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  1. Last kick of the ball in our shirt tonight I'm sure of that. Don't think we've made a worse signing since returning to the prem to be honest. He's made millions off a run of tap ins for Man City in a ten game run and that's it.
  2. Been coming. Been atrocious again. Loads of shipping out to do in the summer it seems.
  3. That was as bad as anything we've seen this season and straight out of the Puel textbook of how to play football. So much aimless possession and sideways passing. There must have been 50 misplaced passes in that game from us it was shocking. And the amount of miscontrols etc is just awful. Yes Newcastle came and did a job on us, but playing like that tonight, any premiership side would have turned us over comfortably. They looked on the beach to be fair.
  4. As poor as anything we've been served up this season. Did we actually have a shot on target??
  5. This is awful so far. Just gone back to the pass pass pass with no direction. We aren't going cause any trouble putting ten passes together across the back 4. It's pointless.
  6. Take the cup runs more seriously and get as far as we can. And finish on more points than we finish on this season.
  7. Absolute trash again. 3 out of 10 perhaps for that performance. The amount of basic errors we make in any given game is frankly shocking. We are talking about multi million pound players making Sunday league mistakes. And not just one, it's dozens per game. Misplaced simple passes, dallying on the ball too long and as we've seen there for Watford second goal, multiple diabolical decisions in a row gifting Watford a goal. Half this lot need binning off.
  8. I think it's becoming obvious that you can't polish a turd. Doesn't matter who is in charge, we simply don't have the players at the club who can actually do any damage to other teams.
  9. We are simply never going to score here. No ideas, no one even remotely creative, no desire. It's just pass pass pass wasting time whilst Watford sit with their cigars out on a one nil lead. Dreadful.
  10. I already like what BR is doing and we haven't played a minute yet under him. Some times it's the simple things that gets the fans onside. And he already has shown he is good at that. From his few interviews there is already a feel good factor about what the future holds. That was never there under Puel. You get 32000 fans behind you completely together week in and week out and good stuff will eventually happen. We've seen it before. Also, if you have a manager who is clear and concise with what he wants to both the fans and the players, it also buys you more time when things don't go right all the time. The fans won't jump on his back like they did Puel.
  11. Ben Mee Ryan Bertrand Daniel Sturridge Adam Lallana Bas Dost (target man option up front)
  12. If he finishes in the top half this season that's fine for me. I'm more interested in him getting us actually playing decent football again and win lose or draw I'd take that for the rest of the season whilst he sorts it all out. He's got 10 free hits this season for me. I just want to see improvement. I think in the summer we will see the most movement in the transfer window than we've seen for a long time. But that's more down to players leaving, being sold, or being out of contract that will give us room to bring in perhaps 3 or 4 genuine first team players. His first full season I'd still be happy with 50 points and good couple of runs in the cups where we only get knocked out by a better side, not just because we don't give a sh*t.
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