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  1. 20 hours ago, Foxin_Mad said:

    Neither are bad players. I think there should be a limit to the amount of pay you can get for kicking a football around though. I get maybe footballers should be paid a bit more due to their short playing career, although anyone with an ounce of charisma will get a pundit job for life afterwards. They will also get more due to it be an incredibly successful high demand entertainment industry. 


    Its obscene especially when large numbers of people are losing their jobs that some are earning millions a month.

    Exactly. There seems to be a prevailing sympathy for the length of a professional footballers career and their earnings. Like somehow they become unemployable drifters after their career ends. 


    They earn vast sums of money, even way down the pyramid, that makes your average earners lifetime income look small. 


    Post football they are very employable. People love a footballer. Punditry, journalism, even the average job are all areas that they have a celebrity advantage in. 


    Give me a million quid now and I'll be set for life. If they miss-manage their finances during their career it's hard to be massively sympathetic. 


    If you listen to some folk they're burdened with massive wages. 

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  2. 33 minutes ago, Cardiff_Fox said:

    And to the background of an economy tanking with a government creating a support scheme which we will have to pay for. 

    'you lot get back to your jobs so our advisors can profit from government funding.' 


    No doubt there'll be the usual crowd rushing to the defence of the tory party but they just keep getting worse. 


    They have no regards for the general public. 

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  3. 9 hours ago, reynard said:

    Sadly I'm not surprised by any of this. What a waste of our money.

    Must have it wrong mate. Tories are salt of the earth, bloody good chaps, look out for the people, wouldn't do wrong by us. Just look at their funny hair and accents.


    What borderline fraud perpetuated in-party...nothing to see here.

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  4. Just now, coolhandfox said:

    I'm not making excuses or riding to defend his honour, just making observations, they we don't know what budget he had, unless you can prove other wise, or whether he was told he can spend the 80m from the Maguire deal.   


    That statement actually makes you seem odd, I thought posting on a forum was about creating debate and having an opinion? What's cultist about having a balance view of a situation, does he deserve criticism for a poor second half of the season, of cause he does.


    But your taking a statement about liking to work with a small squad and turning that into a statement that he didn't want to improve the squad is just guess work. 






    Everything about discussing the internal affairs of a football club is guesswork. Some is more accurate than others. 


    3rd in January, with owners who cover the Champions League and openly state they wanted to be there, with a publicly known 80m in the bank from the Maguire sale...do you think he'd have had any trouble improving the squad? 


    I don't. At all. 


    He made his choices and its a valid criticism to say that he got it wrong. You keep going on about 'quality additions' but he hasn't made any. The owners have furnished him with a whacking contract and are obviously happy to invest.


    Like I said initially, just calling every game outstanding when it isn't real smacks of denial. After 18 months or so he's responsible for the state of the squad and he's chosen a small squad - as his preference - and has failed to add the quality. 

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  5. 8 minutes ago, coolhandfox said:

    I said "quality replacements", there is no issue with the size, it the quality that is the issue. 


    He's had 12 months and 2 windows, how do you know who he wanted to buy or not? How do you know whether the club gave him any more funds, in the summer or in the winter window, the what he spent.


    Once again its about quality, he didn't say he like a small squad with average ability 

    You're making excuses for poor planning. 


    Support him all you like but there's a reason we didn't bring in anyone and that is down to Brendan Rodgers. He had time. He has money. 


    This cultish devotion to defending mistakes isn't going to change my mind. It just makes you look a little bit odd. He's made a mistake and deserves to be called out for it. It's not a character assassination and certainly doesn't need you to ride in and defend his honour.


    He took the gamble of having a small squad AND NOT ADDING TO THE QUALITY WITH THE 80 MILLION WE RECEIVED FOR MAGUIRE and it backfired when we had an injury crisis. The manager of the club carries the can for this. 



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  6. 3 minutes ago, foxile5 said:

    'I prefer to work with a small squad' - Brensan Rodgers on not signing anyone in January. 


    He set up this small squad, and didn't want to buy in the depth. If you're going to set out with a patard prepare to be hoisted with it. 


    I'm not saying the guy needs to go. Far from it. But these decisions he makes in the name of his philosophy are also the ones that contribute to his judgement. If he's going to prefer a small squad then his decision needs to be justified. I don't think it has been. 



    It was before the season started he made the comment about small squads but I'm 99% this was echoed in January. I can't find it off hand. 


    But the point remains. The lack of squad depth was his choice. If you're choosing that then you need to suffer the consequences when it doesn't go well. Not just keep saying it's outstanding. 

