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  1. Yes it’s probably worthwhile for fans of Norwich, Newcastle and Sheffield Utd, it will just be a pub quiz question in 20 years time, winning this years FA cup for us would be the equivalent of having a red hot girlfriend that you can’t do owt with.
  2. Seriously don’t see the point, I get playing the league as it’s about next season...champions league, relegation etc but for me the FA Cup is all about the moment and the fans, if we won it I would just feel gutted that I wasn’t there.
  3. A message, missed call and a voicemail......wish I was that poplar
  4. For me we to complete the league as it’s about the future but the FA cup seems pointless without the fans.
  5. It will be really interesting to see who plays better than normal, I was listening to Gary Neville talking about how some players looked unbelievable in training but couldn't perform to the same level in front of a crowd.
  6. I remember this And then people who arrived at 7am the next morning were in the mercury moaning 😂
  7. I don’t mind, I got my PB on strava through Seagrave!
  8. I was cycling past, decided to stop and take a photo and the guy on the gate started walking towards me and shouting “No Photos” I don’t know what the rules are regarding taking a photo from the public highway, I’m not sure if he was going to confiscate my phone or make a citizens arrest but I just panicked and rode off 😂😂
  9. I think your right, this thing about him being sulky is purely based on appearance, on the few occasions I’ve spoken to him and got him to sign something for my nephew he was very pleasant and accommodating, in fact the only player who completely ignored us was Kasper, obviously that opinion is based on 2-3 short times of speaking to a player but I would imagine most people who say he is sulky have never even met him.
  10. The whole thing is bit boring really, Questions and answers were generic.
  11. Another problem could be travel restrictions, I'm not sure how many players have gone home but Fuchs is definitely in America.
  12. You know what Geoff, I’ve read your twitter and your comments on here and I think it annoys you that people don’t care enough to go out and clap for Boris and you’ve reacted by shooting people down and highlighting the horrible comments, I think the majority of people think he’s done a decent job, a little slow to react at the beginning but overall he has done what we expect from a leader, most people will highlight how the Tories have underfunded the NHS and now he needs it more than ever so a lot people will use that and but most people would rather save the clap for NHS staff.
  13. Silent where I live, which I was glad about, I think it’s nice just to keep it for NHS staff.
  14. Would be great to see all the clubs furloughing staff be given a transfer ban, if you can’t afford wages then you can’t afford transfer fees.
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