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  1. Morgan has been an absolute beast this season.


    He's barely had a day off since the beginning of last season, either. I can't believe that we're getting the best out of Wes Morgan at this age, it's almost like watching Matt Elliott.


    He's had a bit of press recently too, he definitely is the unsung hero of this team, at times.

  2. We did it without Messi too. Don't need him either.

    No one's pining for him, some of us can just see that there may be potential to work with. He's only what, 23? Walsh didn't get the club to blow 7m on this guy for no reason

    Such a ****ing stupid comparison. The footballing equivalent of Godwins law. He's scored 3 goals for us. Not near thirty a season for over a decade. I can only discuss football if you're not going to be ridiculous and use the best player who ever lived as a basis for comparison.

  3. Title winning form, absolutely.


    It's a shame that we haven't had the plaudits earlier, not that they're worth anything, as we've been purveying a really classy brand of football.


    Football 'culture' in the UK has dictated that Klopp has been focused upon and courted by the media because there is a flashy foreign sounding philosophy attached to his name, and long may it continue, I much prefer being the underdog.

  4. I didn't say anything about confidence.

    And your post makes no sense. His two chances last night were the direct result of fast counter attacks.

    And on the subject of our high pressing game. It's nonsense. We have varied our tactics to standing off as much as we have pressed aggressively. We don't relentlessly play at that pace at all.


    He's gone, get over it. He didn't do it for us. It's over. He's moved clubs. He isn't playing for us. He probably won't play for us ever again.


    He's gone.

  5. The future is his to pick, I dare say.


    He's always played well for us, and looked the part each season. Sadly, this lengthy lay-off has meant that he hasn't had the privilege of maturing and progressing along with the rest of the team ; Drinkwater, Albrighton, King and Morgan have all stepped it up a considerable gear whilst he has been out of the team, especially in terms of the all important winning mindset. The injury has denied Matty this development, and no doubt have hampered his physical condition to boot. It's up to him how he manages this, and I'm guessing that he'll figure, but it'll be hard work getting there.


    Always liked the bloke, seems Martin Allen's type of fella....'smashing lad' and all that.

  6. When was the other time? He had one interview where he said he'd be open to a loan move to get some playing time ahead of the euros (and if that's moaning, I assume you want rid of inler for wanting to play as well), but he's not moaned in the media before this.

    Maybe if he was ever given a chance to do his job...


    He was given a chance last season, he looked sluggish and lazy. The manager then deemed him not good enough. New manager, same judgement.


    'I don't know what the problem is, the fans love me, I'm just not playing' - words to that effect, and it isn't just a passing comment. It's an implication that the manager is at fault. It's unprofessional, it's sulky and it's not conducive to the team ethic we have cultivated.


    Let. It. Go. He isn't good enough. I know he's got a fancy name, a hefty price tag and probably scored loads for you on Football Manager but he's GONE and he NEVER made the grade. If you're that passionate about the career progression of Andrej Kramaric why don't you follow a team that will bow to his superior football abilities and will afford him the reverence his name should demand, jesus ****ing christ.

  7. It's once, and he knows his time here is over anyway. Can hardly say he has a bad attitude for saying he wasn't enjoying not getting any sort of chance, frankly I'd be unhappy if any player was here and happy to not be involved, that's far more indicative of a bad attitude and approach.


    I'll swoop in in defence of my fellow foxile.


    It is absolutely twice he has had a whinge to the press, once when he was at the club. It's the nature of his moaning too, having a little dig at his shirt number. So ****ing what? It's a number. Shut your mouth and do your job.


    And whilst we are at it, I forget the game but recently he said of coming off the bench 'I decided I would run'. Well, yeah, that's kind've the aim.


    I have seen nothing during his tenure here to suggest a positive attitude, but I've seen a lot of whining. He's been deemed surplus to requirements by Claudio, and that should be MORE than damning enough for City fans.

  8. Her opinion, like anyone else in an official position will be 'you shouldn't be stood up then' Sorry to be negative and I wish you luck but you'll be banging your head on a brick wall I feel.


    Whilst I agree, it would be nice to see her consider the position from attending games in the stand.


    I'm of the opinion it enhances the enjoyment, and it'd be nice to know a board member at least understands in some way.

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