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  1. We don't need to be spending that kind of money I agree. However, if we want to take that next step up then at some point we will probably have to make a signing that shows real intent. If for nothing more than to make other potential signings know that we mean business in trying to make the step up. I'm not saying Coutinho is the answer, but we probably will have to complete a signing like this at some point if we want to be taken seriously by other future signings
  2. I've been put on sick leave at work despite having no symptoms of coronavirus. Is this legal?
  3. For someone who is more in the know on this than me. If you are one of the 1.5 million who gets told to sit in home for 12 weeks away from work etc, does that put you in the category of claiming 12 weeks statutory sick pay(if your work doesn't pay anything else for it) or does it put you in the category of the government will pay 80 percent of your wages?
  4. The problem with all the measures taken so far is that they won't really achieve anything. All over the weekend I've seen kids running amok all over the place. This isn't going to change Monday to Friday now they are off school. So taking them out of school won't achieve anything. In fact, it may make certain situations worse. Work. The vast majority of people are still having to go to work. Which for the most part entails mixing with loads of people in close quarters etc. There doesn't appear to be an issue with this still according to the powers that be. So how is that going to keep infection rates down? It's stupid that they say don't go out, no pubs, gatherings of people etc, yet in the next breath they have no issue with people going to work in offices, factories etc where you can have dozens of people confined to areas where contamination is rife. These people are then going home etc to vulnerable people, and putting lives at risk again. Surely if they are going to make this work, by hook or by crook they need to keep everyone off work unless it's absolutely critical in terms of jobs they do. It just seems like half measure after half measure so far, which won't really change anything. For me it's either everything or nothing if they really want to tackle this.
  5. It does. The same happened last week at my place where some were put on to a week on week off rota. They will be covered during their time off. I suspect it's the same everywhere
  6. Except it won't be unpaid though will it if you are employed but temporarily laid off? Or am I missing something?
  7. It's pretty obvious that regardless of the timescales that football is stopped for, when it starts again it will resume from where we left off. This will almost certainly mean the euros are cancelled. Next season will obviously start late. Cancel league cup, FA cup and international friendlies in order to catch up on what we lost due to the late start of the new seaaon.
  8. Groundhog Day. Nothing changes.
  9. I don't mind that side. Ndidi back should be better for us. Justin has not put a foot wrong yet and chilwell who he is in for can't put a foot right so that cant go any worse.
  10. I must be the only one confident tomorrow. Take Grealish out of Villa and they are shocking. Surely, surely we can put them away to render this weekends results meaningless.
  11. Plus half a team out of form that just keep getting played anyway
  12. Save yourself the bother. You can find something better to waste your remaining 60 minutes on surely. I watched 5 minutes, saw it was the same turgid crap from the rest of the year so far and turned off .
  13. So, you turn the opposition down a division and we still look shite shock horror.
  14. Thing is this nice patient passing play at the back waiting for openings is all well and good if you have world class players in multiple positions who can spot the gaps, make the runs or have the skill to take players out of the game to create openings. We don't. So we pass the ball around he back with no idea as to what we are doing. Then when a pass is spotted, it's likely to be under or over weighted, telegraphed or simply off target. Or if a player makes a run, it's not spotted etc. It just constantly leads to something that looks disjointed and lacking in ideas. When we slowly play around with the ball at the back all its doing is giving the opposition time to get themselves sorted and take a breather as a bonus because they know we very rarely will work anything of note from that passage of play because we don't have the players to do so anywhere near regular enough. It's absolutely horrible to watch
  15. The standard is don't hit bottom of the table form for over a third of the season maybe. You know, like it would be for the majority of clubs. What are we again, 11 points from 13? That would put anyone's job on the line in the premier League that wasn't a bottom 6 club.
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