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  1. Club legend, massive player at the club just have a little hunch that BR will replace him if he feels like his distribution is not good enough for the style of football he wants to play big managers make big calls, lets see what the summer brings
  2. I don’t think many managers in world football would of been able to replace Mahrez
  3. Embarrassing thread yes we look like we have footballing bipolar, BR substitutions have been poor at times but I don’t think this team is anywhere near the one Brendan wants...I’m excited to see what the transfer window brings
  4. But it's on twitter, What more proof do you need?
  5. In Luis Suarez’s 1st game back after his first child was born he scored 1 goal in the match, in his first game back after his 2nd child was born he scored 2 goals in the match and in his first game back after his 3rd child was born he scored 3 goals in the match.
  6. Half of me says give the guy a chance and the other half of me hates it when he is on the ball
  7. If Man U win all their remaining games that would be 8 wins in a row, the last time they won 8 league games in a row was the 2011-12 season under Fergie which is unbelievable as they are no way near the team they were 10 years ago, it says a lot about Bruno Fernandes as this might actually happen
  8. Justin can’t cross the ball, we’ve been so spoilt watching Ricardo at RB
  9. Everyone has played amazing apart from Chilwell
  10. Well some people actually think the football was decent under puel
  11. Not really, the football was awful under puel
  12. got his substitutions all wrong today, don't know why you wouldn't gamble with 15 mins left in a cup game, gutless
  13. I would get rid of the gel seat, all it does is allow your backside to take the impact of all the bumps and pot holes, on my tourer I’ve got a brooks saddle, hard leather and quite wide, you can sit on it for 100 miles and it’s so comfortable, on my road bike I have a sella italia, also very comfortable.
  14. That last time Man U won 8 league games in a row was the 2011/12 season, given our 6pt lead with the superior goal difference, we’ve just played teams fighting for survival, the next few games are against Mid table teams with their season fizzling out, it’s not quite squeaky bum time just yet.
  15. His hair makes him look a better player than he actually is, I don’t believe for one minute Barcelona or Real Madrid would take him
  16. I'm not going to judge James Justin just yet, his positional play and first touch look like someone who hasn't played many games and he looks nervous too, just hope BR sticks with him till the end the season to give him some confidence
  17. I think the last time Man u won 8 games in a row surely would of been when Fergie was the manager, I've not checked the stats, with our goal difference that is worth a point, I think 12 points should be more than enough, I actually think Wolves are more capable of putting a run together
  18. I'd have him as England's number 1, better than Pickford
  19. I'm the same, I never got confirmation either but I went through the process again and it just said refund already applied for Did she say when to expect it? I've already spent it!
  20. I can’t believe how many premier league footballers live with an hairdresser
  21. for me Fraser is doing the sensible thing he obviously must have a big move lined up, why risk injury and potentially lose out on 3/4 year deal for the sake of 2 months wages, it's not like he's not fulfilling his contract he's just seeing it out
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