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  1. Makes you wonder if this is all smoke and mirrors, 14 clubs were never going to vote for this in the first place.
  2. Can't wait for Riccardo on the right and castagne on the left
  3. As much as I can stand Grealish he has more about him than Mount
  4. Are Arsenal really considered one of the big 6, just had to sack a dinosaur mascot to sign a player
  5. premier League football clubs are so out of touch, Arsenal making 55 redundancies and then signing players for £45 million and now clubs voting through PPV on top of a monthly subscription, I'm going to watch non league this season, have a beer and a bit of banter and no VAR, got to say too, really proud that LCFC voted against the proposals
  6. You can see in the run of games since Ricardo's injury that defensively JJ has improved 10 fold, at times he gets caught out but his pace gets him out of trouble but going forward he's too frustrating to watch, his crossing is wasteful and as for his first touch, I counted 4 times today he couldn't control the ball on the touchline and the ball went out for a throwing, schoolboy stuff really
  7. For a team that stayed in the league by a thread, villa are looking more than comfortable this season, they have had a good transfer window, got a solid spine to the team now
  8. James Justin is too frustrating to watch, his Athleticism is impressive, his positional play has improved with each game but his first touch and distribution is awful at times
  9. What's the betting the ball hits a man city player on the arm and nothing?
  10. As someone who didn't want VAR in the first place I do enjoy the drama of it all when it's not your team involved, can't help but feel towards the managers you got what you asked for too
  11. Personally I would of preferred him to stick with the team that beat Burnley , I think Brendan wants to play 3 at the back and wants the club to spend the money on a CB, the chances are we going to concede a few and Amartey looks out his depth, no one expects us to get owt so just highlights the lack of strength in depth
  12. Ok Brendan you've made your point, you need a another defender
  13. VAR does add drama, premier League football is better on TV but in the stadium itself it has took something away.
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