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  1. Why is there no "all of the above" option?
  2. Mendy is embarrassing playing anyone, against man city it would be a slaughter, it's a good job he's injured.
  3. If Ndid isn't back for Man City then that means we have Mendy in. Going to be embarrassing.
  4. Yep!! I remember him making the great save in the first half, he had even put the Number 1 shirt on. Hes everywhere!
  5. Also is it just me that really doesn't rate Traore? He's quick but end product is lacking (Sorry if he does something special)
  6. Shouldn't have been a second as the first was a class tackle. Mike Dean being the absolute cvnt we are used to.
  7. Barnes showing Vardy he's not happy with the pass back to him, is the boy growing in confidence? In the first few games he played he would never have done that!
  8. We need to sacrifice a defender and get Ihenacho on.
  9. For who? If he is Vardy place he will have the same service so still won't see the ball. If to go up top with vardy then yes I agree
  10. The fact they are focussing on him shows they fear him.
  11. Someone give chilwell a shout see if he wakes up!
  12. I haven't looked so please forgive my ignorance but if they are banned and make the top 4 does that mean the European spots move one place down the table?
  13. They do if VAR change the decision it happened a couple of weeks ago, a Pen was given and player booked, VAR said no contact, no pen and no card. Card was rescinded on the spot. Unless you mean after the game, then they can't no.
  14. I'm 98% excited 2% nervous or is it 98% nervous and 2% excited? I don't know anymore! To reach a cup final would be amazing come on boys let's have it.
  15. I think he has shown what he is capable of, and that is mainly the issue. He isn't good enough, the right wing is the position we desperately need to improve.
  16. With all these injuries, you know Jamie will be leading the England line when the competition comes around, he won't be able to turn down the chance to be the main man for his country. I would rather he didn't but can't see him saying no if asked.
  17. Love how he forgets to mention we are also above Man City.
  18. I don't think we were that bad. Just Villa defended really well, stayed compact and didn't give us space anywhere we could get a decent shot off.
  19. I don't hate Liverpool at all, I think they are a great side and should win the league easily. It's the bumming they get that I don't like.
  20. Won't happen but wouldn't it be magic if they lost all 3 to dodgy VAR calls!
  21. Seriously, how many decisions are given Liverpool's way and then not the opposite when the same thing happens. If I was a sceptical man id think some people had been paid off somewhere to ensure Liverpool don't lose this.
  22. Since Nigel Pearson went to Watford they have scored 8 goals in 4 games, just one short of the 9 goals in 17 games previous.
  23. Mcmanaman just said Liverpool look really fresh considering all the games they've played. I'm sure they've had more rest than most, just had to travel. I really should let the hate I have for the Liverpool bumming, go.
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