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  1. Dirkster the Fox

    Thank you Burnley.

    Should add. Been there many a time and the town, yes a town of 80,000's odd is extremely passionate and the footy club is the heart beat of the place. The Burnley folk are cracking people and are spoiled with amazing countryside surrounding the town. For me it was simply perfect my Dad's team could be the ones there yesterday. I knew BFC/fans would respect our somber day and perfectly. "Up the Clarets"
  2. Dirkster the Fox

    Thank you Burnley.

    My Dad is a Burnley fan. I'm Leicester born and bred. I was so proud of both the clubs yesterday.
  3. Dirkster the Fox

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    IN the middle was bostin
  4. Dirkster the Fox

    So many "puel out" calls from fans, so who replaces him?

    Can we agree, for this season at least we give Claude Puel our full backing. It looks like we're safe in the league, for now, so this project / principled development of young players is worth backing. Bin the negativity for the rest of the season. Back the manager, back the team.
  5. Dirkster the Fox

    Thank you Vichai

    They say no one person is bigger than the club. Today feels like a close call..... What a man, what a legend now in our clubs history. RIP
  6. Dirkster the Fox

    Helicopter crash

    Had a lads night in with my 11 year old son tonight as wife and daughter away. Utterly ruined by this and my poor lad is coping with his dad upset. We’re truly gutted tonight.... ☹️ I said the high of winning matched by this low. We’re in tears.....
  7. A rather condescending comment. I don't think my post at any stage argued he is in the right for doing what he does, or that he is a pin up boy or to use your specific, is always legal. I merely argue he is highlighting something, like it or not, that would be buried into MSM obscurity without his determination otherwise.
  8. "real issue at hand gets put onto the back-row and the audience focus on the bloke on the stage". TBF, like it or not, without his views/profile, this particular issue would be deliberately buried into the village newspapers. Plenty of evidence of this. One of the many examples of this is the BBC held out for as long as they could (to give coverage), for the group of 7, then eventually announced as 8 Pakistani men who groomed/raped 300 girls in Oxford and still they only put it in on the "local" Oxford area web-pages.........and reluctantly: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-oxfordshire-41608602 Should a "7 year long" aggressive group "routine, cynical and predatory sexual exploration" of vulnerable girls, only............eventually make it into local news???? So sorry, Tommy's stance/profile makes it/forces it into the news........rather than constantly buried away in a MSM political/religious black-out. I do care that kids are being subjected to stuff which will adversely affect them their whole lives. So which do you want? Slate Tommy for making it news and highlighting the whole debate or without him (previously) these widespread atrocities would have barely been reported in the national MSM (for political/religious reasons)?
  9. Pin the tail on the donkey anyone for the next Town/City?
  10. Dirkster the Fox

    Chilwell 2024

  11. Dirkster the Fox

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Glad madders was left on the bench. Tonight was a great night and to be fair the lads starting deserve all the plaudits. His debut, would just be lost JM will have his day.
  12. Dirkster the Fox

    President Trump & the USA

    You're a bitter twisted keyboard warrior dude...............
  13. Dirkster the Fox

    Carabao Cup Fourth Round draw. At home to Soton.

    I sense it could be Macclesfield Away. Yes, they're 7 - 0 down with less 10 minutes to go as I write this, but something special is about to happen.....
  14. Premier League Winners this season though, best team in Europe by a mile. Can’t blame they for being angry they lost to minnows tonight.....
  15. Dirkster the Fox

    Kasper signs a new contract until 2023!

    This is more than Kasper, but tonight is about him for sure. A club legend already and clearly very happy to stay longer and good for him!! The bigger picture is the message these players staying is sending to the wider footballing world. We, Leicester City, is a place some of the better European based players want to stay at, will want to sign for. Our Stadium expansion, the £80 million Training complex, infancy or not, is a message we are where players will want to be/play. Finally, all our players...all of them, mention the owners. We should feel very lucky our owners are still so dedicated, passionate behind the scenes and clearly talking to each player regularly. We should feel good everyone. This is very good....