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  1. bss9401

    Pearson sacked

    He needs a low to middling League One club without huge expectations to rebuild his managerial career. Good luck to him but if he reaches too far his managerial career could be over.
  2. bss9401

    Benalouane joins Nottingham Forest

    I liked Benalouane and wish him good luck in the future...after forest. I hope that they concede dozens and that he manages to take out a few of their players in the process. That's your mission agent Benalouane.
  3. bss9401

    Europa League

    Southampton took 7000 to the San Siro during their Europa League campaign and could have had even more tickets. I didn't get near away tickets for our Champions League season so would welcome the opportunity of actually making a game. Aim high this season and get us back into Europe!
  4. bss9401

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    We are shocking in midfield going forward and I am so disappointed that it is not working out for Iborra and Silva. To have any chance of replacements the deals should have been ready to go before this window opened.
  5. bss9401

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    I get that confidence Nacho's confidence might be poor but for a professional footballer this is not an excusable reason. As others have said it's what he fails to do off the ball that is so frustrating. I so want him to succeed with us but he has to move, make himself available more, be a threat or simply to be asking questions of defenders. Currently the only question that he's asking whilst he is on the pitch is how long it is until the final whistle.
  6. bss9401

    Are our results so predictable we are boring

    Look no further than 1980/81 under Wallace. We beat Liverpool home and away and Man U, Arsenal and Spurs at home. These were some of the most memorable wins during that era but we still got relegated. I went to all of those matches and they are precious memories. I wouldn't trade them for anything but the older and less wise me may have preferred that we had lost those games and stayed up. Next season, provided that we stay up will potentially be a cracker. I am frustrated and puzzled by Puel's style and matchday decisions but the future is potentially bright. Lord help him, though if we get dragged into a relegation scrap this season.
  7. bss9401

    LCFC players to help you win a pub fight

    I'm not surprised by this. Ade would probably have punched most of those on the coach before he finally hit the target!
  8. bss9401

    LCFC players to help you win a pub fight

    Four from the eighties, when a scrap at chucking out time in town was pretty much guaranteed:- Bob Hazell, Jari Rantanen, Andy Feeley and Ali Mauclen.
  9. bss9401

    Players talking to BBC/Stringer - Its Time!

    I don't listen in on matchdays so was not aware that this was still going on. Has IS admitted to the gesture and apologised? If he did admit it then I wonder whether he would be sacked on the spot by the BBC for unprofessional behaviour. If this were the case then it is a serious stalemate as LCFC would be within their rights to demand an apology before they moved on.
  10. bss9401

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

    Wow, what a win. I almost convinced myself that the result was not important today but once it started I was so desperate for us to score and win. Amazing effort by the team, club and fans. Well done to Cardiff for being respectful throughout. They have never been a club I like but they have been fantastic.
  11. bss9401

    Saturday 10th November- Walk for Vichai

    Two more here. We will be immensely proud to be part of it.
  12. Oh my word. It's taken me a while but I just lost it . 
  13. I am not going to Cardiff but will be following it the best I can. I know that everyone will do their best for Vichai. The plan for the Burnley game is fantastic and I will be there. I would love for WYS to be played and sung 'en masse' at the game. It would definitely help it were played at a relatively low volume so that everyone can join in. The version by the Leftover Cuties is my favourite and I think it has a great pace and rhythm to sing along to.
  14. bss9401

    New Goal Music

    Nigel Pearson said that Vichai had a mischievous sense of humour but no, it should not be played.
  15. bss9401

    Condolences To other 4 victims

    RIP to these people who lost their lives. I thought it to be a miracle that the helicopter crashed away from other people, the stadium or hotel. It now appears that this was an heroic act and this must never be forgotten. Eric Swaffer is a hero and a legend to LCFC and the City of Leicester.