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  1. No offence taken, as was none intended! Mind you....perhaps shouldn't be putting claptrap like THIS in a transfer thread !
  2. It is about Smalling. I was just adding an opinion to the context of why/when we might need to sign further defensive options! IMO, he'd be a good signing, but I ain't CS, so I don't know what the club's plans are. Not writing off Morgan/Huth either....But both have been 'bombproof' for a while, so when the odd injury does start to creep in, it's a concern. Particularly as 'over 30s' can find 'niggles' don't shake off so easily.....I should know !
  3. Not sure Morgan & Huth have suddenly reached the end of their respective PL careers, but there is beginning to be a whispering doubt about the long term fitness of both! Huth is out for apparently 6-8 weeks, fine...these things happen. Morgan though worries me. He seems to take a while to shake off and this 'back problem' he's reported to have is a concern. I just wonder if nigh on 3 years of continual football has finally crept upon him! There is no guarantee that, at some point, both won't be unavailable at the same time ! With that as a possible scenario I certainly wouldn't be confident of going into the season as we are. I'd rather we signed another CB now...If we wait for January, we might end up with another Wague!
  4. If he does stay, and he's serious about moving onwards and upwards, then we SHOULD get to see a deal of Mahrez magic this side of January! Mind you, if that doesn't get him his 'dream' transfer, we could have a right little sulker from then 'til May !
  5. So, we have PSG apparently willing to pay a shite shy of £200m to sign Neymar. Real M apparently considering shelling out the north side of £100m on a kid who probably still hasn't started shaving properly. Man City blowing over £100m on two fairly decent Full Backs, (then covering their options by spending a further £30m + on a 'cover' player for those two)... Oh, and yes, Swansea's chairman valuing Llorente, (that's LLORENTE), in excess of £30m... The World, certainly the football one, has gone bloody mad! So who's to blame ?? Is it a gradual process that we haven't noticed happening? Is it a spin-off of the China revolution, where the Pelles, Ighalos and Demba Bas of the game are astronomically overrated and overpaid? Is it a BREXIT thing, or just down to Sky again?? Personally, I'm blaming Mourinho! Why shouldn't I, I'm not too keen on the bloke by any account, but, in my opinion, it's all down to him! Why?? Because he, and he alone, decided that just shy of NINETY MILLION QUID was a fair price to pay for the enigma which is Pogba, you know, the one that occasionally morphs into a sort of footballer! Suddenly everyone else had a benchmark to work too..... Happily most have remained reserved, and not used the 'Duckworth Pogba' method of calculating their respective players values. Bloody good job or we'd see teams lashing out nine figure fees for the likes of Eric Dier and Jordan (England Captain once) Henderson!
  6. In your camp with this one! Sigurdsson is dead ball effective and can pick a pass to perfection but, in no way, can he be considered a 'flair' player. Loys on here want him as our 'Number 10', which is fine, only we don't play with such a role in our usual tactic! Ziyech I don't know too much about, but Boudebouz I've seen on a few occasions, (TV), and he certainly does have something about his game that would suit our style. Ideally we could keep Riyad and add him, giving us an extra option. Doubt it will happen, but hey, we can all dream !
  7. Back with another two penneth! Personal opinion of course, but I'll summarise what I said earlier in this thread and in others. Slimani is the 2nd best striker we have. I see sentimental thoughts of recent successes as the only real reason anyone can rate Ulloa/Okazaki more highly. He, (Slimani), came here in far from perfect circumstances, which weren't of his own making.............Our record signing, (by some way), coming to a club supporters: A), Were still on a 'high' from the events of the previous season, and B); Had seen their 'heroes' make a stuttering start to their titular defence! He had a weight of expectation on his shoulders from day one, (as indeed do all high fee strikers). Fans naturally, (though unrealistically), expect 'their' new forward to score virtually from 'day one'. I also felt, at the time he signed that, much like Musa, amongst the intrigue, there was a degree of hostility around towards the 'new boy' from certain supporters..... Again, I'd guess this was to do with loyal and fond thoughts of the title winning squad. "Don't want to see Leo/Shinji pushed out" ! Combine that with being thrust into a tactical system that he wasn't used to,and that was tailored to suit his strike partner. In the circumstances I think he did well, particularly in certain games. Certainly Burnley's defenders got an early view of what he's capable of, as did others during the season!! Yes he sometimes appears limited, loses the ball with his first touch, probably too often, (but we've had plenty of strikers do that, as have all other teams). I don't understand the 'lazy' argument at all. He's languid true, but works hard for the team. He's not a bundle of energy like Shinji, but he's intelligent and occupies defenders. I've said before, and will reiterate. Play to his strengths and, much like Andy Carroll, he can be highly effective. Sadly, he'll probably always be our 'Plan B', as Vardy seems guaranteed to be 'Plan A'. But I still believe he's an effective 'weapon' for us, our current 2nd best striker with the potential of being number one! BTW, even when Icheanacho finally arrives, I'd still consider that to be the case!
  8. Dilemma Col. He's good, predatory forward... the trouble is, he doesn't seem to be able to adapt to our method of play. He struggles to feed off the kind of service the team provides to Vardy. As you say, at the right club, with aerial crosses coming in, he'd bag a hatful. There are times I wonder if we sometimes suffer from a bit of tunnel vision, concentrating on playing tactics 'perfect' for JV. I know he can be devastating ..... but there's some matches where he's not 100% 'on the boil' and we just keep plugging away with 'Plan A'. Changing things, (a la Atletico), shows that we do have an effective 2nd tactic ........Totally 'kitchen sink' ! Might not be pretty but Slim would probably thrive on it !
  9. Knew we made a mistake letting Chambers go !
  10. Yeah... Think so ! Kevin Pietersen, Johanna Konta, John Barnes, Froome.... all 100% Brit !!
  11. Coatsworth haha! Would have run through more than a brick wall. Little seemed to sign a succession of 'units' Trotter, Fitzpatrick, Blake, Ward, (x2), Coatsworth etc... Not a deal of talent, but the tactics worked OK ! looking back he, of course, brought in Steve Thompson...another player who could 'bite'!
  12. Denied their end ! Would take an awful lot of hub-cap nicking to raise that much !
  13. Mbodj seems an odd one! We were reportedly all over him in January and he was hinting at coming here in the summer. Yet there seems to have been no mention since. Makes me wonder if Claudio was keen but Craig ain't !!
  14. Over the years, we've had our fair share of players who've 'let the opposition know' that they were playing! Personally remember Bobby Roberts and 'The Doog' from my early days and we've also had the likes of Bob Hazell, Walshie, Andy Feeley etc. Just wondered who might be your particular favourite ! For me, it's a double act. Bobby Kellard and Willie Carlin. Both were little fellas, Kellard was about 5'7", Carlin quite a bit smaller, (looked like a few pipe cleaners knotted together). For one season though, (70-71), they were the 'Bremner & Giles' of Division Two. Absolutely instrumental in us winning promotion that season. Sadly, both were 'let go' early the next term! It was said, quite often, that the only reason the 'Bloomfield years' didn't see a trophy won were that we didn't have a true 'biter' in the team. I remember JB did try to sign Orient's Peter Allen and Paul Went from Charlton. Neither of them were 'shrinking violets' but, sadly, neither bid came to 'owt !
  15. Hoping Poulter can feature in the finish. Would like to see him win the thing, but sadly don't think he will. If McIlroy can have another decent day, I reckon he could be breathing down Speith's collar tomorrow !