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  1. Great interview and did really well whilst looking like a teenager. Hopefully keeps grounded and another great talent for our team now and the future.
  2. No fans, no food / drink sales, much reduced retails sales, no corporate sales etc. Premiership teams may well be able to survive without any of this income (Arsenal is about £3 million per home game), City around the £1m mark I think. What about the Championship, lower leagues. Rugby Union, Rugby League, Cricket, Horse Racing and many more. How the hell will they survive 6+ months without any revenue coming in?
  3. Few years back went to Edgbaston to watch England v India. Cooke scored 294. Big group of us from all over the UK. The Saturday night we went into Brum for an Indian, not late. City played Reading and lost 2-0 at home. Shocker, but old Lloyd handled me and a couple of my City mates briefly fawning over him (unexpectedly) like a gent. He was great, very polite, as were we and the rest of the group were chuffed. A few hand shakes, quick conversation etc, left him alone in quick time. Poor bloke thought he could safely hide that night in Brum, but no, some Fox
  4. This season coming up could be circa 60 games. This re-signing makes complete sense. Equally, who is to say with a good pre season, a manager who clearly likes him, he doesn’t go on the play really well for us. For a midfielder he’s now into prime age bracket.
  5. Hey Kingfox, as you say "Regardless if we're 4th". Are you for real.........so what exactly do you want???? Win the Premier League every year, or in your world, its a complete failure?
  6. Thank you for a reasoned response. I think a little too much emotion is on here tonight. Its a fair point to raise, but I will add, in response to this bit though: We are still paying/facilitating a £100 million training facility and I suspect from what I've read, we've not been flush with cash this season.
  7. Under a bus, do you mean playing him? Decent lad. Any evidence? I am in no way advocating slagging him off for our recent woes inclusively, but he's had 3 games started and shows he's a championship player at best Wolves wanted to release. That's was our choice / gamble in January, in reality to get Benkovic out on loan, but its not throwing him under a bus. He's just not good enough.
  8. Interesting that. Cov fans are hard working ( Have had to travel miles to watch their team), suffered years of hardship as a result of owners/outside parties miss-management, but still end up with a team just a division below us now. I beat you they'd swap our position in a heartbeat and they also probably possess a good chunk of reality with it.........
  9. Just a really simplistic way of looking. What if some of our fans carry delusion of grandeur into next season? Some people on here think we're Real Madrid........
  10. Utter, utter bollocks. Sheffield United game proved the players, many 2nd choice, play for Brendan Rodgers. Today, with many players out didn't quite happen, but at 1-0 we should have go the equalizer. Half time at Bournemouth is his worst moment so far. What he did then rightly had lots of questions to ask. However, for me it was the response that mattered. Against Sheffield United our team totally played for their manager, many of them second or even 3rd string players. Today Bennett fu**ed up, we go 1-0 down and then we should have equalized,
  11. I say a lot of you need to get a grip of yourselves wanting our Manager sacked. We have 5 1st team players out, 6 if you count Fuchs. 4 of them back 4 players. To a club like Leicester, that's a big blow. We have a Right Back who signed from Luton Town last summer playing only his first (under 10) games in the Premiership. We have a Left Back playing in his second ever 1st team professional appearance We have to play a (now proven liability) in Bennett in the defense. Morgan is a legend, but past his best as well, at center halves
  12. Holy Christ, thank the Lord for this news. 5th and £5,000,000 saved. Ying/Yang
  13. As previously mentioned. Not only are we getting spanked, we're paying £5,000,000 today to sign a donkey. Brilliant....
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