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  1. Where do think we will finish after 6 games?

    Well after 6 games I believe we'll finish 17th...Because we did ! After 38 ?? Really don't know but, with our non-existent MF, a still porous defence and the 'manager's truly bizarre views on what makes a good 'tactical' substitution, I'd say......17th at best !
  2. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    You certain?? The only statement from FIFA that I've seen says they were still awaiting an official appeal. There's been the square root of f-all, (as per), from the club on an official basis and the BBC's updates suggest that there's nothing concrete in place !
  3. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    We haven't actually launched an appeal yet .... Just saying !!
  4. Non League Football 2017-18

    Yes...nice to see Barwell below Coalville....Just need to beat them in the league now !! Went to Workington years ago, with the then Leicester United. Was in the supposedly 'regionalised' FA Trophy! Long trip, but the bit through the lakes is fairly spectacular! We drew there and they had to travel down for a midweek replay !! Suffice to say they arrived short of players and ended up with a coach playing and no 'subs' !
  5. Who do you want for Right back

    this 'shite' Danny Simpson ....??? Is that the same Danny Simpson who contributed so admirably to our title win?? The same danny Simpson who, according to neutrals, has been one of the most consistent PL players over the last 3 seasons ?? Have a rest chap ....we're lucky to have a player that good! I myself did advocate a move for Calum Chambers in the 'window' but, purely for his strength as a CB and his general versatility as a defender. Wouldn't think or expect that he'd oust Simpson !
  6. Sports quiz

    Excellent ... Loved it ! Could you do one once a month or so ??
  7. Sports quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 116 seconds  
  8. Non League Football 2017-18

    It was one of the coaches that left .... Happily, Tommy Brookbanks is still in charge. There's been a good old 'switch round' in players and they seem to have found a good mix! Seem to be playing with confidence at the minute .................... Long may it continue !
  9. Do we need to consider replacing Maguire?

    Absolutely....because our midfield, again, isn't strong enough.. We can score goals, but our defending is simply not going to survive under constant pressure from decent attacking teams. We need a strong, supportive, (both ends), midfield and what we're going with at the minute isn't cutting the mustard. If Shakey is determined to go with a 2 man CM then Iborra has to be in there!
  10. Non League Football 2017-18

    Coalville 'flying' after a stuttering start to the season ! 'The Ravens' now up to 2nd in The Evo Stik Northern Premier. Close on the heels of Shaw Lane !
  11. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    I believe it's a requirement of the FA.. Not sure about FIFA !
  12. The OH Leuven Thread

    Well..he'll certainly ruffle some ostrich feathers! Seriously, if he can adapt, which I'm pretty sure he will, then I can see him being a great success in Belgium. Remember when he started here, back in 2008! He stated his first priority, with regards to team rebuilding, would be to sort out the defence. Signed Morrison and Hobbs and off we went! Would think he'll do the same at Leuven, stop the boat rocking first, then press forward ! Can honestly see promotion for them next season...Maybe even this one !
  13. Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    McKay leaving then, and won't play in the final games! Carberry signing ??? Cannot see, for the life of me, why ... !
  14. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    That's how I understand things ! Be interesting to know just what that 'last page' contains. If it's anything significant, like players / officials signature, then I'd imagine FIFA will stand firm. Anything more trivial and I'd expect them to wave us through .... reluctantly and with a stern rebuke !
  15. The Car thread

    Funnily enough ....20 mins on the phone with the AA, (usual insurer), and £226 magically became £177...Which I'm content with !