problem is not with those who vote for them. Its those millions who voted leave who would feel robbed of THEIR own democratically won vote 3 1/2 years earlier in 2016. The ill-feeling would run deep for years. So it also goes against democracy and for our nation this would be unprecedented and not healthy at all. That's the main issue with their policy.
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