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  1. Nope. That's the exec boxes at Stamford Bridge in 2016 and Spurs have just gone 2-0 up..............................
  2. I'm a bit surprised at how this has made me feel so sad today. The Duke of Edinburgh has been a constant for 2/3 generations and it's hard to comprehend that our Queen's consort saw active service during WW2. He achieved much and inspired many and I'd be in favour of a state funeral. This won't happen in the current climate so at least a national day of mourning.
  3. Nah. Turkey are in the Euros in the summer so someone's chucked something dead and covid infected over the fence (for those who remember mad cow disease)
  4. Yes, it works very well. When I worked in notts I would pretend absolute ignorance of the seventies and call them liars when they said that they won stuff. To really twist the knife I'd say that I heard about Dundee Utd, Aberdeen, Ipswich, Villa, Liverpool, Spurs winning European trophies. It would wind them up no end.
  5. I was young but managed to see the great man live twice, for which I am grateful. RIP. Heartbreaking that he had the cruellest of diseases.
  6. I was at the 5-3 and thought we could never play better against Man u again. The 5-3 is an all time classic but this was as good.
  7. Good spot. I literally yelled a FFS at the telly when Barnes went down after overstretching for that pass.
  8. After today's horror show I'd be happy with the char lady from Morrisons playing behind Vardy 🤣
  9. Nasri playing number 10 behind Vardy might be fun, if only to get the scrap out of the way (after Sevilla).
  10. I worry for Soyuncu's Mental health because he looks increasingly like he is going to tw*t someone very soon. I would not rule out it being one of our own players given the look of exasperation on his face recently.
  11. We're out and and I still haven't figured out whether it's a Cup, a competition or a tournament. The pundits don't seem to either.
  12. How did Rodgers not get how massive this was for Prague? The prospect of beating a top 4 PL team. We could have carved them up with a bit of urgency. They really aren't very good but simply realised that we weren't up for it and did a job on us. Yes there were shocking individual performances but this one's on Rodgers for me. At least it will put other clubs off Ndidi and Soyuncu for a bit .
  13. Need fans there. If nothing else to get on their backs with all of the backwards and sidewards passing. And to cheer them on, of course
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