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  1. With so much access to retrospective footage etc, the authorities could quite easily do more! Making the decision to allow punishments to be handed down 'after the event' seems a 'no brainer' to me. Treat the guilty party as having committed the offence and There'll be an end to this bloody tomfoolery !
  2. Worthington

    Gray ??

    There's a decent player in Gray somewhere. Southgate obviously sees it ! The trouble is, his attitude seems to lead to him falling between two stools. Put him in the starting XI and he seems to gradually fade into the game and become less effective as the minutes pass by. Put him on the bench and you get one of two 'subs' coming on in the latter stages. 1): Makes an impact, improves things, occasionally 'swings' a game! 2): Smacked arse face ,,,,"Why am I only a sub?" Contributes little …. slagged on FT !
  3. Worthington


    Have always believed CP would get the best out of him !
  4. Worthington

    Non League Football 2018 - 19

    Good result for the 'Ville in the Cup … A draw at Buxton. So far, (fingers crossed), they're having a good season …. Hope they build on it!
  5. Worthington

    Nacho man assist appreciation thread

    Improving game by game. He'll turn out to be a really good signing !
  6. Worthington

    Macia to Villa

    Can't see him going TBH. West Ham would have been ideal for him, yet he showed a reluctance to leave. I'd reckon he's on decent £££ with a big 'say' in recruitment !
  7. Worthington


    Part of modern life I think Rob. Plod still frowns on it's use though !!
  8. Worthington

    Championship 2018-2019

    What awful news about Stephen Darby. Put's a lot of things in football in perspective !
  9. Worthington

    James injury injured

    We've had 15 games out of him in the last 3 seasons, and it would appear that we'd be more than fortunate were he to manage that many in the next 3. Simply cannot understand either the contract extension, nor the squad place. Debates regarding his past abilities are fairly pointless. He'll never reach those standards of fitness again after this lot !!
  10. Worthington

    Will Vardy’s Record be equaled or broken

    It will get broken yes! This season though, probably not! Van Nistelrooy's '10 in a row' had stood for 12 years before that, and I'd be thinking that, even though there are more 'quality' strikers in the PL now than there were a decade ago, JVs record will stand for a while yet! I reckon too, that when it DOES go, the player concerned will beat it the 'Ruud' way, (end of one season/start of next) ……. the '11 in a single season' could last for years and years !
  11. Worthington

    Non League Football 2018 - 19

    I see Gary Johnson has rocked up at Torquay …. Bit off an odd one that !
  12. Worthington

    Insomnia Thread

    Know that feeling only too well. Basically, I have a combination of drugs that is keeping me alive atm. One of those is a high dose steroid …. Great for the appetite, less so for snoozing lol ! I'd imagine my nightly sleep, this past 18 months, is around 3 hours!
  13. Worthington


    You'd be welcome …..quite common knowledge TBH, but yes I know why …. Worthington lol !
  14. Worthington


    Hi mate. I was press officer/prog editor for the last couple of seasons that the club was in existence. I've a good number of programmes you'd be welcome to. Give me a couple of days and I'll have a rummage round the shed to see what I can find. The only problem is that they'd need collecting. Ill health means I can't drive any more !
  15. Worthington

    When do you turn your Central Heating on?

    They haven't heard of gas round here so we have oil, (which runs quite cheaply). The cottage walls are about 18" thick too in the main bit. Spend October/November squirrelling away coal and use that for the majority of the rest of the winter ! As for 'when' ….. when it's cold !