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  1. Still the only opposition goal I stood and applauded. What a goal it was.
  2. As expected. The hangover from Saturday, Chelsea will want to put right the "wrong" they felt.
  3. Got my jab today, Pfizer. No side effects so far.
  4. Didn't look like Bruno touched it, Cavani is offside. The goal shouldn't have stood but what a finish it was.
  5. People are right! You need to get there early to get a decent spot. Take a comfy chair and an umbrella! The guys I go with always get there at gates opening, they sit at Vale.
  6. He only says that because it wasn't given.
  7. If you do the maths, for them to reach 66 points and us stay on 66. We currently have a better Goal difference by 1 goal. For them to win 2 games their goal difference increases by at least 2. For us to stay on 66 we lose 2 games, atleast a GD of minus 2, that's a swing of four goals. I only said near impossible because this game is going on and I can't see West brom winning by 4 or 5.
  8. If Liverpool get to 66 points and we stay on 66 points it will be near impossible for us to have better goal difference, unless they get spanked 5/6 goals today
  9. Who bemoaned Robson-Kanu? Get in that man!
  10. A point would be enough for us to get Top 4.
  11. Will we get the chance to have our photos with it as we did with the PL trophy?
  12. Funny that, I don't consider them rivals either. Don't know why.
  13. Only because Kasper ran off to get him. What a V. Captain, what a team. What a day. My voice has gone. What a day. The noise made was immense for a group of 6k.
  14. I celebrated it like I celebrate a goal
  15. Asked Alexa to shuffle songs by queen (usual for me when doing the housework) and it started with "We are the champions" I have a feeling I'm going to be singing this more than once today!
  16. I do, but do you think we will? After the last couple of performances, do you think that those players will turn up and do over Man Utd?
  17. Do you think it will be any different? Can you see anything other than another appalling display? It's like they don't want CL.
  18. I can understand that, but it's the only chance I've got of any kind of cup final day since I was a teenager! I'm going to be going and making the most of it.
  19. Me and my brother go tickets. Buzzing, although know it won't be the normal match day buzz but it's live football and its the FA cup final. Oh and none of us have LE postcode so can drive, but still have to pay £30 to park at an approved Wembley car park.
  20. My dad isn't able to get a ticket, my brother and I can. We could stay home and watch with dad but he wouldn't have that. "This may be your only chance to see a FA cup final live so go and see it". I will be trying to get a ticket, and luckily I am not in a LE postcode so don't have to get a coach.
  21. That's never a red, I don't mind dropping points when I feel we'd have cheated out way to them. I will take the point and move on.
  22. I like the idea of the new format as it gives you something each day of a race day that has some excitement.
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