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  1. I don't dare to dream of winning it, I dream about how much better the table could have looked if we had put a decent side out against Palace and not dropped at least some of the points we did at home to Fulham, Villa, West Ham and Everton....
  2. Can someone explain to me why that free kick was taken from outside the area when the keeper picked the ball up inside?
  3. I guess then, neither does Roy Keane as he's just said both teams are awful.
  4. Well I think with zero shots on target and virtually nothing in the final third apart from Vardys offside goal is indeed dreadful.
  5. Sorry, which part about me saying Ndidi held on to the ball standing still for ages because none of his team mates did anything but stand about was incorrect?
  6. First ten minutes aside we look dreadful again. Ndidi holding the ball for what 20 seconds because there was no one moving.
  7. This looks at the minute like a home game where we can't break a bottom half team down. Hope it doesn't end up how those games tend to
  8. I think the frustration with the team now lies in the fact that the bang average players now stand out even more. For every one player we have who is massively talented, hes more often than not passing the ball to someone whose not. This was never more evident than today. We have, genuinely, 6 or 7 players who could go to any big 6 team and probably play, and the ones that make the rest of the 11 up are bang average. So when you rest nearly all of the quality players, you are in huge trouble. Brenda rests players like we have a squad depth of City or Liverpool etc when we downright dont
  9. But we would of created more chances if Rodgers hadn't sidelined all our creative players!! You cant just pull out Tielemens , Vardy, Maddison, Fofana, Castagne, Ndidi etc and expect it to not make a huge difference. Especially when players you put in their place as rusty as shit because they hardly play. Rest players if need be yes, but not every single one that has a footballing brain!
  10. Thats a crap point and I'll not be convinced otherwise. I don't see the point in playing so ridiculously understrength in games where 3 points makes a huge difference. Just what do we want to do here is my question? Why not start with a strong team? You know Palaces heads would have dropped if we had taken an early lead, and you could then have rested the players in the second half. I just don't get it I really don't
  11. Seriously though, can someone tell me, whats the point in going all out to win at places like spurs, and then get a hard fought point to man u, and then play a league Cup throwaway tie team against a team we should be beating. Why bother?
  12. Its not even that though is it. You can rest Vardy, but for god sake don't rest everything creative we have in one sitting. Its just stupid
  13. The thing is, with Palace conceding 10 in the last two every fvcker knows that Palace would have started slowly, keen to stay in the game and nothing more. We should have started with a full team, and hooked players if we found ourselves a couple in front. You don't do it the other way round! Its comical management
  14. They've come out quicker, weve stayed the same. We won't change it until we go one down you just know it
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