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  1. Leicester City Legend already (374 appearances), getting better by the game this season and at only 33 still got plenty of years in his tank. Will he surpass 500 games for us? We're lucky to have him:
  2. Absolutely ZERO service. This one is not on Vardy.
  3. Target = Barn Door Weapon = Banjo
  4. Cummings did wrong, but I think most normal people would sympathize (if you take your Brexit hating hats off). This took place early in the virus story and he probably panicked as his wife apparently also had symptoms and wanted his parents nearby as he's got a very young kid. I'm sure in the same situation, worried, most of us would probably have made the same call. Once there, they isolated in a different part of the property and didn't leave for the 2 weeks, so its being reported now. Silly move (for us to discuss in hindsight), but no doubt worried and thinking of his kid he made the call. Its not like he got in his car, healthy and fine, in a calm moment of thought and drove 110 miles to see his parents for his dads birthday.
  5. I've copied from the official ONS figures spreadsheet for deaths in England and Wales. Feel free go and check. They are the official figures not mine. Only 6,430 more year on year for the first 3 month. They've not released the figures for April to cross check.
  6. Deaths last year in 2019 Below. ONS Figures for England and Wales (+ ex-pats) only (Not Scotland and NI) In the first 3 months of 2019, 143,652 people died. In the first 3 months of 2020, 150,082 people died. In a population of just over 60 million people (England & Wales) its a 6,430 increase year on year. If April 2020 is massively above 2019 (44,123), say 40-50% higher, then we know this has been a major incident.
  7. <-----Direction of travel-----> -----------------------Handling the future unknowns---------------> The Government dealing with all of this <---Discussing in critical detail what they knew best---- The MSM (Piers, Laura, Robert et al), twitter etc and embarrassingly (again) "Sir" Keir Starmer
  8. Premier League players told that clubs will lose £1.137 billion over coronavirus suspension Gordon Taylor, chief executive of the PFA, said that players taking 12-month wage cuts would significantly affect the tax yield for the NHS BySam Wallace, CHIEF FOOTBALL WRITER and James Ducker, NORTHERN FOOTBALL CORRESPONDENT4 April 2020 • 9:27pm Premium The Premier League is expecting to be hit hard by the loss of action and subsequent revenue due to the coronavirus pandemic CREDIT: REUTERS Premier League players have been told that clubs estimate they could lose £1.137 billion over the coronavirus crisis suspension, as talks descended into deadlock over a 30 per cent paycut lasting 12 months which has invited staunch opposition from the players’ union. It came on the same day that Liverpool were criticised by Jamie Carragher for becoming the latest Premier League club to furlough non-playing staff. As the dispute over a paycut intensified, Gordon Taylor, the chief executive of the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA), said that players taking wage cuts - for a whole year - would significantly affect the tax yield for the NHS. The financial threat was laid out to the players in a presentation made by Premier League staff to some of the game’s big names, including Jordan Henderson and Kevin De Bruyne via video on Saturday afternoon. Telegraph Sport has seen details and can reveal the Premier League told players: A potential broadcast rebate package for Sky Sports (£371 million), BT Sport (£50 million) and international broadcasters (£341 million) would cost £762 million if the season could not be completed That the league estimated the lost revenue from matchday income – tickets and related sales at the stadium – at £200 million with a further £175 million estimated to be lost from sponsorship deals that may have to be repaid Player salaries make up around half of all costs and clubs have estimated that in a worst case scenario with a 20 per cent wage cut or deferral they would raise around £570 million in savings over a year which would cover around half the total losses of £1.137 billion. Gordon Taylor highlighted that a reduction in players' wages could have a substantial effect on tax revenues CREDIT: PA In response, Taylor issued a statement saying any agreement would take “a bit more time”. He criticised the Health Secretary Matt Hancock for failing to take note of what a on paycut would mean for tax yields. Taylor also told the Premier League that its £125 million advance to the Football League and £20 million donation to the NHS announced on Friday were inadequate. The Premier League, meanwhile, are determined to press on with direct negotiations with the players, with or without the support of Taylor and the PFA. They told the players that if they accepted the paycut, clubs would “restore normal remuneration levels when health and financial conditions permit”. The cuts would be “smoothed”, the league said, over a 12-month period. Under the terms proposed for the 30 per cent proposed wage cut, 20 per cent would be repaid if the remaining games were played behind closed doors and there was no rebate penalty to broadcasters. The players would be paid in full if all remaining games this season could be staged in full stadiums and no money was returned to broadcasters. Under the principles of the negotiation established by the Premier League the clubs listed “protecting player and staff employment and terms, wherever possible”; “supporting low-paid personnel”; “maintaining the viability of clubs by managing costs”; “preserving academy structures” and completing the current season. In a long statement on Saturday evening, Taylor said that his members “care deeply for those who are suffering with loss, health and hardship at the moment”. He said a 30 per cent cut would cost the public purse “substantial sums”. “What effect does this loss of earning to the government mean for the NHS?” Taylor asked. “Was this considered in the Premier League proposal and did the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, factor this in when asking players to take a salary cut?” Taylor said that by agreeing to discuss the paycut, the Premier League players wanted to support their own clubs, and non-playing staff to receive 100 per cent of their wages, as well as EFL clubs and those in non-league, and the NHS. The talks came on the