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  1. Agreed. Held his left arse cheek, not his hammy. This would explain why he looked like he could carry on running (hammy), but had another issue (butt) Pulled butt muscle?
  2. Whilst I think it's ludicrous to think we'd be something like Juventus overnight, allowing the KOP to become home to more flags/banners, yes (turn a blind eye) standing and specific Ultras area(s) those fans wanting this will migrate there and the rest will move away. Juventus has a ground similar in size to the one most on here think will happen 42,500 (I don't agree with, but that's on another post). This is the end where their Ultras all sit:
  3. Went to watch the Tigers today. Interestingly, Cardiff Blues had a bunch of fans (and drum) who sang song after song after song today. Good banter and they certainly seemed to put a few beers down them whilst on the terrace with it. Never any trouble of course, but made for a good atmosphere win the rival fans. Loads of chants/songs. Tigers fan near me said "we've only got 2 chants"............. Mate with me said his work colleague (Man U fan - Home and away including abroad), judges the opposition not on the players, on the pitch etc, but by the opposition fans performance and atmosphere, song selection, chants etc. Whilst often criticising his own team at home, he says (and to a degree I think he's correct), we're relegation spots for songs/chants (and selection of). Basically, we're nothing special at all compared to others with our singing, particularly at home. Certainly at home we are a bit one trick pony (majority) when it comes to fans and the singing. I think without the clappers it would be pretty bad sometimes. I think the Ultras need a proper dedicated spot in the KOP, a whole section allowing them to whip things up and naturally the songs they sing will resonate better around the ground and the rest of the fans hear them and pick up on the words. Get those lads (and more of them) into a whole block and go for it. Little pockets of dedicated fans (loads of songs) just isn't working and the rest sit there with the clappers, not knowing hardly a word.
  4. I was gagged for having the wrong opinion on here it seems. Firstly it’s a forum for opinion. Hopefully it’s not an echo chamber as I posted my thoughts, got a chunk of the (same) different views back, didn’t swear or abuse anyone……yet I’m blocked? I got one sentence replies, or just a few words put back at me, but I'm supposed to write a master piece back to justify my views in more detail I guess (ironic as follows) . Secondly, this is exactly a place for discussion on Leicester City....yes? I have my thoughts and opinions and likewise you all do to. It's not a fact I'm wrong in what I say. This is comment thread hypothesising about something which hasn’t actually happened yet. Finally, I would like to think despite differing opinions, a degree of respect can be shown and those so inclined, can refrain from throwing abuse towards me. So before I make a couple of points below, can I suggest where I think we are as a team/club now. In reality it’s probably the best situation Leicester City finds itself in the 125+ year history. With so many factors to use on the “barometer” it would be a fair conclusion to state this is the best it’s ever been. Ok, it’s my opinion, but for the sake of the rest of this post, let’s assume it’s the case. The best it’s ever been. Bloody brilliant and I’m loving every minute. Reasons for my doubt on the expansion potentially proposed though is: a) The prospect of 10000 extra seats, likely behind the East Stand will alter the atmosphere of the ground. I believe it would make it less intimidating and more likely regressing on the way the ground sounds/feels. Look at clubs like Sunderland, Cardiff etc. It’s not made them anymore atmospheric and causes other issues. The extra tickets will be higher up in view, probably with a chunk of corporate. Good for money, crap for atmosphere. b) What happens if we (which is very plausible) drift into a mid-table team in 2-3 years time. We have no right to be top 4 and this season has been a fantastic achievement so far. Our recruitment has been superb in recent years, but so many things could change for the worse. Are we really believing we can sustain top 4 year in year out? Maybe we can, I hope so, but chances are probably not yet. c) Considering our current situation, amazing place in the table, yes I have used the Wigan game as another “barometer” to question our need/ability to expand. We are a day away from the game and with 10000 more seats on top, they would all be empty for this fixture based on sales. It’s taken well over 2 weeks and we’ve still not quite sold out (consider our place in the Prem table, League cup run, etc) at £10/15 a ticket. The game went on sale a week before the League cup game was finalised. I read peoples comments back at me, but considering how well we are playing, our current status in the League, I am genuinely concerned we are not big enough (at the moment) to sustain 42500 seats sold for 70-80% of our fixtures. What’s the point otherwise? If there are so many fans from everywhere desperate to go, couple this with ST holders who would surely go along for a £tenner, the club wouldn’t have opened just the West Stand for sales initially. The club clearly doubted we could sell half the ground, let alone with 10000 more seats on top of the current capacity. Its great we're almost sold out now, but aside of that, I ask, would Chelsea open one stand only for initial sales against Wigan at home in the cup? Be honest. d) Population/Pedigree. Whatever you throw at me, it is a fact the county of Leicestershire, including the City is relatively small in population. In some ways the Tigers history of tapping into the sporting conscious mind in the local area and wider counties, took many years in the top flight to achieve and the good crowds they get now (sport relevant of course). This is partly why I think it’s still too soon to go bigger in the format proposed. Have we got the history, the real “pedigree” to capture 10000 extra regular fans pretty much overnight? Delusions of grandeur aside, we are in the early stages of making it genuinely big, its been an amazing 8+ years, but have we really got