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  1. Vardy in the jungle

    I wonder who the unlucky one will be who has to devour the louse Wise in the eating contests! Was hoping RV would do well for Jamie's sake..Now she's paired with the poison scumbag though...I'm a bit torn ! Serious question....When these 'celebs' get voted out, they're usually met at the end of the wobbly bridge by their 'other half'....Does that mean JV's gonna have a 20k + round trip by air between games in the next 2-3 weeks?
  2. Don't wish to criticise the 'God' that is MON but, Ireland tonight were poor in all departments. Seemed to me that their tactics played right into Denmark's hands. Losing by the odd goal, they'd have had some justification in playing the 'unlucky' card...1-5 though tells a different story !
  3. 2018 Russia World Cup Qualifying

    You just know we're going to draw Portugal, Egypt and Australia.... 3 boring draws and an early flight back !
  4. Pitchfork

    Yeah Wymeswold...I know he's in Bristol ATM, but as I said, he's expressed a wish to return at some point. Half of me wants the authorities to uphold that ban.....The other half though wants him to return at some point...So natural retribution can take it's course!
  5. Pitchfork

    Very close to release apparently! For those of us of a 'certain age'...and personally, as a resident of Enderby at that time...The view persists that this absolute waste of space should NEVER have been given the opportunity of release. He's said in the past that he'd like to return to the Enderby/Narborough area and 'resume' his life.... Here's hoping he does, 'cos there's enough thereabouts that would be happy to 'disappear' him without too much regret !
  6. 2018 Russia World Cup Qualifying

    Our failure to reach the '74 finals was a bloody travesty... shot down in flames ... didn't deserve to progress, yet the arrogance of both the England fans AND the press at the time was breathtaking! ... How DARE the 'lucky' Poles spoil our hopes ??
  7. League 1 & League 2 thread 2017/2018

    Bit of a crackers over-reaction if you ask me! Yes, bloke has an unfortunate/comical, (POV), name, given Blackpool's recent history, but it's hardly likely to affect his performance as a 'ref' !
  8. Agree Murphy... we were never a good 'fit' to be part of a united Europe and never will be!
  9. Vardy - this is cool right?

    Assuming that Kane goes to Russia, (and if he doesn't, he'll take the ball home and tell his dad)....that'll leave 2-3 'striker' spots in the squad....and if JV doesn't rate higher in Southgate's esteem than the likes of Rashford, Abraham or, for the love of god, the dinosaur Defoe, then I bloody give up !
  10. Championship 2017/18

    I reckon you'll crack it this season Bear. Really like the look of your squad compared to the rest of the Championship! PL?? Who knows...?? Decent investment in the right players and I'm sure you'll do fine!
  11. Football Manager 2018

    I've taken on Chesterfield. Thought they'd be a real 'basket case', but not so. They've some good youth talent. I've promoted 3 to my regular 1st team squad and gone with a mix of kids & veterans. 20 games in am 4th with 36pts .... O'Grady is equal top scorer in the division with 12.. Jak McCourt has an average rating of 8.23, best in the league !
  12. European Football 17/18

    Lyon have just done a job on 'les Verts'... Think they've got the 'bragging rights' for a month or three !
  13. European Football 17/18

  14. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    12 minutes added time at Goodison....Is that a record ??