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  1. Sky opting against the mic behind Schmeichel's goal
  2. You can't have Barnes on Matip from a freekick or corner that's crazy
  3. Crazy that in the last 5 years Leicester have had the 3 best DMs in the world...
  4. Hahaha that should never be a pen... we'll take it though
  5. Why is Poch talking like he's giving the Leeds post match interview?
  6. If Under and Vardy can strike up even half the partnership Vardy and Mahrez had then we're in business
  7. Are you sure you're not watching on Sky? Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee are on commentary
  8. Would love him to go on loan to somewhere like Wycombe. They've got an excellent attacking left back in Joe Jacobson who he can learn from and who will need rotating. Plus it would allow him to form a good partnership with Josh Knight, who will also hopefully come good for us one day. If players recover from injury then Ricardo, Castagne, Justin and Fuchs should cover us from January to the end of the season.
  9. Choudhury really isn't good enough
  10. Imagine seeing Leicester City being ranked the 17th best team in the world and still being able to moan. Beggars Belief.
  11. With no FA cup replays this season I'd get Gallagher back in just for any penalty shootouts 👀
  12. Wouldn't mind Roma, Rangers and Nice. Difficult group but would be good fun.
  13. Might as well try and be positive about it. Who do we want in the group?
  14. Brendan smiling with Solskjaer after the game. He doesn't care he still gets paid millions per year. Absolutely gave up, none of them seem to care
  15. Evans has a few grand on Man U getting Champions League
  16. Every single corner we've had we've committed a foul at. Absolute stupidity.
  17. Completely did it to ourselves. Playing it out poorly and nervously and then that happens...
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