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  1. Please get rid of the international break
  2. Seems strange, would have thought it would make it harder to police but will be a great advantage for us I think.
  3. Don’t know if I have this right but the other stand Burton will gives us is opposite the visiting terrace, will be strange to have both stands behind the goal.
  4. Someone needs to put a boot up his arse when he's taking a corner, other than that, great player.
  5. Sky/BT Sports/Amazon Prime throw in your internet and TV License you can see why people stream it I was listening to Simon Jordon on Talksport and he believes that eventually the premier league will have their own viewing platform that you subscribe a bit like Netflix
  6. The phantom penalty when it clearly hit Morgan in the face and the other goal was a penalty for handball too, smashed at Danny Simpson from a yard, i remember googling the referee Mike Jones that day only to find he was from Chester, that don't seem right to me at the time.
  7. This comment is the equivalent of click bait, clown
  8. Boring, I get Sky are going for the viewing figures but a potential cup upset is always more exciting to watch
  9. because the game now has the safety net of VAR I can see more technical rules being introduced
  10. With regards to the new rule, any idea a handball in the build up can be used to disallowed a goal eg is just the player either scoring or assisting, or can it be used in the build up a lot earlier
  11. It seems to be a misconception about him, on the few occasions I’ve been autographed hunting with my nephew I thought out of all the players maybe 2nd to Fuchs he was the most pleasant to talk to
  12. I think if you are involved in football at some level you want precision, the margins are so fine everyone wants the correct decision but as a spectator I think we have lost something, football is such a simple game that flows and so easy to watch, the game is becoming so complex it will be easier to follow it on TV as opposed to being in the stadium plus celebrating a goal will never be the same again, you can make the game too clean.
  13. Completely agree, people within football want everything to be so precise but to the average supporter the beauty of football is that's it fast and flowing and I don't thing you will be able to celebrate a goal until it stands now
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