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  1. And if Barkley hadn't pinged in that late goal and we were top of the table right now, there'd still be people picking faults because, presumably, if somehow makes them feel happier rather than just enjoying the moments.
  2. 29 goals in his last 42 PL games. That's incredible. Bloke is a machine. EDIT: 39 goals in 51 PL under Rodgers.
  3. Did a good job again last night. For a kid who was playing in League 1 in 2019 and League 2 the year before that, and who probably wouldn't be playing as often if everyone was fit, he's looking a very astute signing.
  4. He wasn't very good last night, I agree. Overall, what a start though!
  5. We should definitely as a fan base only judge a manager/player on their last game and not use a wider set of figures
  6. He wasn't sacked for an extremely similar run of form. He was sacked for the form AND for how badly he was running the club AND he didn't have the level of credit in the bank that Rodgers has ALL COMPS: CP W23 in 67 BR W33 in 66 PREMIER LEAGUE: CP W19 in 56 (1.25ppg) 34% win ratio | F76 A92 (GD -16) BR W27 in 54 (1.68ppg) 50% win ratio | F97 A58 (GD +29) Let's compare the PL records of Claudio Ranieri and Rodgers at LCFC Ranieri W 28 in 63 (GD +13) PL titles = 1 Rodgers W 27 in 54 (GD +39) PL titles = 0 While BR
  7. It's like saying, yeah we won the league against all the odds, but we finished in the bottom half the following season so maybe that title win was a petty irrelevance. Oh and re the "biggest bottlejob in PL history" - yeah we should've made top four given where we were but christonabike we had our second best finish in PL history - and fifth best league finish of ALL TIME - so while it didn't end where we thought we might, it was still an insanely good season, of which I remember the many highs much more than the fewer lows.
  8. West Ham was horrific. Villa wasn't very good - neither manager would've complained if it finished 0-0 - but it wasn't horrific. A fairly young squad will always be up and down. We've had a lot more ups than downs since BR arrived. By the same token would you say he "got unlucky" vs Villa last week? Haven't ventured into the matchday thread ... are they basically saying we should EXPECT to be awesome every week and win every week? Is it the JCL's who have the biggest issue with him? I do wonder which manager REALISTICALLY they th
  9. There are 5 PL games currently scheduled for 3pm on Sat 7th November. I suspect one will stay there and the other four will be shifted around for PPV If they haven't sorted those yet, then they won't have done so for Sat 21st so Liverpool-Leicester could well be moved for PPV (it's not been chosen for "normal" Sky or BT that weekend) Leicester-Fulham won't be played on Sat 28th (so almost certainly on the Sunday) as we're in UEL action on the previous Thursday
  10. He's frustrating at times but I still like him. Useful player for us. Don't get the extreme hate for him from many of our lot.
  11. Two poor decisions against Derby tonight including this one
  12. They've doubled it to 40% today (Hurrah!) It was 80% for the first lot and 70% for the second.
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