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  1. Makes you wonder how many have gone ahead prior to this
  2. Shaqiri brings Liverpool down, hoping he gets a regular run in the team
  3. Rio is right, that many changes not even the players on the pitch are sure of the rules
  4. How is Jon Moss a premier League ref, I reckon I'm fitter than him and I can't run, he's always so far behind play
  5. Just put £20 on a Man City, Man U and Liverpool treble, the good news I'm the world's worst gambler Either I get back £50 or one of them drops points.....it's win/win
  6. This guy's progression over the last 12 months is impressive, I was 50/50 on him last season, I thought he lacked positional sense, first touch was frustrating and his delivery was poor but also recognised you can only really judge him after a run of games, fast forward to the start of this season and I was excited about the prospect of Riccy and Castagne, when you watch him now he glides past players, he's becoming a top top player, the fact that when Riccy come on last night he didn't take JJ off probably shows BR intends to find a place both in his best 11
  7. And Jota, the young lad from Porto looks ok but nowhere near the level of Jiminez and Jota,
  8. Don't tell me you've already booked trains and hotel?
  9. I think both are good to listen to in general but listening to them commentate on their own team is only the same as if I was commentating on a Leicester game as a neutral you get fed up with the bias in the end
  10. Gary Neville shouldn't be allowed to commentate on Man U games
  11. It would be bad PR if fit healthy footballer's were vaccinated before the vulnerable
  12. It's a grey area, your not supposed to stop but the modern day thing is a slight pause or even worse that jump thing that Fernandes does
  13. Any kind of pause in the run up of a pen should be banned
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