  7. 8 minutes ago, coolhandfox said:

    I doubt the owner is paying him 10 million a year to finish mid table, anything less then being in around the top 6-7 and going deep in the Europa League and FA Cup and our his going to be under pressure


    Easier to do when you have quality replacements in waiting in the wing to replace them. 


    Let be honest there is little competition for places in our 11 due to the quality of the squad.  

    'I prefer to work with a small squad' - Brensan Rodgers on not signing anyone in January. 


    He set up this small squad, and didn't want to buy in the depth. If you're going to set out with a patard prepare to be hoisted with it. 


    I'm not saying the guy needs to go. Far from it. But these decisions he makes in the name of his philosophy are also the ones that contribute to his judgement. If he's going to prefer a small squad then his decision needs to be justified. I don't think it has been. 

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  8. 4 minutes ago, Collymore said:

    If he pretends that everything is fine then it'll be testing.


    He needs to turn on the players, fans and media at some point Big Nige style. 

    I know this is tongue in cheek but there's more than a grain of truth to it. 


    Lampard has been a real success this year. He's also heaped pressure and scrutiny on his players at times. When they were having a good spell he was very pointed about players not keeping it up losing their place.


    I can't help but think the 'outstanding effort' is fast becoming the new 'quality and intensity'. At certain points players need a bollocking and I don't think he's got it in him. 




  9. 4 hours ago, Julian Joachim Jr Shabadoo said:

    "Raising awareness"


    This one is really pissing me off recently. It's almost always a cause that needs absolutely no awareness raising as everyone is aware of it, and on social media is usually purely an ego trip masquerading as doing something positive. If I log onto Facebook at the moment my feed is clogged up with cvnts doing press-ups, apparently that's "raising awareness" for mental health? 


    Why not make a donation to a mental health charity instead? Oh... and keep that to your fvcking self like any decent person would

    True charity is anonymous. These folk want the back slapping. There's a fable about that kind of carry on. 

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  10. 17 minutes ago, Corky said:



    Who the **** wants to watch Nick Grimshaw and his Mum discuss Antiques Roadshow or whatever as I saw when I was flicking through the channels once?


    The only time I think it's acceptable is when it is quiz based like WWTBAM or The Chase because you are testing knowledge, but Celebrity Deal or No Deal and the like are shit.

    They add nothing at all. Nothing. 


    The Mrs, as my last two posts in this thread probably reveal, is on a celebrity TV binge. We've got celebrity masterchef on and I can't see what these useless arseholes add to the competition. 


    When it's regular people I find it compelling to see that Brian, retired data analyst from Shropshire, has learnt how to make good own pasta in his autumn years. Its nice to see the skills of regular humans. 


    I do not get the fascination in watching Pete the Pirate from Essex fumble his way round a kitchen playing the part of prize twat to keep his brand alive. Its offensive. 

  11. The Kardashians are on TV courtesy of the Mrs and they're whinging about the public wanting to know about their lives. They're utter, utter *****. The audacity of moaning about the public wanting to know about their lives boils my piss. 


    I honestly would not lift a finger to prevent their demise. I hate them so much. 

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  12. 5 hours ago, kushiro said:

    I make it we've had 52 mate.


    Reminds me of that old 'Leicester shuffle' joke with a pack of cards. 


    Do you know the Leicester shuffle?


    No, what's that?


    I'll show you. Here's 52 cards - take one away and there's Leicester shuffle.

    Am I missing something with that joke? What's the funny bit? 

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  13. 4 hours ago, reynard said:



    Have to say if it is a choice between screwing the economy again by closing Pubs shops businesses etc to accomodate schools opening then kids should have to wait. We simply can't afford to close down the economy again unless absolutely necessary. I realise this will not be a popular opinion but kids can delay a year from school if absolutely necessary.

    No dog in the fight either way. 


    I see both sides of this argument but I very much think schools should take precedent in a shit or bust scenario. Economy isn't as important. 


    Odd scenario though. 

  14. 3 minutes ago, UHDrive said:

    I'm from Market Harborough and nearly all of mates support LCFC. I can imagine that is the case for Melton Mowbray, Loughborough and Hinckley etc and Leicestershire in general. People talk of fans just from a city of circa 200'000 (ish) but I can imagine our immediate support base (stadium/games) is a lot higher. Hopefully there are a lot in Nottingham and Derby too!

    Loughborough is, traditionally, forest isn't it? 


    More than a few years ago I was at college there and that was the prevailing team. 

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