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  1. The teams performances have gone through the roof since wilf got back in, allows Tielemans to play in the middle and Maddison plays higher up the field. I was against maddison playing with Tielemans because they nullified each other but with JM player higher up the field we are getting the best out of both of them and it's Ace to watch. BR doing the business.
  2. Probably me! I said the same about Joey Gudjonsens half way goal. Just great goal not ball haha
  3. I have in the past been dreaming and knew I was dreaming so could control the dream. I remember I was walking to my GFs house in the dream and thought why the **** am I walking, so just sat back and floated there in a lazy boy style seated position.
  4. Don't know if you're saying they will or won't be above us, but to clarify. 6 points behind, 2 games in hand with a better goal difference.
  5. Yep, realised and changed my comment about 5 seconds after posting it. Thanks
  6. I thought you could continue to work if you can't work from home, people like oven cleaners, carpet cleaners/fitters/trades people can continue to work. Makes no sense to me but these are the rules.
  7. If so well done to the lad, he can then be the one big sale of the season when he does go and we will make a shed load of money and buy and develop another undiscovered gem. Our recruitment has been that good I don't worry when we sell a very good player anymore.
  8. What the **** is that trophy all about? I can't work out if the big ball is a stand behind him and the trophy is just the bit in his hands with a Bull on top? Or is it all the same thing?
  9. If they are that's my bad. My apologies.
  10. The fact we have lockdown that isn't lockdown really bugs the fúck out of me. Lock down but you can go out and exercise everyday for 60 minutes, why?? All that does is gives people time to go and meet others, if you're going to impose lockdown put in a lockdown and do it properly (I know policing it would be impossible but still). I know this won't be a popular opinion but hey ho. Also, why are we prioritising the elderly when we should be prioritising the NHS staff, teachers and students, those that could potentially spread the virus quicker. I'd like to
  11. It's amazing to think that every manager that comes in drops him to the bench. His head doesn't drop and it's only a matter of time before you know he's going to be starting again. Cracking player that gives you what you want to see from every player, everything. Runs himself into the ground every game.
  12. Squeeky bum time at the end but held on for 3 points. Nice to be able to grind out a result. Barnes is turning into a cracking player and think he will quickly be starting for England. Today I think he tried too hard at times and should have passed rather than try to beat his man. It will be nice if we can get 3 or 4 wins in a row now to open up a bit of gap to those behind us.
  13. Ole getting his team into a title race is keeping Ole in his job. It might take some time but people are going to have to realise Man Utd are well and truly in this title race
  14. If we continue to improve year on year we will be in the title race next year (again). Maybe in 2 years we will be taken seriously as a title contender too. But I doubt it.
  15. More tongue in cheek. Covid and today's squad selection (horror). Injuries restricting us (despair). FYI Been a fan since the 90s.
  16. Started off full of hope, went to shit. New season started full of dread which quickly turned to hope then despair and horror. Overall ended this year how we ended 2019. Just hoping not to drop off next year like we did at the start of this year.
  17. 90/95% of those passes being backwards or sideways. Ndidi is just different class. As I said not alot wrong from him, I'd just much rather have Ndidi in there. The team flow better.
  18. Mendy didn't do anything wrong, but unfortunately when you have Ndidi waiting in the wings unless you are sensational,you are just going to look ordinary and for me that is how Mendy was, did a job but not someone I want to see there while we have Ndidi waiting. Starting 2 defensive midfielders was a step in the wrong direction, it was Palace away not Liverpool.
  19. That is just an insult to Barnes. 12 months ago we were saying how good Barnes was. Gray hasn't even been in the picture in that time.
  20. 2 DMs again. Should still be enough to get a result and we have the bench if needed. Not as confident as I was but we will see.
  21. It was the attempted foul for the reason for the pen if I remember correctly haha
  22. Because Kane is a player of one of the chosen teams. It is embarrassing when you look at it.
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