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  1. 8 minutes ago, Wymsey said:

    With regards to the modern slavery allegations in some Leicester factories, claimed during this lockdown period, rumour has it that Peter Soulsby and Keith Vaz both did knew about these problems for years - but they didn't take any action on it, over the fear that they could lose a lot of votes in the areas they represent/represented during the local elections.

    Vaz definitely did

  2. 8 minutes ago, Wakeyfox said:

    This feels like a relationship where the girl is the champions league places. She's well out of your league. Then she tells you it's over. You keep hoping you can change her mind, but deep down you know it's over too. 


    So you end up pulling a minger who you're stuck with (europa league) and tell yourself it's all OK, but you still really want to get back with girl number 1, although you know it's never gonna happen. 


    Then you end up losing your self respect by staying with her because she's the only one that will have you. 


    And you're never happy again. 

    That's my life story right there except the minger fobbed me off aswell

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