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  1. Refs had as many touches as Vardy this game. Needs to sort his positioning and game reading out.
  2. Almost a great through ball by the ref there
  3. Don't remember his name being mentioned once in the second half
  4. Think both teams swapped kits at half time. Complete Jekyll and Hyde performance from both to use the old cliche
  5. Gray showing there why he hasn't featured all season. Doesn't make any space for Justin by running wide. Then doesn't play Justin in behind and instead puts a terrible cross in. Hope he's off in January.
  6. Nice to see a player from the U23s get in the squad. Hopefully we'll get to see some of this Gray kid. Exciting times ahead!
  7. Always seem to lose when results go our way/we have the opportunity to gain ground on other teams. Hopefully it will be different today
  8. Tielemans always knows exactly how to receive the ball in order to create as much space or passing opportunity as possible. So lucky to have him
  9. Just stick him in the cryo chamber he has at his house until Boxing Day and he'll be fine
  10. Alan Smith is desperate for a Spurs goal. Definitely has a bet on BTTS
  11. Pawson is such a shocking ref. Never let's the game have any flow
  12. Does that mean Justin is in a back 3? Can't see Albrighton starting as a winger
  13. We've already lost more games this season than we did in the entire 2015/16. On so many occasions that season we would turn a defeat into a win or a draw or battle out a 1-0 win. Don't see this side having the same mentality at the 15/16 side. For example don't think the Villa loss at home would have happened in the 15/16 season, not least because Kante would have dispsossed Barkley. Don't think we would have allowed them that opportunity to score. Would love to be proven wrong of course.
  14. I'm confused if Maddison a fox or a horse? This commentator is full of metaphors and clichés
  15. You just know he says stuff like that... Trying to impress the younger players
  16. Did Brendan just say 'well done gang'?
  17. What a thrilling story from Robbie Savage there
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