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  1. Worthington

    Car insurance question

    Yes she'll be insured, from the given time hh/mm/ss agreed for the start date of the policy..
  2. Worthington

    Ricardo Pereira

    Be interesting to say the least .... Like Roberto Carlos with afterburners ! Not sure if he actually defends though !
  3. Worthington


    Player wanting £15.6m in wages....agent another £4m....I'd consider 'swerving' this one. Do rate Evans' defensive capabilities, but his behaviour in Spain rings a warning bell regarding his professionalism and he's been a very integral part of a shamefully poor defence last season. Better, younger options out there... (we've even had one of them as a fringe player here for the past season) !
  4. Worthington

    Jack Wilshere

    No....not suggesting we're not a big enough club, but he's known to be one of 'those' of the mindset that the civilised world ends North of Hertfordshire! I have a hunch that he'd be happier staying in the GL area... Hammers/Palace maybe.
  5. Worthington

    Jack Wilshere

    He won't come to us, but .... I'd be happy to see him here, especially as he's so 'miffed' about being discarded by Southgate and has a point to prove. Also, the 'sicknote' tag is a bit misleading. His major injuries have been fractures, which aren't down to wear and tear or weakness of the body. If he'd a catalogue of 'hammies' or ligament damage, I'd be far more concerned !
  6. Worthington

    One player from each relegated club

    Campbell, Ki Sung and Burke!
  7. Brilliant news for her family... 'C' never goes away of course, but with regular check-ups she'll be able to keep on top of it. Reckon I might guess at the 'alternative treatment' ..... probably the one that the doctors, if questioned, will admit seems to work wonders but which, due to the law, they're not allowed to openly recommend !
  8. Worthington

    Allardyce gone - Shaky, Walsh and NP available?

    Somewhere else yes... Here, no thanks!! You don't progress by walking backwards !
  9. Worthington

    Alassane Pléa

    Yeah, decent ! Tends to play as a wide CF if that makes sense. My only worry would be, like Swan, I'm not sure if he's quick thinking enough for the PL !
  10. Worthington

    What gigs are you going?

    Stones at the 'Rickety' in 3 weeks time ... Missed them in the 70s and regretted it for years. Good lady is treating me to this. One item ticked off on the 'bucket list'!
  11. Worthington

    Championship 2017/18

    BBC East Midlands still laud them as the area's 'biggest' team. I can only guess that one or more of the producers is a Tree !
  12. Worthington

    Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    Need calm cool heads here ... Still plenty in the tank and enough overs not to have to rush. Carberry needs to show his worth !
  13. Worthington

    Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    Carberry's dropped a bollock here methinks ....We're looking weary and increasingly frustrated. Wouldn't be surprise if Durham top 350 this time round !
  14. Worthington

    Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    You'd think we ought to manage a first innings lead here!
  15. Worthington

    Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    Yes I know it's early days, but we have started the season looking a very competent batting outfit. I just hope that we don't, again, suffer from being unable to bowl out the opposition when it's needed! Still concerned that we're a good bowler short !