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  1. I honestly can't see why anyone would want to be Prime Minister at the moment in time, there is no way you can win, if you're a Leaver (Boris) you get all the remainers blocking you and telling you you are wrong, if you're a remained (May) you get the Leavers telling you you're wrong and blocking you. There is no way of coming out if it well. The First PM after Brexit, no matter what form it takes (if it happens), will be the biggest benifactor out of all of this as they can pick up the pieces and start to correct the wrongs that may happen. If a second referendum is called and Remain wins, the Leavers will be calling for a 3rd. The whole thing has been a shambles from the start.
  2. Islam Slimani? I thought we'd fvcked him off on loan?
  3. I read that as Liverpool didn't match Newcastle's buying bid not wage. May be wrong though.
  4. Hamza crunching Pogba is equally as mouthwatering.
  5. He wasn't very good first half but came alive in the 2nd, I lost count of the amount of under hit passes he made, but all came good in the 2nd half.
  6. If we win at OT then people may start looking at us a little differently this year. Let's go and show them that we are a genuine contender for the European places.
  7. We have Choudhury and Ndidi that can fill in at the back.
  8. First time I've seen that, that's never a pen. Someone falls over you next to you doesn't mean you get a pen or a foul for it.
  9. Can see Praet seeing off one of the regulars. The press and quick press was lovely to see.
  10. How bad was Coles head injury? Sounds like he was kicked in the head by the mountain from the game of thrones.
  11. Take back what I said about 2 DMs, can we have 2 more?
  12. Not a fan of the 2 DMs personally, not enough going forward
  13. Looks to me that having 2 defensive mids let's the full backs push on and they drop to cover, gives us alot more options going forward while still being solid at the back.
  14. I'm proper excited about this season, let hope we can crack on and get a convincing win to start us off. Looking at the OPs team, I would bring Albrighton in for Barnes. Looking at the squad we now have we should be challenging anyone with who ever starts on the wings, what a time to be a Leicester fan. With HM going I don't think we need to strengthen the CBs as we have replacements in line already, bank the money and see what's needed in Jan to help us push a bit harder for Europe.
  15. I have to disagree on the bold and brave call bit here. It was the smart choice, knowing how face Hamilton is on fresh tyres, he had second wrapped up anyway, pitting and telling him to go after Verstappen was only going to end one way.
  16. Our yellow walkers top, no clue what year it was, I remember picking my gf up from the airport in it after a long trip to Oz (we hadn't been together that long when she went) and it brings back some very good memories, that was 2001 and we've been married twice now. She moans at me about my love for Leicester, I just bring up the shirt I was wearing when I picked her up, that usually shuts her up.
  17. 4 year deal? Didn't someone say 5 year deal?
  18. Anyone recieved an email regarding their chance to book a season ticket? Waiting to hear, I'm not very hopeful but still....
  19. My daughter is a member and I'm a ST holder, when ever I get her tickets I relocate mine so we can sit together, I imagine the club would be willing to facilitate your brother and dad moving as long as there is seats together available. Just a pain for them as they won't be in their regular seat.
  20. Hardest? No, tightest, totally different things. Once you're Infront it's almost impossible to be passed, Lewis was told don't overtake the backmarkers Max can't get passed. That's not because max is a shit driver it's because it's a shit track.
  21. If every driver didn't want to win every race why are they in the sport? They all talk it up as it's Monaco, where half of them live and the money is.
  22. If it wasn't for the money I'm sure Monaco would have gone a long time ago, a procession for the rich and famous, not much racing happens in that race anymore. What was it 3 or 4 overtakes this year? (Not counting the first corner).
  23. Being honest, I think I may have said that Vardy should be dropped or moved on if Puel was to stay and try to bring in his style of football as it didn't suit Vardy, this was more a statement regarding Puel than Vardy. I believe if CP was still here Vardy would be looking for a move away.
  24. How much is Kane actually going to play? Not fully fit yet.
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