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  1. I don't care if he breaks the record or not, I have put 9+ because I don't believe we will keep winning so want to be prepared, I don't want to drop any points but the realist in me says we will be dropping points soon and I want to be mentally prepared.
  2. It won't be long until there is no Big 6. The money coming into all the other teams, allowing them to hold on to their players will create a tighter league. The sooner the better if you ask me. I think I may have said last year that the extra money would level the playing field and apart from Liverpool I think that's being shown. The media are always the last to catch on, it's going to take a while (or for a none traditional big club to win the league again) before they do. The sooner the better.
  3. My wife told me I'm going to have a heart attack one day watching Leicester. Be a good way to go celebrating a winner like that, pacing up and down while VAR looked at it. Then jumping around like we've won the league again.
  4. I'm just thankful the ref had the sense to let the play continue. Alot of times the whistle goes and that doesn't count
  5. I'm sure it's already been said but, if that's Mane or Salah that penalty doesn't get overturned.
  6. You missed Liverpool from Hodgsons list and Man United from Moyes.
  7. Not saying it's going to happen or I believe it will happen but if we do manage to beat them on Boxing day then we only need to better their results in 3 games to be on level points. They will drop points soon, they have been shaky a few times and got lucky. If (massive if) we continue to perform against the lower teams and keep winning then we could well be up in the mix towards after the Christmas break. Up the Foxes
  8. She/he is no different to any of the other Kardashians, game hungry and would gladly suck on a croc cock to get some air time/added fame.
  9. What happened to the rule that players being subbed off had to leave by the nearest side?
  10. For me if we are really wanting to catch Top we need the top to drop points so a Man C win would be great for us.
  11. This is how I feel, we are not looking to be the best of the rest, we are looking to be........ I won't go there, but wow we look good.
  12. I'm sure he is more than aware of the reasons for the congestion, he is just getting excuses in early incase they drop points and fail to win the league again.
  13. If true and the players want rid then it's 3 points to us.
  14. Mane finally booked! Only takes the guy 3 dives
  15. My only complaint is I was one shot on target from Vardy/Barnes from 1100 quid. Still won 300 off Vards header and Mads goal from outside area. What a result. First time in a long time I've sat back and enjoyed my beer while watching a game with no stress from the 15th minute
  16. If the equaliser had stood (I know ifs are shite but still), then we would have had to put up with the draw/loss as we have no attack with the amount of defensive minded players replacing attack minded players. Small moan when you think the 3 points put us 2nd for a while though.
  17. Could you imagine if this all Colleen, she blocks everyone from insta apart from RV and then screenshots who has seen each post and then let's the story slip herself to the Sun, just so she can make RV look silly? Don't ask me why, maybe she caught Wayne staring at Rebecca's arse or something.
  18. Worms/Slugs etc, where do they come from, has anyone ever asked the question "are these aliens?" We talk about looking for alien life forms, maybe they're already here and we just ignore them because they have been here for years.
  19. Oh I am, I'm not even going to bother trying to hide it.
  20. Would be good for Big Cag to crunch a Mane and get him out and Hamza to go through Salah again putting him out for a few weeks, which in turn means they lose a few games and lose the title. Cheating cūnts.
  21. I would think it was more along the lines of, if the Refs Mike picked up and broadcast everything said then it would broadcast the players screaming obscenities in the Refs face. You don't get this in rugby and I think that's part of it. I agree we should be able to hear what is being said, I can hear it now, "We've reviewed it, it looks like a dive bit you're at Anfield and if we don't give it it's going to be a draw, so it's a pen."
  22. Has a world cup winner ever been relegated? It would be amazing to see the Big Man U go down. I'm still pissed that Mane has got away with that shitty behaviour yesterday. We deserved the draw!
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