same day that Liverpool announced the furloughing of staff under the government coronavirus job retention scheme, a move which attracted criticism of the club, including from former players. Unlike Tottenham Hotspur who announced similar measures on Tuesday, Liverpool have not imposed any paycuts on staff, making up the 20 per cent shortfall from their own resources. Liverpool said they had “placed some staff who are impacted by the Premier League suspension on furlough”. The club had already pledged to pay matchday staff while the league is suspended. They said that they sought “a solution that secures jobs for employees of the club during this unprecedented crisis”. The club did not specify it was in negotiations to cut player wages but added: “There is ongoing active engagement about the topic of salary deductions during the period matches are not being played to schedule. These discussions are complex and as a result the process is ongoing.” The former Liverpool defender turned Telegraph columnist and Sky Sports pundit, Carragher tweeted that this was "poor" from Liverpool. 7,422 people are talking about this Liverpool are the fifth Premier League club to announce they are furloughing some non-playing staff after Spurs, Newcastle United, Bournemouth and Norwich City. According to Liverpool’s latest accounts for the year to June 2019, the club employ 853 people, of which 675 are non-playing staff. The move to furlough is likely to affect at least 350 employees. Liverpool’s wage bill for the 2018-2019 season was £310 million, the vast majority of which covers the cost of the salaries of players and coaching staff. Five weeks ago Liverpool announced a pre-tax profit of £42m on revenues of £533 million. Earlier in the day, Premier League club Burnley revealed they are facing a £50 million cash shortfall if the season does not resume but claim some of their rivals will be looking at losses of around double that as the club’s chairman Mike Garlick pleaded for unity. The Lancashire club say they stand to lose around £45 million in broadcast income if the season is not finished in addition to a further £5 million from lost gate receipts if their final four home league matches are not concluded or played behind closed doors. Burnley said there were rival top flight clubs who stand to be even harder hit by the coronavirus crisis. “It is believed that other clubs could be looking at up to a £100m shortfall,” the club said. Burnley released their latest financial accounts this week which showed a £4.3 million profit for the year to June 30. Garlick said: “It’s now not just about Burnley or any other individual club anymore, it’s about the whole football ecosystem from the Premier League downwards and all the other businesses and communities that feed from that ecosystem.”
  9. I'm a capitalist free marketeer (Not Socialist), but these points tonight I fully agree with. Football is now seriously way off the public opinion. Using our money to Furlough (when they have Millions already) and many other smaller community businesses will end up folding is disgraceful.
  10. Th Its not the Governments fault this club has crossed the moral high ground. As if Boris Johnson is going to single out Liverpool (not others) for doing this. NO! The issue is firmly at LIVERPOOL FC's, door step (and the others). They are hypocritical (gushy video posted supporting for the NHS) and now taking tax payers money without need.
  11. This is an evolving story. First Grealish and his stupidity and crass apology. Then Villa saying he's been fined, but they don't want to discuss the matter again. No idea if he'll be prosecuted, but that's unlikely, Then its Levy, greedy Levy pocketing £millions and getting the battered Taxpayer (Government Bailout scheme) to foot the bill of all his non-playing staff. Absolutely disgusting. Several other clubs following suit, be it on slightly different terms, but still getting the Taxpayer to pay their staff wages, when the clubs have millions in income. All this when £millionaire footballs keep their cash rolling in...….untouched. I am literally crossing my fingers and toes our club and our players resolve this without Government intervention financially and all the hard working non-playing staff remaining in full paid employment. I'd love OUR club to lead the way.
  12. Without doubt the vast majority of people are very concerned right now (Covid-19) and also financially very worried about their future. Footballers are in many ways on a parallel universe to fans financially. A few earn ok income, a lot way more than most of us and a smaller group massively above the rest of society. Has Jack Grealish just seriously damaged all footballers future perception of their trade, at the very moment extremely difficult times are to follow? https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/jack-grealish-car-crash-range-rover-aston-villa-police-a9435396.html Rich, famous, then it starts by delivering a now truly hypocritical "Twitter" Message (you must stay indoors its serious everyone), next moment, possibly literally, he does the opposite. However, worst follows with one of the most half-hearted, almost condescending apologies that followed. Spoken by a man with no remorse or real concern for his future. We've all been young, made mistakes. However, his apology (sic) is the worst moment out of all this. Said with almost zero belief in the words spoken. Utterly shambolic. In a flash this is a potential disaster for footballers. Reputation tarnish (unfairly), one and all. If he gets away with this one scott free (which he probably will do), then society is truly messed up.
  13. So you've posted articles about this in the past few years, yes? You know you're expertise around managing, implementing, dealing with locally, nationally etc? Just checking as you're seeming to suggest you're another expert on this........ The MSM have been a disgrace in the last 2 weeks. Are you feeling like one of them tonight?
  14. And this applies to everyone else. So easy to be keyboard warriors now eh, now people are dying and the Government are swamped (like the rest of the world). When were you personally all talking about this last summer, last winter, with your wisdom then?
  15. Any chance you can direct me back to your previous post in July 2019 of prophesy? Or are you doing the classic mistake of retrospective divine wisdom (snippet article collection).
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