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  1. kristianity77

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Imagine though if by chance he does stay. With the signings we've made so far and him in the team still, we'd surely be favourites in the league for a Europa spot? Maybe Riyad will warm a little to staying now that he's not surrounded by absolute guff in some areas of the pitch. Wishful thinking!
  2. kristianity77

    Marvin Plattenhardt

    That doesn't even make any sense though. "We like your player, do you think he might be for sale in 12 months time?" We are either interested now to buy now, or we aren't and the selling team are chucking names in to the ring to make any other genuinely interested clubs get their skates on.
  3. kristianity77

    James Maddison

    Sorry but no one is going to be bidding the amount we would ask for Vardy if they even attempted to buy him. Plus no one is going to pay 30k over what we are a week for a striker that is over 30 and his biggest attribute is pace. Because if you look at the teams above us in the table, who realistically needs him?
  4. kristianity77

    Aleksandar Dragovic

    I wish we did play 3 at the back! Would love drago, Evans and Maguire as a back three with Pereira and either Chilwell or Fuchs as wing backs. (Or indeed a new lwb entirely would be even better). We would be sound defensively and have additional attacking options on the flanks when needed.
  5. kristianity77

    Thursday 7th June - England vs Costa Rica

    I thought Maguire was decent tonight. He absolutely has to start in the first game. Vardy, well. We all know what he can do but it just doesn't really fit with how England play. You can't realistically pick him over Rashford or Kane if they are going to play the way it looks like the will do. He's just a spare part in that set up. He will probably be an impact sub for the last 20 or so if we are chasing a game I expect or looking to see a win out as he is a better outlet when it's a case of making hoofs up the pitch when under the cosh. Vardy is a quality player but only when the system allows him to be. England's just doesn't suit him.
  6. kristianity77

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Still want us to get Evans personally to create a back three with Maguire and hopefully Dragovic. With Pereira one side and hopefully a lwb coming in on the other side that's the defence pretty much sorted along with giving us a bit of width. One of Fuchs or Chilwell to go out the door for me, with whoever stays being backup to whoever we pick up. I'd love us to sign Bertrand for that position if it was up to me.
  7. kristianity77

    Jack Grealish

    Grealish is a great option if around the 20 million mark. Get him on board.
  8. kristianity77

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    They didn't though did they. That's like saying Liverpool would have finished in the bottom half of the table if Salah hadn't of played (if you take his goals out of all the games they might be worse than that). When the fact is that other players would have scored goals instead that they otherwise wouldn't have. Maybe not as many but the point still stands. The Vardy and Mahrez combination to be honest causes more harm these days than it does Good. Granted it contributed to a load of goals but it makes us so predictable and one dimensional we are piss easy to play against. This can't last forever and if Mahrez goes for 75 million and we get a couple of really good players in, we will be far more balanced and we won't be a one pronged attack team that we have been for the last two years.
  9. kristianity77

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    We relied too much on him. He's not replaceable as a single player, but if we spend well, we can be a much better team than we were with him and the assists and goals can be spread out more.
  10. kristianity77

    How City may line up next season ...

    What I'd like (and I don't think it's overly unrealistic) Kasper Dragovic Evans Maguire Pereira Bertrand Silva ndidi T Hazard Nacho Vardy
  11. kristianity77


    Evans, Dragovic and Maguire as a back three please. Pereira and Bertrand flying up the wings when attacking at pace. I'd love that set up.
  12. kristianity77

    Vardy to Atletico

    I'm not actually as sure about struggling next season as I was a week ago. On reflection, it's quite possible he knows half our team needs shifting on, the players in question might know they are for the axe and that's what caused the torrid end to the season. One thing is for sure though, if Puel is pulling the strings in the transfer market, he's hitting the mark so far and is earning the chance to make his own team and see how it goes.
  13. kristianity77


    The vast majority of managers in World football apart from the absolute big hitters like your Klopps, Mourinho, Pep etc are all available if you are prepared to splash the cash. Its the ambition of the owners who determine who we can and cannot get manager wise.
  14. kristianity77

    End of season Puel poll

    No chance. One result at home against Arsenal should not have any bearing on the crap weve been served up in the last 4 months. Either way I'm pretty sure hes gone. Cant see him staying.
  15. kristianity77

    Arsenal... Score prediction thread :

    0-3 to the Arse for me. Evens odds almost at some bookies. Closest thing to free money that you can get.