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  1. Mendy has also played more in the last year than he had in the previous few years combined. Might just not be up to playing 2 games a week and needs more of a rest. Plus Choudhury played well midweek so no complaints with his selection.
  2. Daley-Campbell is just one person...
  3. I don't want to overreact but if Iheanacho had played every game we would have probably won the league by now
  4. Instead of a throw in near their box they get to kick it to our keeper? Dean is awful
  5. Tom Davies looking up for this tonight
  6. Lawrenson is such a dinosaur. You would really think the BBC could do better with who does their predictions. But then if they were sensible we wouldn't be here talking about them...
  7. Glad someone else picked up on this! Was really bugging me
  8. They've gone strong for their FA Cup tie. Here's hoping for extra time
  9. Really good to see Maddison play on there and wriggle through where he probably would have gone down in previous seasons
  10. Wilf and Evans on for Mendy and Amartey at half time. Give us more of a foothold in possession and less likely to get caught out on the break.
  11. Amartey is such a bomb scare. Please get Evans on instead of him
  12. Why are we cursed with Robbie Savage on punditry or commentary for every single game on BT
  13. Why does the Luton right back have no name or number on his back?
  14. Playing Ricardo up front would be like being back at school when all the best players played up front and the rest at the back
  15. Surprised they haven't photoshopped it on a gravestone
  16. The fact that we could go top on Tuesday, depending on results today, worries me. Think I'm right in saying that we've had two opportunities to go top this season (Fulham and Liverpool?) and lost both times. Hope the teams mentality is stronger on this occasion.
  17. Some of these lads are looking like they've never played together before
  18. Are Maddison and Vardy definitely fit for this? Just being rested today?
  19. 8 defensive players on the bench couldn't hurt to have put a couple of youngsters in surely?
  20. Sounds like someone has pissed in Souness' cereal Great bit of lengthy post match analysis there
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