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  1. Between 4 and 6 for most. Albrighton with an 8. Chilwell with a 2 because of his continuous supply of buffet balls to the opposition.
  2. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    For anyone who didn't get to see that first half it was: Get the ball Long ball Lose the ball Get the ball Long ball Lose the ball Chelsea score Rinse and repeat
  3. West Brom away pre match thread

    West Brom have won what, once since August? This is an absolute nailed on win for them at home. Points....points for everyone!
  4. Bournemouth post match 1-1

  5. Bournemouth Home Match Thread

    It's a really good job we have points on the board because if we had half a dozen less than we do now I'd really be worried about us
  6. Everton (A) Match Thread

    Don't understand why people are shocked that we have nothing about us tonight. You don't buy players like Silva, Iborra etc and leave them on the fooking bench for players like James
  7. Time added on - it's becoming a joke

    Thing is, with a clock that pauses for each stoppage, timewasting is eradicated in an instant. Plus stoppage time becomes a non issue for both team because when the time is up, its finished.
  8. Twos and threes all round. No one stood out as even average. Pathetic
  9. Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    That's the spirit!!!
  10. Liverpool 2 Leicester 1 post match thread

    January is here now, time to see if Silva can give us more control in games. I hope to god we sign a few players as we are unbelievably bare in places. As for the game. Typical Leicester. Go one nil up then attempt to sit on it for 87 minutes and only show any intent when we eventually go behind. It's boring, predictable, and it never ever works.
  11. Man City (H) League Cup match thread

    The annoying part about all this is, if we went more or less full side, we'd probably beat that Man City side. Why not just get knocked out in the early rounds if you have no intention of winning it?
  12. Southampton (A) 4-1 Post Match Thread

    Whats going on with Danny Mills? I'm sure it wasn't my telly but hes developed one hell of a lisp!

    As good as a European Tour would be, exactly who are we going to catch up and displace in the top 6 from Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea to get there?
  14. Burnley (H).. Up next.. Thoughts?

    If we play close to our best then we win this. The only reason Burnley get a result out of this is if we allow them to.
  15. The joke thread

    Good deed done for the day! Was stood behind a frail old woman in Sainsburys earlier who had £63 worth of shopping but her card got declined at the till. Being near Christmas and the season of good will and all that, I helped her put it all back.