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  1. I can understand that, but it's the only chance I've got of any kind of cup final day since I was a teenager! I'm going to be going and making the most of it.
  2. Me and my brother go tickets. Buzzing, although know it won't be the normal match day buzz but it's live football and its the FA cup final. Oh and none of us have LE postcode so can drive, but still have to pay £30 to park at an approved Wembley car park.
  3. My dad isn't able to get a ticket, my brother and I can. We could stay home and watch with dad but he wouldn't have that. "This may be your only chance to see a FA cup final live so go and see it". I will be trying to get a ticket, and luckily I am not in a LE postcode so don't have to get a coach.
  4. That's never a red, I don't mind dropping points when I feel we'd have cheated out way to them. I will take the point and move on.
  5. I like the idea of the new format as it gives you something each day of a race day that has some excitement.
  6. 4 PTS ahead of 3rd? I'd have taken that at kick off
  7. Can I ask why next season and not this? Punish them now. Hard and swift. They didn't sign next season they signed this week.
  8. I don't understand the call for 20 point deductions for next year, this happened now, we need to hammer them now, point deductions and massive fines to be implemented immediately. Force them to not qualify for Europe this year which will also hit them in the wallets. Waiting just gives them the time to prepare for a season from -20. Man City would still be fighting for the title by Christmas if they have had time to prepare.
  9. This assumes the players want to play, and I'm going to guess that thier contracts are for registered competitions like the league, the cups etc. A player may be able to withdraw from the squad on contractual basis (I'm guessing here obviously), but would they with the pay packets they are going to get?
  10. If she is truly the one then she will be waving you off with a cheery smile wishing you good luck.
  11. When do we make the change to 442? 1 or 2 down? That being said, come on Leicester let's ****ing have it. The Final waits.
  12. My thinking too, the "big" clubs that are used to winning, will be in a league that they won't win. Meaning they will be lower half will not be what they want, but if they are getting Mega money the owners won't care, if Leicester had done this I genuinely think I'd give up on them and go to Northampton (this is head speaking mind you).
  13. So we've had just over a week of seeing people in the garden, is anyone else like me, and had enough? I've seen my family and the wife's family, I've had enough of them. You really forget how annoying people are.
  14. I can't see us having 2 more shots on Target let alone scoring 2.
  15. George foreman won the Rumble in the jungle because he threw more punches according to you right?
  16. 1 shot on target (when I posted) = **** all. Could hit the bar/post 100 times and none are goals.
  17. Ref needs to do his job properly. We have restricted them to F all, let them think it's coming, at 65 minutes we turn it on and go at them come away 2 nil winners. Perfect. Or keep them to nil and take the draw, I will be over the moon with either of these. I wouldn't have been too fussed with a loss until KDB got the no contact freekick. Now I want him injured and off and us to take all 3 points in the worst possible way.
  18. If you need lines to see if it's offside or not, go with the on field decision. Sort the Handball rule out and keep it the same in every game.
  19. I think alot of this comes down to match sharpness too. Being fit and being match fit are two different things. I moaned about the lad, since he has had a run in the team he looks like a different player, which is really good for us, just need to get him signed into a new deal. How different has he looked since he has played with a little confidence, amazing.
  20. Mine hates it if I leave anything laying around, a letter, a cap, a pen anything. She has taken to putting everything I leave out, into my coat pocket so I find it when I put my coat on, **** knows how bad it will get through the summer.
  21. Amazing what a little confidence can do to a player!
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