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  1. bss9401

    Ahmed Musa

    The deal will turn out to be 500 quid down with £39999500 in various performance bonuses spread over 15 years.
  2. bss9401

    Ahmed Musa

    Which might work up until the point where Musa turns up at Man City for pre season and Mahrez is bundled onto a plane headed for Saudi.
  3. bss9401

    We Had Mahrez

    Goodbye Riyad, a Leicester City immortal. A sad day but it is hardly unexpected. I hope that he succeeds there and I will choose only to have very happy memories of his time with us.
  4. bss9401

    Aleksandar Dragovic

    We'll all want to be Benny's mate again when he puts Kane or Alli out for 6 months.
  5. bss9401

    Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    Looks like one of our boys has just spotted a notts forest fan warming up on the first tee
  6. bss9401

    Dilly ding Dilly Gone

    Just put up a dam statue of the man, then kidnap him when he unveils it so that we can all see him and sing his name at every home match forever. Claudio is a God in my world .
  7. bss9401

    Patrick Roberts

    I'm sorry he asked.
  8. bss9401

    Jamie Vardy

    Southgate will decide on Vardy up top, drop the midfield back and put Kane in at number 10. Have him harrying and chasing, playing to Vardy's strengths would be great. Unlikely to happen I know but so many fans would see the total Jamie Vardy and what fun that could be. I believe that Southgate would be a fool not to give it a try. Jamie would not let England down if he's given a go.
  9. No it's ok to do that cos some ex man u bloke says so. Having said that the Leicester dickhead must have had a blunderbuss given the amount of people who were hit around this woman.
  10. bss9401

    Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    So that's where Schmeichel's free kick training has come from this season! And Hamer's penalties by the looks of it.
  11. bss9401

    Okazaki on the floor

    Shinji gets kicked in the the head because it was next to the floor and none of us were surprised. His decision to control the ball while 3 yards out was even less of one.
  12. Leftover Cuties version of WYS is now my favourite. Definitely more upbeat and I would love it to be played pre-match.
  13. bss9401

    Claude Puel - Contender

    Looks like some Hobbit's just legged it with his ring!
  14. bss9401

    Bojan Krkic

    Only we will bid 4m and may increase the bid to 4.1m during the next transfer window
  15. bss9401

    The Debate - Sky Sports

    A couple of those shows will be like watching some 5 year olds arguing over who gets the flake in their ice-cream.