copious amounts of fans desperate to go…… Wigan fixture shows, not particularly. Still around 4000+ tickets available for the Villa Semi-Final as well. e) I’ve read comments on here I understand and actually agree with. I understand the profile of the club will be enhanced in some quarters. I understand the revenue streams would improve, corporate etc. I understand the point about the (Brilliant) Owners wanting the enhanced profile. I would not argue one bit it’s difficult to get tickets for the bigger Prem Games currently (almost impossible in fact). However, this is with us 2nd in the table. Under Puel, you could get to games and we often had some empty seats. Excitement is palpable at the moment, but it takes numerous generations of both direct supporters and other fans perceptions for us to really be bigger, more established. If you think about it, our journey has been rapid. League one winners 2008/09. Premiership winners 2015/16. That is bonkers, but despite it being amazing for us, we’re still new kids on the block in reality and you only have to look at the terrible media bias against us to appreciate this. They barely want to talk about us and as usual it’s the old top 4/6, still are treated as the real top 4/6, both on the column inches in the papers and online. We're a distraction. So would adding 10000 seats onto an existing stadium really, honestly, make us into a bigger club in the eyes of the footballing world, footballers touted locally, globally and the press? I personally don’t think it would. The training ground is a totally different matter though. f) Empty seats. How would you feel watching us with some empty seats around you? Say potentially 30-40% of the fixtures (that’s apparently quoted as the chances by the Burch), particularly if we can’t maintain top 4? It could happen at the moment if we're being realistic. g) I fully get a lot of the reasoning against my opinion as we’re on a crest of a wave right now and I’m the pantomime baddy on here. Equally, I’ve admitted in earlier posts I hope I am wrong and we fill an extra 10000 seats weekly. I really do, but using the Wigan game as one part of my reasoning I feel it’s still just too soon for expansion and IMHO the wrong option………. ………..Could the debate instead cover building a new stadium, maybe with a different location and better logistically for attendances? A stadium maybe 40000-45000, but built to harness the best, eco friendly, logistical, most intimidating atmosphere possible and designed to have the ability to cope with slightly lesser crowds at the same time (yes could happen). Built in a few years’ time, when time served at the top is unquestionable and our status is truly fixed as one of the big(ger) boys? If we really are that "big" a new stadium built with timelines and finances would be realistic. A new stadium, a great new stadium really would be that statement we all want. I just feel slapping 10000 more seats into one stand (or maybe 2), in the current stadium/location, with the current realities on attendances, might get the juices going on this forum, but likely counter-productive in the long run. That OK for you mods? Going tomorrow and Wednesday. Up the Foxes!
  5. Being as the stadium expansion hasn't been built yet, the size of it yet to be established, if it indeed happens, this is a debate of opinion only. No facts can be quoted against my point and therefore its purely opinion only, either way. I stand by my view, the club aren't big enough to fill 40000+ weekly. Its not a fact I'm wrong, or a fact I'm right. What I do know is its taken 2 weeks to sell 23000 tickets for a Saturday cup match and its whilst we're probably the best team we've been in 60+ years, if not ever. So yes, this is an game indicator for me. Several ST holders, despite this, have said on this post the game doesn't matter enough to them to go. OK, that's fine, but if it doesn't matter to them when were 2nd in the Prem (For £10 a ticket) would they go if we were mid-table...........? 100% no then.
  6. So you're (mostly) all taking the mick out of me. Fine. You say we can fill 40000+ most weeks. I say we won't. End of debate then.
  7. Forgot to add section P also not even on sale yet. So that's P, L1, K1 not even released yet for sale, after 2 weeks at a cost of £10/15 a ticket. I'm sorry if we could fill 42000 every week, surely we could sell more than 23000 at home in cup? Considering we're bloody good at the moment as well.......
  8. Nope, making a genuine and constructive point about us not justifying an expansion. I don't ask for your agreement, I'm just making my reasoning why. Maybe I'm wrong (hope I am), but this is a forum an this is the place for me to say it.
  9. Again please read my posts above. This is because the club had no faith in the game being sold out. They initially put the West stand and parts of the Family stand up for sale, then section by section of the cop, round into the East Stand. For example L1 and K1 still blocked out for sale as I type. All because, despite £10/15 a ticket the club couldn't be confident we'd sell half the ground out, let alone all home sections. Basically part of my whole point tonight about us not being able to justify a 40000+ stadium.
  10. So having groups of empty seats for many other games is conducive to a banging atmosphere? Some on here have been sarcastic towards me tonight, others posted thoughtful comments, but I'm just a loyal city fan worried the expansion would be detrimental to our fortunes. You may all disagree, but selling only 23000 tickets for £10-15 in 2 weeks is exactly why I feel we couldn't sustain a stadium with 40000+ seats.
  11. See above post £10 a ticket for you, we're the best team we've had in 50 + years and can't sell block L1 amd K1 after 2 weeks on sale. We're massive.
  12. Classic abuse, nothing intellectual to add then...... Warm up lad: https://www.mensa.org.uk/workout
  13. So considering we're probably the best team we've had in 50 years or more, the Season Ticket holders are allowed to be not interested in this one to validate your point? £10 for season ticket holders............ and still 2 blocks not even RELEASED for sale yet. This is exactly the game where you'd think they can't get enough of being in the KP
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