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  1. This 👆 A good player, makes a few mistakes but will improve with experience but I can't be doing with all the hugging and high fiving before the game, rarely looks like he's going to win a 50/50, I'd love to just see him smash someone, it's all too nice
  2. No reason why the good experienced referees couldn’t do Stockley Park, the only thing that stops them actually refereeing is fitness, The VAR official who did the Chelsea/Spurs game and our game yesterday only had something like 23 premiere league games under his belt, would take a lot of confidence to overturn a decision by a referee with a lot more experience.
  3. Was listening to Mark Halsey on Talksport on the way home and he said when the referees meet for training at St George’s Park they were always told raising your hands to protect your face is handball, the player has 2 options either head the ball away or move your head out the way then yesterday the PGMOL come out and say it wasn’t a penalty as the “players hands were in a position you would expect to protect your face” the whole handball law is a mess
  4. TBF Laura woods is decent and knows her stuff but regardless the video ref has had a bad day if it did get checked but it just goes to show that the information needs to be better in the stadium
  5. I’ve just watched it back again, Maddison makes a half hearted appeal, nothing more
  6. The KDB handball wasn’t checked, it was confirmed after the game on talksport that no check took place.
  7. They are either both penalties or both not a penalty, the fact that only one was VAR checked is a joke too
  8. Feel like we are slowing turning into Spurs, thought we got bullied today
  9. None of our players really appealed anything though, Man City players surround the ref, it’s not right but you wonder how much it forces a VAR check
  10. If Newcastle keep Saint Maximin injury free they will probably finish above Arsenal this season
  11. I feel a little bit like that this season but its more down to VAR for me, just seems to be a million miles away from my first game back in 91, I've been watching a bit of none league football this season and I've got to say I've really enjoyed it.
  12. Been a fantastic signing for club and I would imagine a massive part of the dressing room but looking at the team if you can realistically improve any position without spending a stupid amount of money, its the goal keeping position
  13. Most people will say your over reacting but Goalkeeper is a position in the team we can realistically improve without spending a stupid amount of money
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