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  1. I go 4-5-1 for this, am assuming that Madders can play after all the shite this week. Kasper Castagne Soyuncu Evans Thomas Ricardo Tielemens Ndidi Maddison Albrighton Nacho If we are losing with 30 to go, go 4-4-2 and bring Vardy on with Nacho.
  2. We are a bit like Man United are really, except we don't just give a one goal head start and we don't turn it around.
  3. Extremely poor. Ignore the scoreline we only scored two goals because West Ham took their foot off the gas. This was a thrashing. So so poor. Positives, Nacho, Albrighton when he came on. Vardy is surely into his last few games for Leicester. I'm sure we will be looking to replace him in the summer. Amazing servant and a legend, but his time has come.
  4. I actually laughed at the 4th one flying in. You couldnt make it up. I genuinely didnt think we would implode like we did last season again but its happening. Its so happening. There is no way we end the season above enough teams like Chelsea, West Ham, Liverpool, Spurs etc to make CL. You can see whats going to play out over the next month or so but none of us (and seemingly Brendan) can do anything about it. Its turgid garbage with no one in form, no confidence, no fight, no bottle. Its a carbon copy of last season.
  5. I'll promise you now and give you whatever odds you want that we won't. We will end up losing this by more.
  6. Are we though? Or are we only better than this when we have no one injured. I mean, look at our fooking bench, it's Johnstone paint trophy level that is.
  7. At least we now know how next season plays out. We will get dumped out of the europa early on because we want to concentrate on doing a bottle job in the last couple of months of the season.
  8. It's the same as last season in nacho aside, we have almost every single player out of form and we can't do anything about it
  9. I mean, even if they HAD gone to some house party, surely if Rodgers wanted them to play he could just get them tested no? Seeing as you can get results in literally minutes I dont see the issue in terms of football playing, apart from them being prats outside of it?
  10. Imagine if we went with a positive attitude last week and won....we could have been 12 behind with 2 in hand......things could of gotten interesting.
  11. I suspect he would cost around 20 million should west brom be relegated which would be a worthy risk if we send Under back.
  12. Taylor, didn't know you were signed up to foxestalk?
  13. But if its a free hit then...I dunno....have a go? If not at 0-0 then surely at 0-1? We could of had a real go in the first twenty minutes and found ourselves one up with something to work on for the rest of the game, but we played to just wait for the inevitable. If we had gone for it from the start and found ourselves a couple down at half time then so what, we lost anyway! Its almost like that just because we scored five against them earlier in the season and scored three against Liverpool doing a similar thing, that Rodgers thinks teams will simply co
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