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  1. 32 minutes ago, st albans fox said:

    the Chinese have all but eliminated it within two months of taking it v seriously ......... we may lack their social discipline but there is no reason why we cannot do the same, with some hot spot areas remaining on tighter lock downs than others in may. The idea that we don’t have this current outbreak fairly well under control by the beginning June is surely wrong. However, how we ensure that it doesn’t simply start up again and respread widely is the question - that will rely on personal responsibility..........

    That all hinges on whether or not you think the Chinese government are being honest. 


    I absolutely do not think that. 

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  2. Just now, goose2010 said:

    Germany's figures don't sound right to me on that. 4 times the amount of the UK cases but around half the deaths? 


    How's that even possible? Their health care that good? 

    Could be genetics. 


    I know we like to pretend that everybody is absolutely equal down to a cellular level at the minute, but Germans have been fairly homogenous in breeding over the last century, in comparison to other countries. The Berlin Wall and Ww2 fall out etc. 


    Maybe the Germanic bloodline has some natural resistance. 

  3. I'm still at a loss of how much to worry. 


    It seems the reaction suggests it's serious but the death count is low. 


    I'm tired trying to make up my own mind. Can someone tell me whether to panic. 


  4. I'm in today - an for the forseeable - and as I left this morning there were a good six people outside milling about.


    Entirely likely that they were all using their one-per-day allocation. A chance, too, that they were flouting the governmental advice owing to a 'I'm more sensible than that' judgement.



  5. 2 minutes ago, EastAnglianFox said:

     Yes mate, and back again, and on my feet all day at work. When I get home more often than not I get changed then go for a walk in the other direction for an hour or so until the Mrs gets home 😂


    Bloody love the fresh air and walking so these next few weeks are going to be a struggle if I'm told to stay away from work. 

    Incredible workrate.


    Fear not. You're allowed out to exercise once, no limitations of duration though. 

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  6. 9 minutes ago, EastAnglianFox said:

    Anybody else already dreading the awkwardness and the possible filthy looks when setting out for work tomorrow? 


    5 mile walk into work along a woodland footpath, not sure I'll see many less people than usual tbh. 

    You walk five miles to work? That's an incredible amount of walking per day. 

  7. Just now, pds said:

    I have been for the last 2 hours. Audio book on trying to forget it all.

    Aye. You nearby to a park or open space? 


    You can exercise once, they didn't stipulate how long ago you could take advantage and clear off into the wilderness. 

  8. 33 minutes ago, Izzy said:

    Yeah this home schooling lark ain't gonna last 12 weeks.


    We're 5 hours in and I'm this close to murdering at least one of my kids.


    Who'd be a teacher? You have my upmost respect.

    Email your kids teacher and let know. They'll almost certainly be working right now. 


    Tough job but rewarding. 

  9. Just now, Facecloth said:

    Peak FT. We're discussing a worldwide pandemic and people want to turn into a thread worshiping a racist criminal.


    Look Robinson is a ****, you're daft for thinking he's a god, now can we get back to talking about the real issues at hand.

    I'll be amazed if there isn't some teeth gnashing over this post, despite it being the most sensible thing I've heard today. 

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  10. 3 minutes ago, Vlad the Fox said:

    Just thinking about it and I’m wondering if this drip feeding to prepare people for each step, full lockdown soon, is fuelling the crowds were seeing in certain places as in that they know it’s coming. Is it possible that these people think they’re having a last hurrah before they lock themselves in, similar to when certain pub were busy Friday night.

    I can't fathom indecision or uncertainty as a leadership tactic. 


    I'm trying hard to be objective and not let personal opinion cloud my view of the situation but it does seem that Johnson the man is bleeding into Johnson the leader. 

  11. 3 minutes ago, Saigon Fox said:

    Posting just to compare the response where I am.


    In Morocco: today's COVID 19 figures 498 tested, 109 confirmed, 3 deaths. We are in lockdown, schools are closed, airspace is closed, trains are not running, buses too, we have a pass to go out, we can only go to the shop and pharmacy, actually only wifey can as it's only one person per household. If we are out without papers we can go to prison. This, it's just been announced, is going to continue until 20th April.


    I'm very happy with the Moroccan response to this. Swift, decisive and with the public interest at heart.


    Yes but did the prime minister make silly noises and use a ridiculous accent? 


    But in all seriousness this is how it should be. If we show no signs of being contagious after 7 days then lock down. 

  12. 1 minute ago, Jon the Hat said:

    Many countries are providing childcare through schools to free up key workers. I'm not sure it that complicated - if the country needs to to work, and there is no one else at home who can care for your child they can go to school for the time you are working only.

    But our country has made the list SO broad that pets at home feel enabled to write to schools suggesting that their workers are entitled.


    This is because Johnson is putting profit over people. 

  13. 21 minutes ago, Jon the Hat said:

    So how many people would have been laid off if they closed the Hospitality sector down overnight BEFORE they announcement measures to support jobs?  They are doing their best in an impossible situation.  Every idiot on the internet thinks they can do better, but if the could they would be in a job making a difference.  

    I'm unsure what you do for a living but I will certainly be working for the foreseeable. This despite an underlying health condition. I'll be working because I'll be making a difference to the vulnerable. 


    The reason i comment is because this attitude to keeping the education system open in this manner seems unique to England and is sowing confusion. 


    With reference to supporting measures, how are any of us supposed to eyeball that? There's a hugely communicable virus that doctors are panicking over. Maybe think about stemming communication. 


    But what would I know being an idiot on the Internet. 

  14. 1 minute ago, PAULCFC said:

    When both parents are at home anyway?:dunno:

    Mate. I do NOT agree with it. 


    I think the fact that Boris and crew have allowed this to happen, and yet enjoy 'schools closed' headlines, is criminal. They should have had some substance and either left open entirely or closed. 


    By doing this the way they have they've left this open to abuse, as per your case. 

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  15. 3 minutes ago, PAULCFC said:

    If you have prevision to look after your child at home....key worker or not then you should.

    Agreed. 100%.


    However the government have, purposely, left a huge door open for reasons I don't fully understand. 


    Check the key worker list. Applies to basically all professions. So people v will abuse that. 


    I pointed this out at the time and was accused of point scoring, but this ineffective and indecisive leadership is going to cost us dear. 

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