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  1. Dreadful news. Wishing good luck and strength to Sol and his family.
  2. So it's the Bees then one of the B's! Has to be Barnsley in the quarters then Burnley in the semi's. Job done
  3. At least we should be confident that Brentford won't sit back
  4. I think Steve Lynex deserves place in his own right. 200+ appearances, 50+ goals. Promotions, top tier appearances and goals. Part of the legendary 50+ goals a season front three of that era. Lynex could beat players, score goals from open play, cross fantastically and was a quality penalty taker. Never shirked from defensive duties either. A true cult hero who should be a recognised club legend.
  5. His performances against Man U in the 3-0 home win (debut) and how he almost single handedly nicked us a 2-1 home win against cov are the stand out memories for me. As a result I recall Cunningham's short stay with us very warmly. Even at 50% fitness Cunningham's class was obvious and he could change a game immediately.
  6. 1981. Liverpool 1 Us 2. 1984. Liverpool 1 Us 2. I attended them both as a teenager. 1981 was a really big deal then. As good as it got in those years.
  7. Harry's lucky that his hole isn't being filled in the shower block in a Greek jail.
  8. This has just made me ask myself for a moment how many goals Vardy might have scored if he'd been bought by R Madrid, Bayern, PSG or Barca and had been played as the main striker since 2014. How many goals would he have scored? 250 maybe?
  9. You are quite right about the bookings but I think it's because he may have been asked to be a bit more combative and aggressive in the absence of Ndidi and his timing isn't quite there. If so it could improve his all round ability and help us in the long term. On the plus side Youri seems to be getting better at drawing fouls if he is held up and we need to buy a few seconds.
  10. When Hamza came through I thought we had a future midfield general in the making. A bit of focus and a bit lighter in the challenge were the only issues I could see for him to become a very decent CDM. Sadly this hasn't happened. Now Hamza seems to be two seconds or more behind everyone in thought and action, something which has been noticed and is being exploited. My belief is that only Hamza can change this as it's an attitude and vision issue. If I were able to attend games I'd want to scream at Hamza to wake the f**k up!
  11. I was born and bred in Leicester. I have lived away from the county since 1996 but nothing could ever change my allegiance. I travelled by air and then train to attend the 2000 League Cup final. When I cheered for the goals at St James's Park on New year's day I felt the same ecstacy as that I had at home to Burnley as a kid in 1978. I well up with pride when I relive the highs and then the gut punch when I relive the lows. I believe that choice did not come into it. I was destined to be a Leicester City fan and I believe that anyone with a similar back story and for whatever team they
  12. I'm smiling now because reading this makes me wonder how we managed to keep so many fans for so long. But of course I know precisely why when I sense the passion in the descriptions. My first memory was in the mid 70's in a 1-1 home draw against the sheep. Their players celebrated their goal right in front of me and I hated them immediately, even as a 7 (ish) year old First favourite player was Tommy Williams. I don't remember why.
  13. So 10000 of us converging on the San Siro or the Camp Nou in September or October might be a bit optimist then?
  14. Dreamy and heroic performances against the likes of Barca, Juve or Bayern followed by a good Europa League run. I'd take that right now.
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