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  1. So 10000 of us converging on the San Siro or the Camp Nou in September or October might be a bit optimist then?
  2. Dreamy and heroic performances against the likes of Barca, Juve or Bayern followed by a good Europa League run. I'd take that right now.
  3. The first rule of fight club is........... I don't want to talk about it.
  4. Crazy to think that had Akinbiyi put half of those chances away we could have finished in the top 6 (confidence and momentum applied). Also crazy that we've had a worse goalie than Rab 'the bat' Douglas.
  5. I'm just reading this and keep thinking my Lord, what a squad of bloody heroes to have pulled this off over 38, not just any one single game.
  6. One thing is for sure:- the top players that Ali recalls playing against will certainty have known that they had been in a game against him. A top player and a club legend.
  7. I went to both 2-1 wins. The second was more comfortable as they'd somewhat lost their air on invincibility by then. We had softened them up nicely for everyone in 1981 .
  8. From being unwilling to put their hands in their pockets for anyone resembling a decent winger in January, to then being linked with Coutinho? Nope, never going to happen.
  9. I'd take one Wasilewski at all meetings involving the PL, CL, Sports Ministry, BT, Sky that discuss how the season will be concluded. Just to have our case stated. Diplomatically, of course as you'd expect from Was.
  10. I took my kids to many away great awaydays that season. Carlisle, Hereford, Hartlepool, Huddersfield and Cheltenham to name just a few. It was painful being in League one but those games were such good schooling for an impressionable young fan. Lots of fun, lots of wins, lots of away goals amongst real fans. How on Earth did we go from that to being the Premier league Champions and the Champions League quarter finals within 8/9 years? Top picture Carlisle United; bottom FC Copenhagen
  11. It should be one of the League Cup wins, but for me it is 1994. After two heartbreakers, the win against the odds. Joy, tears and the Premier League after years in the darkness. And all of this against the sheep. I had never celebrated so much.
  12. How are all of these footballers going to manage on £94.25 per week statutory sick pay?
  13. I think that the easiest part of this will be suspending the League. Imagine the reactions when discussions begin about when and how the season completes.
  14. bss9401

    Corona Virus

    Andrea Leadsom said today that she attended a meeting yesterday with Lords and MP's and they all sat at separate tables, several feet apart. To a later question she argued that cleaners and care workers being paid a pittance should carry on working because it's their duty. So. It's fine for plebs to clean up crap and wipe bums but she won't sit next to someone who probably owns half of Somerset. And we have to trust these people to make best interests decisions? I think I'd rather trust the care worker for a fair and proactive opinion.
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