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  1. Them losing VVD would be the same as us losing Vardy
  2. Liverpools league fixtures between now and the end of Jan Watford H Leicester A Wolves H Sheff U H Tottenham A Man U H Wolves A plus the club world thing and a tough FA Cup game hopefully will take its toll realistically looking at our fixtures I think we have a chance to cut the gap
  3. Always seems to be midweek games when it’s a bit flat
  4. Definitely helps that we are not being taken more seriously as title contenders, but more domestic points than Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern....1 pt behind PSG
  5. 32 pts from 14 games would be good enough to take you top in La Liga and Bundesliga, the fact Liverpool are doing so well really takes the focus off how well we doing points wise.
  6. Next you'll be telling me that Iwan Roberts didn't live next door to Joachim and he didn't live in a council flat
  7. 24 caps for England too, which is just bonkers
  8. We all thought Harry Kane was rubbish when he come on loan here, and Jessie Lingard was terrible on loan here too....although I'm not sure if Lingard has proved us wrong yet.
  9. I was listening to 606 last night and every Liverpool fan talked about a 9 point gap/lead, I was starting to think my maths was out!
  10. Are you the kind of person that when Kasper pulls off a worldie you think he should be catching it?
  11. I think your being harsh, it was a good dummie and run by Gray, the ball was slightly behind Vardy but anywhere else in the box and it would of been cleared.
  12. I think the sticking point might be that he wasn’t driving, and loads of footballers have had non football related injuries, It will be interesting to see how this goes.
  13. 5-1 away at Forest, made worse by the fact I had share a lift home with a car full of Forest fans.
  14. You dont really discover someone who is playing for Roma.
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