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  1. Puel-come to the future

    I have to agree with this ... We've slotted in alternatives to these three who have all shown pleasingly improving form yet, the 'old guard' are slowly slithering back into the team at it's overall detriment. None of the three specifically mentioned will be of PL standard next season, (if, indeed, they are now). ... Yet it seems that CP is of the belief that they should be persevered with .... ! We need to cut off the sentimental roots with 2016, be ruthless, get rid of the 'rusting' players and look to progress !
  2. Stoke (H) Match Thread

    Wild !! Yet again the bench cost more than the starting XI !!
  3. EFL, LCFC and FFP

    Don't give a flying f**k about what fans of little teams think..... £3.1m for the everlasting kudos of winning the PL and the experience of CL football ?? No brainer, absolute bloody bargain !!
  4. Championship 2017/18

    Apparently Bolton charging the Sunderland fans £32 for admission tonight .... (price increase due to an expected 'high number' of visiting fans) ... shameful if true !
  5. Pyeongchang 2018 - Winter Olympics

    Six Olympic medal attempts so far and she's crashed, fallen or been thrown out each time. Now promising to be back in 2022 ..... Going for nine out of nine no doubt !
  6. FA Cup 2018

    As I've said on another thread....I really, REALLY, would like to see us win the FA Cup this season....50 years of disappointment, (and little chance of seeing year 51). Really can see us beating Chelsea then, a lucly draw, (Wigan Southampton), in the SF and........well, you never know !!
  7. FA Cup 2018

    Interesting in the extreme! A win her for Wigan would mean they or Southampton will be in he draw for the S/F. Obviously the FA will want their 'pet' Spurs outfit to face them but, if the draw goes wrong ......... !!!!
  8. Chelsea fa cup quarterfinals

    No you aren't .... I , for one, think that this is entirely winnable ! The interesting thing though is that, having had a quick scan round Chelsea's forums, their fans are far from happy with this draw !
  9. LCFC Women

    And me.... I think I can spread a little light on things here! Leicester United were indeed a mens team and evolved from Enderby Town. The 'Leicester United' name was adopted in the early '80s when other Southern League fans were said not to know where Enderby was .... Also in readiness for the club defecting to Blaby. After Leicester United folded in 1996 their stadium remained intact for some years. During that time it became 'home' to Leicester City Ladies I believe that LCL were never officially 'linked' with LCFC, whereas 'Leicester City Women' are !
  10. The Car thread

    The one we've just committed to is a late 2009 ...(last month of production). It's done 62k with one owner. Tyres come in at around £150 a pair and we had new brakes all round, (discs too) for under £300 on the previous car. Not dealt with an exhaust yet, but apparently even SS ones aren't bankrupting ! Things like flywheel are expensive, but shouldn't come into play until the mileage gets high! It's a 'dirty diesel' true, (so not a Jaguar 'purist's dream), but the tax cuts in at £150 pa, which is good .... We did look at an XF, (same vintage, slightly more £££), but the running costs for that were a hell of a lot higher!
  11. The Car thread

    "Cheapskate" maybe ....but with insurance at £185 per year for two of us , (fully comp), I'm happy to be labelled as that for the privilege of owning a Jag !
  12. The Car thread

    No, they absolutely won't!! But a quick 'thrash' up and down the M69/A42/A46, depending on where you're based, once every 250-300m will suffice just fine !
  13. The Car thread

    Us too Izzy... Have had 3 x-types, (well, 'other half's' cars actually), and have gone for another...One of the very last made! Like you say, you can't go wrong...Like driving a well equipped sofa, yet remarkably cheap to run and maintain.. We considered an XF, but the x-type suited our needs better ! I'd recommend Jags to anyone !
  14. As an aside to that ..... I had a similar occurrence in the Holiday Inn in Leicester in the 80s ..... Bumped into Billy Connolly in the bar there and got his autograph .... Like you the only paper I had was ££££, (a quid note), so got him to sign that.....Said to him that it was a good job I wasn't an Aberdonian, else I'd have got him to engrave a coin....That made him chuckle.....claim to fame for me at the time !!
  15. Him and 'Wells' were, IMHO, the best two players ever to don the blue shirt ...... The fact they were in the same team is ridiculous !!!!