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  1. Sloppy start this morning, undid a lot of yesterday evening's work. Need to up the run rate pretty quickly !
  2. Controversial perhaps, and unlikely but, if we're looking for a 'squad' striker, and Leeds fail to come up, then how about Chris Wood ?? That aside, when I've seen him play for Fulham Tom Cairney looks like a player 'on the up'. Would cost a bit true, but he's a little different to what we have!
  3. Sounds like an entertaining morning. 145 scored. Now let's hope the attack can get an early breakthrough !
  4. Tail has wagged!!! Even Shreck's having a go....400 up!
  5. I'm afraid, whatever he says or thinks, he could NEVER be a bigger moron than I think he is!
  6. I always found it odd that Stockport, of all places, had a football team whose name alluded to fresh air and open spaces !
  7. Remember us losing to Everton in the FAC, 1968. Alan Ball and Jimmy Husband totally overran our defence down one side. They were a class above us that day !
  8. Remember that WBA game well. They absolutely ran riot that day and you could do nothing but watch in awe. There was a thread on a 'Baggies' forum, a couple of years back, that suggested that was their best ever 90 mins !
  9. I'd be happy with Wimmer. Put in some excellent performances for Cologne when he was there. Him and possibly one of Gibson/Maguire and we'd be set up for the future at CB!
  10. Got as far as Barca and Bayern and went out by the odd goal, which is better than either of them! Yes, we lost 3 of our 10 games....so did Barcelona, (Bayern were beaten in 4) ! Ruin the co-efficient ???? Doubt it very much !
  11. I'm with you on the Mahrez point. It's in his 'locker' to undo any defence but again, sadly, seemed to be playing well within himself last night. I have to say though that I thought Atletico were superb in closing down. Their midfield made it so difficult for our creative players. Second half, long balls etc, by-passed them to an extent, and they took time to adjust to dealing with it. Godin though...My life !
  12. The crux point of the matter, which some on here seem to have missed. I sometimes wonder ..... Is there a minority that would rather find shortcomings in our players than praise the opposition.
  13. Totally agree, though I think this is true of older members of 'the electorate' too! When I vote I take two things into consideration... 1): Which of my LOCAL candidates would I prefer/trust to approach with any issue I might have. ( Don't give a flying fook about who 'resides' in No10..they don't represent me)! 2): On a general note, during my life, have I been wealthier and more secure under a Conservative government or a Labour one? Don't listen to any pre-election rhetoric, nor take notice of manifesto 'promises and oaths'! Too many vote on a 'general' scale, believing that 'their' vote is a direct influence on who ends up as PM.!
  14. Out yes, but you have to applaud that 2nd half performance. I doubt ANY team in Europe has 'gone for them' like that in years! 120% proud of them tonight !
  15. Have to applaud his post match reactions. The guy, love him or hate him. is a winner. Recognised that his side had been in a real scrap!