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  1. Just now, doverfox said:

    BLM and taking the knee came to English football following the death of 1 man in a foriegn land. Highlighting 122 deaths in a day is far more worthy. I think they should encourage the team to STAND with victims of oppression around the world before the the start of the remaining games of the season. And more so if they are sanctioned by the powers to be. I dont support their views but i support their rights to express them.

    I'm not moralising about either cause. 


    I just think bringing that moralising to the FA Cup final - and our first win - is a misguided move. I think football should be apolitical as possible. 

  2. Whilst I applaud them taking the stance on grounds of their belief I have to question them using the FA Cup final to do so. 


    This should be pure football and separate from a really sticky political issue. 

  3. 10 minutes ago, shen said:

    Nope, still really like Kanté. I don't see how anyone can dislike him. 

    The deletion of any evidence of playing for Leicester and the comment 'Chelsea is champions club' rubbed a few folk up. 


    I can look past it as he'd just won us the league

  4. 6 minutes ago, Buce said:


    Terrible news from Israel but I couldn't help but notice the beauty in these photographs of Hamas' rockets being met by the Iron Dome missile shield:





    There's an haunting beauty to it, isn't there? 

  5. 5 hours ago, Paninistickers said:

    ....and you weren't part of the immortals.


    Make no mistake, this means so so much to the fabric of LCFC. In many ways more than the league win ever will.


    So many have Dads and grandads who went to the three 60s finals and the 74 semi. We were brought up on this. 


    Go do it lads! Abide with me x



    My old boy has only seen losing finals. Its the biggest game of our history given that 'Chelsea win the league for Leicester'. 

  6. 1 hour ago, les-tah said:

    Luke Thomas is at the age where a loan at a top championship side playing 36 games could really turn him into a real top player. Yeah be great having him around the first team next year but if he’s not playing it’s hindering his development at his age and by the sounds of we want a player like Gosens for next season.

    With JJ back we've probably enough depth to be looking at loan for him but he might have outgrown a lot of the clubs in the championship. 

  7. Just now, TJB-fox said:

    LolProbably all up in Maddison’s Instagram DM’s now calling him and his unborn baby all sorts of names. 

    I'm calling him just the one name repeatedly as I find that a better means of airing my anger. 

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