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  1. I don't think he come across very well when talking about Leeds, not that it mattered as we were on a download spiral at the time but think we missed a bullet there
  2. We are causing our own problems, giving the ball away so cheaply against these
  3. The most satisfying thing for me is every time we’ve sold a player we’ve replaced them with someone just as good or better with the exception of Mahrez (for me Ndidi is doing the job of Kante just as much effectiveness) I think back to the MON days when we sold Heskey, it was the start of the decline and all other era’s we’ve never replaced big players leaving
  4. He's probably just realized he's paid £85 million for a defender and made him captain and the reality is if he was still at Leicester he would be 4th choice CB
  5. If we don't win this we deserve to drop out the top 4, Sheff Utd were a serious threat to Derby's record up till a couple of weeks ago
  6. I'd like to see less people wearing stupid glasses on MOTD
  7. Think this is the earliest I've ever contemplated going to bed on a Saturday night
  8. I've never seen someone take so long to take a throw in....and the longer it took him the more likely he was to throw it to a Burnley player.... painful to watch
  9. I remember Harvey Barnes making his debut when we were losing to Porto, think he only touched the ball once and he was the same age as what Tavares is now, you really can’t judge the lad yet.
  10. I don’t know why Thomas looks to play the ball backwards at every opportunity when he gets forward his delivery is decent
  11. According to foxestalk Dave was sacked because of the injuries last season, the reality was BR probably wanted to restructure the medical department and Dave wasn't keen on new role or working under someone after 20 years
  12. The only spurs player that I would have in our team is Son
  13. The better team won, lot more comfortable than the score suggests, Thursday night caught up with us towards the end..... Brilliant win
  14. Geoff is as Tory as they come, he’s been desperate to give Boris credit for something.......anything 😂
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