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  1. Please someone shoot, Ricardo, Vardy, Schmeichel, anyone!
  2. After th 5-3 vs Man u, opposition priorities would have been how to stop Vardy. They still ask but have still not worked it out.
  3. Getting absolutely soaked on a cold December afternoon in 1987, while watching us lose 2-0 in a dismal display away at Oldham in the old Division 2 during a truly depressing season.
  4. Someone needs to have the balls to advise Khun Top of this unfortunate potential faux pas
  5. What is world class at the moment? We play in one of, if not the best and most competitive leagues in the world. If there are around 10 world class strikers in the world at any given time then is Vardy amongst them? Categorically yes in my opinion.
  6. That's Ritchie and Bruce's view of the tackle; This is Hamza and Rodger's view;
  7. I don't think that it's changed much since 1883.
  8. Yay, just got the BBC notification on a train in rural Czech Republic that their "goal" has been overturned.
  9. I think that Harry will still be with us. Man yoo are too arrogant to believe that we really don't want to sell and certainly don't need to.
  10. Vardy had the World Cup last year and two very busy pre-seasons before that. This one has been a bit more traditional so I am excited to see how he is out of the blocks this season.
  11. The question on everyone's lips? Did Dion Dublin achieve the pinnacle of his career playing for his home town team? No, that came years later with "homes under the hammer".
  12. I'll have you know that bottom half SPL teams have very respectable average league attendances of 5000-ish (or less).
  13. Might I get 5000-1 on Leicester City raising 1 billion pounds from transfer fees over the next five years
  14. Hold on there fella; Gibraltar is overpopulated but it is absolutely charming with unbelievable views and atmosphere. I would debate whether Gibraltar is the arsehole of Spain or vice versa.
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