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  1. 1 minute ago, FIF said:

    What amazes me is that Chilly isn't involved in the box when we have corners or Free Kicks. This is an incredible waste. He has shown that he is clearly one of the best jumpers and headers of the ball we have in the team. He should be in the charging into the box like he has to down the sideline on a (wayward) Kasper kick. He could be our saviour in the box where we seem to have become dependant on Maguire!


    on another point I'd like to sign Mitrovic too.

    Mitrovic would be a great signing

  2. 29 minutes ago, Guest said:

    How is it? It's a pretty matter-of-fact statement - they've got players who've won the league before and we hadn't, so there's a different atmosphere. Can't see that he means anything by it at all.

    'everyone here is good' 


    Loads of respect shown there. Isn't one of his agents favourite lines that he's humble? 


    Blokes a cock. We can accept that whilst also accepting he's one of the best players we've ever had. 

  3. On 07/03/2019 at 09:23, Countryfox said:


    “Everyone here is good “ ...  cheers Riyad. 




    No doubt he'll have his defenders again, but it's another swipe at us isn't it? 


    The guy, for all his ability, is an arsehole. 


    The measure of the man : once witnessed him get a driver to drive his car to the doors after a match. Couldn't bring himself to walk. Shinji, at this time, was signing any autograph he could. 


    Blokes a ****. Talented footballer, sure, but he's a ****. 


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  4. 20 minutes ago, ForeverandEver said:

    I do feel some of the “youngsters” coming through are a bit too ‘nice’ & lack

    the nastiness in their game.


    None of the seniors’ also appear to be grabbing them by the scruff of the neck similar to Gerry Taagart grabbing Robbie Savage back in the day for stray passes.


    We do lack leadership in the middle & don’t appear to have a talker, or an orchestrator in the middle since Drinkwater left.


    Hope Rodgers identifies this early & gets some new blood in to blend in with our youth - even having someone like Robert Huth gave us a bit of oompf.


    I think the games changing - don’t get me started on the practised handshakes ? 


    Some folk on here will have you for that comment about the finger tickling handshakes. 


    Players no longer have to act or behave with any type of self awareness. 


  5. 34 minutes ago, The Doctor said:

    Only if you're looking at the mean - that can be skewed in either direction by the extremes. Median is far better for this sort of discussion, and the median salary is £28,600 gross (£550 per week - https://www.ons.gov.uk/employmentandlabourmarket/peopleinwork/earningsandworkinghours/bulletins/annualsurveyofhoursandearnings/2017provisionaland2016revisedresults#main-points)

    Nice one. I'm no mathematics scholar so lacked the knowledge to explain that. 



  6. 4 minutes ago, wokinghamfox said:

    He  has been said in an interview that he wasnt proud of his actions stating that he made a poor decision at that point in his career. 

    The honied words of a moron made to eat them. 


    He called wolves a 'sleeping giant' and then proceeded to contribute to them not finishing above us for a good fifteen years or so. 


    Finished his career managing no marks very poorly. No sympathy. 


    Loved our football under him, mind. 

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