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  1. Hey "The Doctor" I was being sarcastic......as I'm from little england
  2. Since my post questionnning the insulating coment "little england", not 1, not 2, but 3 quick resorts back. Nuff said.
  3. ...and the instigating insult is conveniently by past?
  4. Ironically its the crapper players affected by their own ineptitude tonight. Puel won't have any games to pick them so that's 6+ months with no senior football.. Serves them right!
  5. Agreed with you comments. I thought he looked very nervous and tried too hard to move it too quickly, but suffered with continual bad passing. In fairness for the first 20 minutes he was the worst player on the pitch as a result of it, with literally nothing going right for him. However, towards the latter stages of the first half he did look better, was clearly trying hard and in that first half most others were as equally poor. Some of our collective team passing today was dire. Not saying he should be in our starting 11, but with a bit more confidence in his play (slow it down by a second or two) he could be a decent squad player.
  6. Nice, well thought out comment. I remember going to Faliraki in my yellow away shirt and on holiday a good while back. We were known amongst those on holiday for sure, but still in the kind of Stoke City way (decent enough sort of, but not much more interest than that). Peter Taylor was manager that season and the rest is history. Anyway, my point to make is this, its seasons like this a little reminder is needed, we've seemingly ditched the historic mid-size "yo-yo Leicester" for an almost unprecedented established top flight Leicester. I was listening to Talk Sport earlier today and the commentators were talking about Spurs and the new Stadium. They were unable to categories us as the best (smaller) team for Spurs to play first or the next (bigger) team like Arsenal. Just in that snap-shot of pundits talking, in a way we've moved into the little section in-between (much like our position now in the table). Eventually they actually chose Newcastle as the best first game and it wasn't about position in the table either. Per your comments urban-spaceman, our club is now really well run, much richer for it and never so popular in the wider community, UK and pinch yourselves...................world. Enjoy this journey guys/girls as this is probably the best its ever been in many, many ways.
  7. Should add. Been there many a time and the town, yes a town of 80,000's odd is extremely passionate and the footy club is the heart beat of the place. The Burnley folk are cracking people and are spoiled with amazing countryside surrounding the town. For me it was simply perfect my Dad's team could be the ones there yesterday. I knew BFC/fans would respect our somber day and perfectly. "Up the Clarets"
  8. My Dad is a Burnley fan. I'm Leicester born and bred. I was so proud of both the clubs yesterday.
  9. Can we agree, for this season at least we give Claude Puel our full backing. It looks like we're safe in the league, for now, so this project / principled development of young players is worth backing. Bin the negativity for the rest of the season. Back the manager, back the team.
  10. They say no one person is bigger than the club. Today feels like a close call..... What a man, what a legend now in our clubs history. RIP
  11. Had a lads night in with my 11 year old son tonight as wife and daughter away. Utterly ruined by this and my poor lad is coping with his dad upset. We’re truly gutted tonight.... ☹️ I said the high of winning matched by this low. We’re in tears.....
  12. A rather condescending comment. I don't think my post at any stage argued he is in the right for doing what he does, or that he is a pin up boy or to use your specific, is always legal. I merely argue he is highlighting something, like it or not, that would be buried into MSM obscurity without his determination otherwise.
  13. "real issue at hand gets put onto the back-row and the audience focus on the bloke on the stage". TBF, like it or not, without his views/profile, this particular issue would be deliberately buried into the village newspapers. Plenty of evidence of this. One of the many examples of this is the BBC held out for as long as they could (to give coverage), for the group of 7, then eventually announced as 8 Pakistani men who groomed/raped 300 girls in Oxford and still they only put it in on the "local" Oxford area web-pages.........and reluctantly: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-oxfordshire-41608602 Should a "7 year long" aggressive group "routine, cynical and predatory sexual exploration" of vulnerable girls, only............eventually make it into local news???? So sorry, Tommy's stance/profile makes it/forces it into the news........rather than constantly buried away in a MSM political/religious black-out. I do care that kids are being subjected to stuff which will adversely affect them their whole lives. So which do you want? Slate Tommy for making it news and highlighting the whole debate or without him (previously) these widespread atrocities would have barely been reported in the national MSM (for political/religious reasons)?
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