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  1. This. I bet most of them are on salaries of a lot less than these face of the shows. At the end of the day reading the news from an autocue is not exactly taxing! I have to question if any job is worth the kind of salaries banded about here. Your talking more in a year than most have in a lifetime. I like the BBC and think it makes some cracking content, but I suspect much of the quality of a show has nothing to do with the fronts of the shows.
  2. Some wages and bonuses are ridiculous I fully agree. However the solution isn't more tax, the solution is to stop silly wages, this unfortunately probably needs a global pay cap which will never happen sadly. The main difference here is that when something is publically funded there has to be value for money, if a business is generating high profit it can spend what it likes rightly or wrongly. I would be happy for more of this money to get to the lower paid. The people whining at the top really need to start taking action! Gary Lineker taking a £1.7 million Salary and whining about, cuts and fat cat bonuses! he doesn't need that much set an example and reject it! I might then start to take his left wing rhetoric seriously! The same with all these other cretinous celebs jumping on the left wing Corbyn band wagon put their money where their mouth is and take the average salary, let the rest be spread amongst those who work for you. Interestingly has a public sector pay cap ever been suggested? Surely no civil servant should ever earn more than the PM, logic says that has to be the most challenging job in the UK public sector. So why are there jokers on councils up and down the country claiming over £120k salaries whilst making cuts to vital services?!
  3. You do have to have BBC licence if you have a TV or supposedly now any device that can play iPlayer. The big problem with the BBC is that it is publically funded by essentially a TV tax. Now if the BBC goes off and generates its own money like banks and business then its a little less under the spot light and can spend more so what it likes rightly or wrongly. My theory is that no individual in the public sector should earn more than the top public sector job in the would think that would be Prime Minister?!! Yet for some reason these and clowns at Staffordshire East Borough council are on more than her. Unfortunately any publically funded organisation has to be carefully with its money and should be efficient, there isn't an unlimited supply. I personally don't agree any individual should earn £1.7 million or more, its obscene and unnecessary. What is so hypocritical is to see Lineker pedalling his left wing nonsense on twitter. Did he go back to the BBC execs and say hang on lads this salary is a bit silly, maybe you could split it amongst all the low paid staff at the BBC? Particularly in Manchester.
  4. There quite clearly is a big structural problem, you have to question why some of our natives would rather sit on their arse than do some hard graft but I suppose that is something that comes with a developed, deindustrialised nation that believes everyone should have a white collar job where you sit in a nice office. Certainly increasing the minimum wage here probably isn't going to help many people here. If anything the effect is likely to be negative through inflation to the vast majority of people.
  5. Pensions have gone up weekly by quite a lot since the Labour government. As has the amount of money working people can keep tax free. Auto enrolment has encouraged people to save for their future. Perhaps if labour didn't screw over the economy in the 13 years of state meddling they had we would have more money to spend now. There are jobs plenty of jobs (perhaps just not one people want to do) we have record employment, and low tax hopes to encourage the most skilled individuals to live here, set up business here and employ people here. Seems a good plan to me. People are living longer, fact is this costs a lost average age of living is now 80ish so the government have around 12 years at least to fund £120 a week. Add to this the additional cost of the NHS for new developments in health care and an ageing population its unsustainable, something has to give.
  6. Unfortunately my believe is that the market should dictate the wage, at present there is a hefty supply of workers who will work for a low wage because it is a lot better than they can get back home, this is the problem with a move towards a federal Europe, there are too many disparities between the countries in the west and the countries in the east. If we increase our minimum wage to £10 an hour, and increase our tax free allowance to 15k. All we will do with open borders is attract even more labour from Europe, of course increasing the minimum wage may also drive inflation at home, so overall we have to be very careful. In my opinion, now with high employment the best thing to do is to stem unskilled migration (I have absolutely no problem with talented skilled individuals who have a skill to offer coming here) and let the market forces drive up wages with the staff shortages. If there are no cheap strawberry pickers they will have to pay more to people to get them picked, there must be a point with wages where British people may consider working in those tough jobs again, the downside is higher wages for staff will possibly lead to some higher prices too.
  7. What annoys me with Lineker and the likes is they are happy to take the scandalous pay package from a Public Service Broadcaster then they have the audacity to take to twitter and bleat on about the poor poor, business fat cats, welcoming refugees pedalling their left wing trip. Perhaps they would be better to get their own house in order first by campaigning for higher pay at the BBC for the production teams who I am sure many are on a lot lot less. If you earn that much you are out of the real world and shouldn't comment on it. The day Lineker contributes 80% of his wage to HRMC he can begin to comment again. No one needs that much per year, no one.
  8. Never good to have unemployment ever, at least the low skilled jobs are funding part of the living costs. The real question we have to ask is why are the wages in low skilled jobs so low? why are jobs in factories, shops, warehouses, trades, labouring, fruit picking, hospitality awash with foreign staff who can earn more here than they can at home? and Why British people see themselves generally above working in these jobs even if the pay was better? There is a fundamental problem in that by encouraging pretty much every man and his dog to go to university, pretty much everyone wants a cushy well paid white collar job, when the economy needs much more than that.
