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  1. papajdog

    Solomon Kvirkvelia

    I think you may be right tbh, I think we may offload Wes and Benny and look to bring back Drago also!
  2. papajdog

    Changing forum username

    Avoiding the feds
  3. papajdog

    Mario Gotze

    No I didn’t. Cambiasso was old and redundant at Inter Milan. I understand how massive a player he was throughout his career but it was feasible. I juat dont don’t see how we sign Gotze and a bigger club doesn’t take a punt on a low fee for him even if he’s not the player he was! id be over the moon if we somehow pulled it off!
  4. papajdog

    Changing forum username

    Cheers, mate!
  5. papajdog

    Changing forum username

    papajdog all lower case please
  6. papajdog

    Changing forum username

    Cheers, Stan
  7. papajdog

    Changing forum username

    Hello friends, Who am I needing to speak to about changing my name on here? Changed my surname via deed poll so no longer wish to use that.. any pointers in the right direction would be mega appreciated
  8. papajdog

    Mario Gotze

    If we sign Gotze, I will shit on my hands and clap. Never in in a million years is this happening.
  9. Applause. He was sensational for us in our most successful season in our history. The circumstances in which he left us really sucks but I'll feel a lot better when Ndidi puts him in his pocket!
  10. papajdog

    Gaston Ramirez

    I highly doubt he proves many of us that feel he's underwhelming, wrong. Waste of money if true, average at best. Do not want.
  11. papajdog

    Middlesbrough (A) Pre-Match Thread

    Take a point but I think they'll tonk us
  12. Muzzy all day. Vards and Kingy are my current favourites! Oh and the year of Esteban was sensational!
  13. papajdog

    Islam Slimani