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  1. *legit criticism of a player* "Can't believe our fanbase hating on players again!!!111!!!" Are we only allowed to say positive things?
  2. Today was his 50th Premier League start for us and his 109th PL appearance. He's scored 8 goals and assisted 6. I'm not sure the end product will ever come, sadly. Not a bad player, but we can do better I think.
  3. Poznan34

    Papy Mendy

    sell, promote Hamza
  4. A pink kit can get in the bin. If they want to do a different colour just do the green and yellow like everyone has been asking for.
  5. Young player - Chilwell Player - Tough one, no real standouts so went for Ricardo, a very decent first season for him. Goal - Vardy vs Spurs was quality but I've gone for Gray vs Cardiff considering the circumstances.
  6. Brighton have spurs away to come too (not that they'll get anything from it)
  7. Why do the Merc need to write that? Here, Leicester City fans, your side has just lost, so here's a load of giddy Geordies rubbing it in...great, cheers.
  8. Newcastle did the same last year, come here, park the bus. Boring but effective. Ergh.
  9. What were Newcastle singing that mentioned "and Leicester"?
  10. Has the grey away shirt sold out?
  11. Pretty sure the same thing happened at Burnley. Tbf I can understand it as the lines sound very similar and we have been know to sing "you'll never sing that".
  12. How long before opposition fans realise that the last line of the Vichai chant is "you made us sing that" not "you'll never sing that"?
  13. Potential banana skin as the pressure is off now they're down. 1-2
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