  9. Well you could argue that if the government didn't tax people on minimum wage at all they would have to pay less in in work benefits, also if the government stopped the flow of unskilled migration from Europe and elsewhere, this would not continue to drive down wages in low skilled jobs if there is a supply of low skilled workers form Romania and Poland etc. getting paid more to pick strawberries here that a skilled job back home it a no brainer for them! Obviously the recent increases in tax free allowance have helped workers to keep more but more needs to be done, I would possibly also target National Insurance payments or better still merge the payments into one to reduce the cost and complexity of collecting it. Also interestingly what is the point of collecting rent, council tax etc. on social housing, if a person is eligible to not pay rent and council tax, they should just not pay it instead of being given money to pay it with! What a bureaucratic mess and creation on non jobs that is!! The system basically is: We are going to pay someone to take money off you, we are then going to pay someone to give you the money back so that you can pay someone we pay for the things you need.....utterly bizarre!! Surely most have to admit that's far from ideal and it needs serious reform. We are in a process to fix that and it will take time, quite a long time. The first step is very low unemployment, natural factors as a result of this will then drive up wages. If there are no more staff, companies will have to pay more and invest more to keep the best staff if they don't they will lose them.
  10. It would prove that the ideas Corbyn has would work. Corbyn and McDonnell have suggested many times the economic philosophies and what they are suggesting is a full socialist state, they have time and time again promoted the success Hugo Chavez had in redistributing the wealth in Venezuela. They are very dangerous men, I can not understand why people don't get this. McDonnell in particular has talked of class wars, Corbyn has talked of seizing private property by any means necessary, they talk of 'overthrowing' a government that has a democratic majority of the vote. The problem is a capitalist business will not function in a country ravaged by high taxes and militant unions with too much power. China is interesting and thriving, but I am not sure its where we want to emulate, what is their wealth per capita as a % of GDP, how is their education and health system funded and what is the quality like? what are pay and conditions like in their factories? clean air etc etc. They are still going through their industrial revolution age. I do agree that closer ties with China, India and other developing nations are key to our future, much more important than close ties to a failing Europe for instance. For the record I am not necessarily against nationalisation of rail and infrastructure if done correctly what I am against is regressive tax policy that costs jobs and causes skilled people to move abroad. We would all like to see free education, free healthcare, cheap good quality housing, people living longer, but at some point something has to give!
  11. The point is Greece spent money it didn't have, then tried to make the rich pay, it does work whichever way you dress it up. I'm happy for someone to point out a successful socialist country with low unemployment, no debt and a booming economy. Again, Germany and the Scandinavian countries are not socialist, as we are they are Social democracies.
  12. It is now, it seems to be the new norm. I think its wrong but I am sure there are many think tanks and professors who say otherwise. There are many many tory policies I disagree with, I mainly just think Corbyn and Socialism is a very dangerous path to take. There must be a mixed approach. Businesses are crying out for skilled staff, then they have to be willing to fund the training. Again the classic case of despite differing views there is some common ground, and I do agree we need modern, green energy and new technologies, we need to encourage more R&D Work. I would start by making the Severn estuary tidal barrage happen, and cancel Hinckley point. A green infrastructure project such as that could make a huge difference to the nation and it sets out our intentions to the world.
  13. During that period of massive boom he should not have been operating a deficit of 42.6 billion in my opinion. The trouble is now we also along with the deficit have a 1.9 trillion debt to pay down. The Interest of that alone is over £40 billion. fortunately borrowing rates because of our fiscal credibility as a nation and ability to collect tax successfully historically. Our actual national debt has doubled form a historical rage of around 40% of GDP to 80% of GDP and rising, to me that is concerning and we had to take drastic action and simply could not afford to spend more. Gold is a fundamental asset which can survive currency collapse, devaluations etc. It is something to base a sound economy and borrowing upon much like Germany. Growth is a good thing and we have had and continue to have growth, whilst maintaining employment, keeping a cap on inflation and reducing the deficit.
  14. I agree, we do have an over reliance on the service sector and we have a over reliance on the south east of the UK. I fail to see any Labour policies which address any of this. Educating 10000 students to be Philosophers would help the economy in what way? The labour policy for some time has been University for all...why? perhaps if fewer people were pushed down the university route to study pointless subjects as we have discussed before, we might be able to better fund it. What we really need is an increase in worked based learning, funded by employers and an increase in technology, that would be highly resisted by Labours powerful union paymasters. A Labour government and powerful unions will never allows modernisation, that is exactly why British Leyland and the UK Coals industry died a death and Corbyn/McDonnell are proposing to give back all of the power these militants had to bring the country to a standstill.
  15. We would have gone bankrupt spending money we didn't have when the money ran out. Who says we would have grown or continued to grow, its pure fantasy. I would like one example of a shining beacon of socialist economic fiscal policy that sold its gold, had a massive debt and deficit and that has spent its way out of the recession and is still booming, has low unemployment, comparatively low inflation, and has taken 2/3rd of any budget deficit it is running? Please provide, and I am happy willing to investigate and be proved wrong. Germany doesn't count by the way as they didn't sell their gold, or run a pre crash deficit or have trillions of debt. Also the Scandinavian countries are fundamentally different to us, and are social democracies much like the UK. This is what angers me, you continue to pedal an argument but no one here can give me an example of a successful socialist state such as the one Corbyn and McDonnell are advocating, mainly because there is not and never will be one. The philosophy whilst admirable amongst a number of fine people such as your good self is unfortunately fundamentally flawed.