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  1. Sorry late to the thread, where's Fofana? Injured?
  2. I think the answer won't be known until we see transmission numbers, hospital numbers and death rates but early signs are promising.
  3. They can't force people to have it. That's why it's worded as it is.
  4. I was saying that Under could (and should) be decent. He just needs to realise it's a team game and use the rest of the team. He won't beat these teams on his own, once he starts to utilise his teammates for the one twos you want on the wing rather than trying to take on half of the opposition then he will get some starts. You need to take off your Cengiz tinted glasses and see he's being very greedy with the ball, as I said, maybe he feels he has to do this to show his capabilities, but it's just not what Brendan is trying to build. Maybe it should give him some idea as to why a
  5. I feel a slight relief when I see these numbers every day, for the last year it's all been doom and gloom, now we see things going in the right direction and can see light at the end of the tunnel. Knowing that there are large numbers of us that are struggling mentally, this personally really helps me. Thanks for sharing (I hate looking for things online as all you see is the bad news and seeing that doesn't help).
  6. Hopefully this will be a kick up the arse for the players, yes we have been doing well, yes we are in the top 4. No we can't turn up and win without putting the effort in. They will learn, they are still a young team, none of them will want a repeat of what happened last season. They will dust themselves off and come back stronger. I feel for Fulham because after today these players are going to be out to prove a point. We are where we are because we deserve to be.
  7. The thing that in my opinion MA has over Under is his team ethic. Marc always looks for a pass, head is always up and looking at his options, Under on the other hand is head down run at the player. He does this regardless of the situation and more often than not there is a better option to him, a simple pass. I think the reason for him doing this is he feels he has to perform at a extraordinary level to displace Marc and earn the position, but it's becoming his downfall. I hope he can learn to use the team as it looks like there is a decent player in there.
  8. Can we please now stop with the Title challenge talk? Focus on the next game and push for Europe again. Today shows why we won't be challenging for the title, too fragile with no Vardy or Ndidi. Let's put this result right against Fulham next week.
  9. Perez grew into that half and was unlucky not to score at the end. Given time in his position he will come good, he's just trying to hard at the minute to make an impression. One he relaxes he will start to score.
  10. Does football expert Mark Lawrenson ever predict a Leicester (team fighting it out at the top of the table) to win? I swear we could be up against Kettering under 12s and he would say something like.... Leicester are in a great vain of form and free scoring, but I feel that the blonde lad up top for Kettering will have too much for the Leicester defence, Kettering win 3-0. He's ****ing clueless.
  11. I don't understand the hate for commentators or pundits. If you don't like it don't don't listen, I tend not to bother listening to analysis as it's mostly agenda filled. I watch the game, make up my own mind and then turn off (interviews I get from here, as the good ones always get posted).
  12. Twice, The first I was about 18 and got caught driving with no insurance (took a mates pregnant Mrs to the hospital), got pulled, asked to provide paper within 7 days, went in to the police station and told them I had no insurance and was cautioned "anything you say can and will.....etc" "do you have anything to say? " Me after watching Roy Chubby brown says and yes I really said it "please don't hit me again officer" I was expecting a little laugh but no I got a dodgy look and she wrote down what I'd said. It was then I knew I'd ****ed up. Licence revoked and 600 quid fine plus co
  13. Don't quote me on it but during the Chelsea game they were talking about top Midfielders in the premier League that control games and the first name they said was Tielemans. He is getting noticed for the absolute class player he is. I hope we keep him for many years to come.
  14. Yeah, that's a good point actually, we took the game to them as you would expect the MU MC and Liv to. They properly parked the bus. Once we learn to nick goals against teams that do this we will become that top 4 team and stay there.
  15. The best thing about that is we didn't lose any ground on our top 4 contenders and actually closed the gap to Man Utd by a point (unexpectedly). Happy with a draw but F uck me we should have got a second In the second half. Vardy plays we win that, we so badly need someone that can come in and do half of what he does so we don't miss him as much as we do. Played some lovely football though so happy with that. Wilf could be a massive loss though, but Mendy did a job when he came on.
  16. Starting to get nervous now. There hasn't been many games in Lockdown I've been bothered about. Nice to get the feelings back.
  17. What happened that year? 😬
  18. Get this loan done ASAP, can you remember what happened the last time we loaned a player thats Mrs was getting knobbed by a teammate?
  19. Offer cash plus player (Nacho or Gray). I'd love to see Ings come in, as others have said, similar player to Vardy and younger. Split the playing time between them and see where we end up. He could be the player that gives us the lift to secure the top 4 place or even push us higher. Get it done.
  20. Same team that played at Chelsea with Perez coming in for Vardy. If we can win this and look as comfortable as we did against Chelsea I will really start believing we could go on to achieve something special this year.
  21. Done what was needed and got some much needed game time into some returning players legs. Decent.
  22. We really need a decent striker to come in soon. The difference between Vardy and the back ups is too big.
  23. No Iheanacho is no surprise to me. If Vardy is out, then Perez comes in and we need him to get some match sharpness to help him before Everton.
  24. I took the "because it's Leicester" to be a massive pisstake about the "experts" saying that in 2016.
  25. Or he's really pissed off the team by choosing to leave and they have no respect for him. Edit... Marc's thread. The guy is awesome, the bloke who I sit/sat next to at the KP was always complaining about MA, everything he did was wrong or not good enough. I'd love to get his opinion now.
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