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  1. To be fair to Wilder he's been a success at pretty much every club he's been at. Think he got back to back promotions with Northampton then went to Sheffield United and got them promoted either first or second season then promoted again after two seasons in the championship. Every time he's made the step up he's improved a club and can only see him going further.
  2. Wouldn't surprise me if Vardy wasn't training much anyway, with how fast the games are coming. They'll probably give him some injections and we'll see him play anyway.
  3. 2 minutes added time after a 3 minutes drink break and 3+ minutes for injury? At a minimum a referee should be able to keep time properly. The officiating in this league is laughable at best and corrupt at worst.
  4. Wish I could turn Martin Tyler and Alan Smith off. You wouldn't even think we're playing this game the way they're going on about Arsenal.
  5. Everything Vardy touches goes wrong at the minute. Can't control the ball and every pass is misplaced. Doesn't just look short on confidence at the minute it seems he's completely lost concentration and desire.
  6. That's Champions League gone. Chelsea to overtake us tonight, Wolves and Man United to draw level on points at the weekend and then overtake us in the midweek games.
  7. Can't stand these drinks breaks, properly kills any rhythm the teams have and completely unnecessary in this weather
  8. We always seem to have fewer players than the opposition. We can never get support to Vardy like other teams can to their strikers... not sure if it's a lack of willingness, lack of ability or if that's just how they're coached but it's a massive worry
  9. I doubt Rodgers is even aware these exist let alone plays a part in designing them...
  10. Is there the potential for extra time in this game or have they scrapped it due to the break?
  11. No wonder Leuven aren't doing great if that's their team...
  12. Definitely, especially considering Fuchs can cover CB if necessary. Would much rather see Hirst on the bench as mentioned above. Or Thomas in the squad over Fuchs... bit harsh for him not to make the squad after he's signed an extension though
  13. Good starting XI but our bench looks so poor. Only real game changers are Iheanacho and Perez, possibly Gray as well if he decides to show up. Will look a bit stronger once Praet returns as well.
  14. Have to agree on Rosicky. Always liked him, perhaps because my Dad is an Arsenal fan and took me to a couple games when I was younger. Always got excited seeing Rosicky play.
  15. Thankfully I'm not a Brendan Rodgers lookalike
  16. Would love us to move to a smaller brand where we are their main team, like Everton have just done with Hummel and Liverpool have with New Balance. Only way I can see us getting a 'bespoke' kit as Nike, Adidas, Puma all have much bigger clients than us.
  17. He was definitely there around the 1 min mark and about 2:22
  18. Yeah I remember him coming on a couple of times at RB under Puel (?). Wasn't particularly convinced by him playing there, hope we don't have to rely on him in games.
  19. Just seen this on twitter: Wonder who is playing RB for the blue team - looks like Choudhury to me? Something we could see in games if Justin can't play every time?
  20. Our wingers are all far too selfish (aside from Albrighton who just doesn't look up to it anymore). All just looking to create something for themselves rather than the team. Maddison is playing far too deep as well. Things need to change if we're going to make Champions League.
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