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  1. kristianity77

    Valencia pre-season friendly Match thread.

    He was much better I recall as a waterboy.
  2. kristianity77

    Udinese Match Thread

    What we have to realise, pre season friendly or not is that if you look past our starting 11, it is absolute garbage. Im pretty sure Puel knows that but they are going to get game time anyway. Our starting 11 minus one or two players that we "should" get in to strengthen, isnt all that bad. But it does show that we are paying probably 6-8 players decent wages who should be nowhere near a Premier League football team. If we can keep Maguire, maybe add another CB, and get a decent signing in a player that can create, we will be alright next season, barring injuries.
  3. kristianity77


    We absolutely need to keep him. We spent the last third of the last season bang in relegation form and we are starting this season (so far) with a worse team with less goals in it and certain players even more over the hill than last year. It's alright saying selling him for 70 million or so but who do we bring in that wants to come here? We look unambitious as f**k and that will reflect on any potential players we might buy. If we are hampered by not being able to pay out any more wages even though we have money to burn in terms of transfers then we should have ripped up the contracts of players we don't need anymore.
  4. kristianity77


    It's all well and good saying that we'd sell if any one made a silly money offer but the fact is by keeping on doing this we are heading one way. Relegation. We can't keep flogging our best players and expect to stay afloat in this league. It's alright having 60 million in the bank from Mahrez and maybe the same amount again if Harry goes but it means sod all if we can't attract players good enough to come here to replace them. This is where we constantly mess up. Quality goes out, has beens and gambles come in. It's only going to end in tears if we carry on this way. We are rapidly turning in to Southampton if we keep letting our best players go.
  5. kristianity77

    Post Match - England 1 - Croatia 2 (AET)

    We can all agree that we've done really well to get as far as we did but even so, tonight's result has really annoyed me. Anyone could see that after about half an hour of the game Croatia we're getting to grips with our style of play but throughout the rest of the game we did nothing to change it. What was it, one shot on target in 90 minutes?? We know that our strengths are on set plays. But you don't get corners and free kicks in good areas if you don't attack. We barely got into the final third for the last hour of the game so then our best route to goal (set plays) was totally cut off. Plan A had sufficed to get us through a rubbish group and grind out wins against semi decent sides in Colombia and Sweden but we were easily undone by a team with any real quality in it. Like I said, great run and fantastic entertainment but we aren't as good as we think we are. I don't read in to the fact that we got to the last four like I don't read anything in to FIFA rankings. We got lucky to get where we did in this tournament. Having said all that, we are improving so that's a step in the right direction. Defensively I think we are mostly solid. But we've got no one good enough really to partner Kane and no creativity in midfield still (from open play).
  6. kristianity77

    Croatia v Denmark round of 16 match thread

    Is it just me but I thought Croatia were absolute garbage tonight. I know it's still a lot of ifs and buts but if we were to meet them in the semi finals I'm not sure we'd have too much to fear.
  7. kristianity77

    Croatia v Denmark round of 16 match thread

    If Denmark go on to win this I think I'll actually believe England will make the final.
  8. As much as it made me do a little sick in my mouth, I semi cheered when Belgium scored. Finishing second in the group gives us the best chance of the last 4 since 1990
  9. kristianity77

    Japan v Poland match thread

    How about on draws in group stages instantly goes to pen shoot out for a bonus point. That would make the likelihood of indentical stats a touch harder to come by.
  10. kristianity77

    2018 World Cup Knockout Stages

    So if we finish 2nd, I believe we'd have to play Sweden or Switzerland in the quarters if we got past the last 16. I THINK, the semis would be one from Spain Russia Croatia Denmark I could be wrong though In a nutshell, Id be surprised if we go for it tomorrow. Never want England to lose in a world cup but id not be downhearted one iota if we lost tomorrow.
  11. kristianity77

    England v Panama - Match Thread

    What???? Couple of dodgy moments in defence aside, England have been superb
  12. kristianity77

    England v Panama - Match Thread

    Got to say it. Opposition are poor that has to be said. But England are ruthless. When was the last time we saw that, 5 1 Germany?
  13. kristianity77

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Imagine though if by chance he does stay. With the signings we've made so far and him in the team still, we'd surely be favourites in the league for a Europa spot? Maybe Riyad will warm a little to staying now that he's not surrounded by absolute guff in some areas of the pitch. Wishful thinking!
  14. kristianity77

    Marvin Plattenhardt

    That doesn't even make any sense though. "We like your player, do you think he might be for sale in 12 months time?" We are either interested now to buy now, or we aren't and the selling team are chucking names in to the ring to make any other genuinely interested clubs get their skates on.
  15. kristianity77

    James Maddison

    Sorry but no one is going to be bidding the amount we would ask for Vardy if they even attempted to buy him. Plus no one is going to pay 30k over what we are a week for a striker that is over 30 and his biggest attribute is pace. Because if you look at the teams above us in the table, who realistically needs him?