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  1. 10 hours ago, z-layrex said:

     I don't mean to profile by nationality, my point was that as Brits we are used to behaving a certain way that may not always be in line with how we truly feel, you cant deny that's our culture. Maguire behaved a certain way, Mahrez didn't, likely because of their nationalities. What matters to Leicester fans is that Mahrez is a ****ing Leicester legend, Maguire is not.

    He might be many things, our best ever player included, but he isn't a 'legend'. That would put him in the company of people who loved the club and gave their all. He did neither. 


    And blaming Algeria for his acting the ****. You must've strained your shoulder with that racist reach. He acted the **** because he IS one. 

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  2. Once, after a heavy drinking session, a mate of mine was starving.


    The host agreed he could have all of his sausages on the proviso he ate them with dog food. 


    I don't know what he was thinking but he cut the sausages length wise, loaded the dog food on and covered them with cheese. The gusto with which he attacked them tickled me endlessly. I know it's puerile but it really got me for some reason.


    Also, when I was nineteen I was visiting Amsterdam with some pals. Tagging along was your archetypal stoner. Oblivious to the world and nearly braindead. He was about to walk into a row of bicycles, god knows how impaired he was, but a friend shouted him. The entire group turned and watched as he dodged the bikes, walked head first into a lamp-post and the impact dislodged his belt somehow. His trousers hit the deck. Utterly hilarious. 

  3. 59 minutes ago, promised land said:

    You as a person always wants to criticise the club or shoot them down at every available opportunity, you only have to look at some of your posts.


    You even go out of your way in not calling the stadium by it’s name, always referring to it as Filbert Way. That is just the little bit  of tarmac that runs around the car park, it’s not even a proper road, if you want to be really pedantic call it Raw Dykes Road.



    Think this is a tad harsh. I love the club. I call it Filbert Way because it aligns a little more with my past as A City Fan. 

  4. The management of the club need to stress that we play on in all cases. I know some 'injuries' occur in breaks of play to lengthen them, but if we show a ruthless streak in the ones during play then we lay down a marker of intent. It might well curtail it a little. 

  5. 4 hours ago, TheUltimateWinner said:

    Fantastic game yesterday.


    Also I noticed the crowd appreciating him more even when things didn’t pay off, one time he overran the ball out for a goal kick and on the trek back to left back people were clapping him for the effort. We need to do that more often.

    He'd be cheered for that every time. 


    HE needs to be doing that more often. 

  6. 1 minute ago, Jobyfox said:

    The weird thing is that if Veretout had joined us then we almost certainly wouldn’t have signed Kante and then probably not won the league. 


    He might then be thinking he should have joined Villa 

    Oh yeah. These regrets come with hindsight and almost certainly would've changed the face of things. 

  7. Watching Everton I can't help but think that our one time public target Gylfi Sigurdsson must really look upon turning us down as a missed opportunity. 


    Similarly Jordan Vertout must really regret his decision to choose Villa over us. 


    Obviously these transfers almost surely would have changed the status quo, things wouldn't be the same if they had been made, but they must be looking on their decisions in a negative light. 


    Can anyone think of any more instances where denying the city was a poor decision? 

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  8. Happy to hold up my hands in guilt. He was, to my mind, a busted flush with us. 


    He looks like a different player now though. 


    Don't get me wrong, there are flaws in his game still. I can see now a willingness to improve and change them. That didn't seem present until recently. 


    Very much a changed player. Huge credit to him. I think that not getting a game with us and being publicly bollocked by his national manager must've had the desired impact which is refreshing to see. It would've been easy for him to write both us and Nigeria off as being unnecessarily harsh - footballers prerogative and all that. 

  9. 14 hours ago, Durnerz said:

    Why don't these lads just record a voiceover of their thoughts in post production of the video? Saves annoying everyone around them and they can film all they want. Simples.

    It's not about the thoughts they have surrounding football. 


    It's about being seen and acknowledged that gives them validity. 

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