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  1. This claim made me laugh and I am one seriously miserable fvcker..... Then I thought of the glimmer of a possibility that there might be truth in it and I reverted to type immediately.
  2. Congratulations to you all for your efforts, it looks to me like it was a success and well worth all the hard work. This is so exciting and I hope that it's received in the same way by those who matter, especially for when it's proposed again in future games.
  3. Good points. Would you rather play three games in a week in 2020 or two facing Ali Mauchlin, Mike Whitlow and Steve Walsh (to name but three) on a rock hard, uneven pitch? All long before multiple cameras in stadia and while a tackle from behind and a 'professional' foul were still legal.
  4. Good luck to all concerned with this. I spent games in my youth in Pen 2/3 and loved it. I am hoping to see the section bouncing (literally) and a good consistent WYS with the hand waving at the end. I will not be in the section for this one but would like to if it is repeated in the future. I am also hoping that it is so good that the TV cameras show the section whilst it's in full swing (I know that it's not on live but it would be great to see it later in highlights).
  5. I listened to a 5 live podcast this week and it covered this subject. I heard Pulis, Crouch, Shearer and others say that they absolutely loved the December/|January period. Their points were that as professional footballers they are very privileged, are in love with the game and are in peak condition physically. To them playing several games in rapid succession was part of what they lived for and Pulis has said that he cannot understand those who complain about it.
  6. I was at the game and it was an incredible moment. A game sealing goal will always bring a great reaction from our fans. However, with it being the local lad Hamza, the abuse he'd received from home fans and it being such a brilliant strike, our fans went crazy.
  7. It is a shame and unfortunate that 4 Newcastle players got injured by each having been torn a new a'hole.
  8. Nicol was a very good player but now he represents the corrupt scenario football and punditry is in the U.K. It doesn't matter how thick or biased you are, if you played for a traditionally big club you are pretty much guaranteed a share of the jobs for the boys cash cow. Most of these clowns won't even respect one-another's, or anyone else's opinions.
  9. Send Demarai to McD's for all of his meals for a couple of weeks and 'voila', we have our Traore .
  10. I'm so happy and excited about Iheanacho finding form. I would never boo our player but I have certainly groaned at times. I believed it best that he move on before Rodgers came and started again with a clean slate. Fabulous for one that we suddenly have our back up striker for Vardy, but then they start to link up and become a different animal altogether. Well done to all involved, especially Kelechi and Brendan.
  11. This is more my thinking. Even allowing for a drop in form at some point W10-D7-L5 is definitely achievable. I'm not buying into this title race talk yet and for me the Champions League would still be an amazing achievement for BR's first full season. Unfortunately the jealous chasing bunch want to be able to say that we blew it if we don't catch Liverpool.
  12. Brilliant ! Since 2015/16 we have become the Greta Thunbergs of football. They didn't learn so we are just going to have to do it again .
  13. Now can those deluded North Londoners please shove their Emirates right up their Arsenals.
  14. Mourinho asked Ali if it was him or his brother because Ali has been so crap (still good enough for England though, alarmingly). Well, I want to know whether Caglar has a brother to cover if/when Evans is injured.
  15. Sorry people but for me the top 6 will still be a fantastic achievement for the squad we have. We could make top 4 of course but that'd be dreamland again for me. I just don't want people to be suggesting we failed if we don't get top 4. If we get top 6, a cup, keep the spine of the team together and make 3-4 key additions then even Mr Cautious here will believe that we could make top 4 or even higher next season. Alternatively if we are still top 4 in January and make 2-3 good squad additions then I'd believe that we could stay there.
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