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  1. Decent morning so far, clattering along at more than a run a minute. Another hundred or so would be excellent, would give a great chance of putting this one to bed !
  2. No ta!! Went backwards last season, for whatever reason, and unlikely to improve further. Personally think 2015-16 was his 'peak' when everything seemed to fall into place for him. Compliment the squad?...possibly. Improve it?? ....No !!
  3. FFS! Another pointless trip, halfway round the world. Did not the negative effect of last summer's shenanigans sound a warning bell somewhere in the hierarchy??
  4. I think there's a bit of a misquote going on here! It's a ridiculous statement that 'all new managers' rarely do well.... There is statistical evidence though to suggest that, overall, managers promoted from the backroom usually have a decent 'bounce' effect early on, but rarely succeed in the long term. Not like the good old 'Liverpool bootroom' production line!
  5. Delph??
  6. Well, can't face Sarries again this term....Thanks Exeter !
  7. Tigers going in as massive underdogs.. Wosps have been near invincible at home, whilst Leicester, as per, are 'injury ravaged'.... Would LOVE to see Tigers turn over The Franchise, just don't think they'll have enough!
  8. Some night for Amiens yesterday... Finally reach L1 after a century plus of waiting. Looks totally out of the race a month back, but won 6 'on the bounce' to end the season and finally secured promotion by scoring a last kick winner at Reims last night. That one goal took them up from 6th to 2nd, (and promotion), in an instant!! Good too to see Strasbourg back in the top flight after a troubled decade. A traditionally well supported club who'll potentially add something to L1, provided they build sensibly for it !
  9. 'Lovely little club' is the polar opposite to what I experienced on 2 or 3 trips there! Spot on... The 'social' club too needs an 'un' prefix too !
  10. Agreed, state of things though means that £20m is fast being regarded as 'average' sort of fee. I'd expect Cairney and Wimmer to cost £30m or so between them! Honestly think our 'record fee paid' will rise, perhaps twice, during the summer!
  11. Yeah, this has been sorted for a while I believe. Not 100% convinced he was 'our style' of player anyhow !
  12. I'd be happy to see Cairney here. Not a superstar name, but hardworking, consistent and versatile. He'd add to the squad no doubt and, I'd be willing to bet, part of the starting XI as often as not by the latter part of the season. Him, Wimmer and Ruddy, three good additions for the squad without, I'd imagine, eye watering fees. Then start looking at the 'luxury' toys to blitz the ££££££s on !
  13. No brainer surely ! There seems to be virtually unanimous support from within the dressing room and results under his management speak for themselves. Why risk 'rocking the boat' by appointing from outside when the obvious leading candidate is already in the room?? Don't go with this 'players not signing for lesser known managers' mullarkey. Was probably true in the days of 'character' bosses and before agents ruled the world....Not so now. Players, domestic and foreign, will go where the money is.... We're not a 'shy' club in that respect and our profile is still at an all time high.... Doubt there are more than a handful who would have signed for CR, but wouldn't for CS purely due to him being a 'lesser' name!
  14. Kevin Wimmer. Not getting much game time at Spurs, would imagine they'd sell and he'd be open to a move. Cheaper than Keane/Gibson and still only young !
  15. Not the finished article yet,, by any means, but making a 'fist' of things so far this season... Hope we can turn the clock back 6 years or so I the 20/20 !