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  1. 3 minutes ago, Saigon Fox said:

    Posting just to compare the response where I am.


    In Morocco: today's COVID 19 figures 498 tested, 109 confirmed, 3 deaths. We are in lockdown, schools are closed, airspace is closed, trains are not running, buses too, we have a pass to go out, we can only go to the shop and pharmacy, actually only wifey can as it's only one person per household. If we are out without papers we can go to prison. This, it's just been announced, is going to continue until 20th April.


    I'm very happy with the Moroccan response to this. Swift, decisive and with the public interest at heart.


    Yes but did the prime minister make silly noises and use a ridiculous accent? 


    But in all seriousness this is how it should be. If we show no signs of being contagious after 7 days then lock down. 

  2. 1 minute ago, Jon the Hat said:

    Many countries are providing childcare through schools to free up key workers. I'm not sure it that complicated - if the country needs to to work, and there is no one else at home who can care for your child they can go to school for the time you are working only.

    But our country has made the list SO broad that pets at home feel enabled to write to schools suggesting that their workers are entitled.


    This is because Johnson is putting profit over people. 

  3. 21 minutes ago, Jon the Hat said:

    So how many people would have been laid off if they closed the Hospitality sector down overnight BEFORE they announcement measures to support jobs?  They are doing their best in an impossible situation.  Every idiot on the internet thinks they can do better, but if the could they would be in a job making a difference.  

    I'm unsure what you do for a living but I will certainly be working for the foreseeable. This despite an underlying health condition. I'll be working because I'll be making a difference to the vulnerable. 


    The reason i comment is because this attitude to keeping the education system open in this manner seems unique to England and is sowing confusion. 


    With reference to supporting measures, how are any of us supposed to eyeball that? There's a hugely communicable virus that doctors are panicking over. Maybe think about stemming communication. 


    But what would I know being an idiot on the Internet. 

  4. 1 minute ago, PAULCFC said:

    When both parents are at home anyway?:dunno:

    Mate. I do NOT agree with it. 


    I think the fact that Boris and crew have allowed this to happen, and yet enjoy 'schools closed' headlines, is criminal. They should have had some substance and either left open entirely or closed. 


    By doing this the way they have they've left this open to abuse, as per your case. 

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  5. 3 minutes ago, PAULCFC said:

    If you have prevision to look after your child at home....key worker or not then you should.

    Agreed. 100%.


    However the government have, purposely, left a huge door open for reasons I don't fully understand. 


    Check the key worker list. Applies to basically all professions. So people v will abuse that. 


    I pointed this out at the time and was accused of point scoring, but this ineffective and indecisive leadership is going to cost us dear. 

  6. 4 minutes ago, PAULCFC said:

    mrs works for the NHS and is off  tommorow,so obviouly neither of our kid's are going to school.Just heard that one of her mates who work for East Midland Trains are sending their child on weds and thurs when both of the parents are off!Pretty sure we will be on lock down before the end of the week to stop stupid adults doing this.:angry:        

    The list of key workers basically covers every occupation so parents are well within their rights. There's been no authoritative decision made, just one designed to make a few headlines. 



  7. 1 minute ago, kingfox said:

    He did exactly the same regarding Mass Gatherings and Schools, he let things sit for a bit when he could have brought them forward, then he only reacts when others do or when the public get highly vocal.


    Weak leadership and his lack of strictness could prove fatal.

    And with closures / banning he leaves the doors wide open. 


    Schools are closed except for a very large list of exceptions. Please don't go pubs but they can stay open. 


    In a crisis be ****ing authoritative. 

  8. 10 minutes ago, Corky said:

    He scored a fair amount of headed goals for a fairly small bloke.


    On the subject of his loyalty, it's clear he wanted to go at certain points- he was too good for us as mentioned. His wages were very high too. But his commitment on the field was exemplary- in his last two seasons (a First Division season and a relegation) he was probably our most influential player and gave everything to the cause.

    I think this goes some way to the annoyance. 


    On the one hand he says he loves us and owes us so much, on the other he tried to get away multiple times. One does not imply the other. 

  9. Whilst I'm not overly concerned about the virus - for myself at least - I am starting to get a bit twitchy over the reaction to it. It's started to feel like a dystopian horror movie.


    Just the other day 2 low flying army helicopters buzzed my rural village. This is incredibly uncommon and it left me wondering what is happening that we're not being informed of. 


  10. 1 minute ago, MattP said:

    Exam preparation and regulations. 

    I'm sorry to hear this pal. 


    Any chance of you picking up some part time work in the educaiton sector? Cover work will be in high demand. 

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  11. 3 minutes ago, Xen said:

    A solid month of football every day would do wonders for morale across the country. It'd be good if it was free-to-air but I think that'll be unlikely given that Sky/BT are already trying to get money out of the PL for unfulfilled games.



    Speaks volumes about the state of the current sporting climate - these vipers are concerned with one thing only.


    How mega, mega rich companies can be bottom lining it when others are suffering is baffling. If they've any balls the Premier League would cease to provide content for them - Sky and BT would absolutely suffer as a result - but they won't.

  12. Hopefully this thread will be a bit useful during what looks to be a period of shortage and resiliency.


    I'm thinking of getting a casserole on the go in the slow cooker this evening, using dead basic ingredients. Anyone got any isolation cookery to share?



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