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  1. I'm always impressed when Jonathon Northcroft speaks about LCFC. He lives in Leicester so he knows the feeling of the fans on the ground. He speaks so much more sense than the pundits on Sky/MOTD.
  2. Gray the obvious choice. Ndidi's below-par season has gone unnoticed by non LCFC fans. Heard a Palace fan say "I'd take that Iheanacho" on the way out of Selhurst Park this season, I felt like telling him they're welcome to him!
  3. I think that's harsh. On our day we can be decent, and hold our own for a club of our stature. Saying that, we do seem to have got quieter in the past few years, though.
  4. You score some, you miss some. Not sure there's anything else going on here. Pretty sure Maddison had scored all previous pens in his career before his miss, so perhaps he was due a miss. Vardy's was a high pressure pen with it being his first touch of the game, not surprised it was saved really.
  5. Talk of us being in any danger of relegation is rubbish. We're 500/1 to go down!
  6. We played very well, should have scored at least 3, one of the best performances of the season. If your reaction to this game is to rush to the Puel Out thread, you're an idiot.
  7. If we're talking dodgy decisions, how about atletico's penalty in the first leg of our CL tie!
  8. Glad him and Johnson are getting senior football. Too good for the reserves
  9. Up the City!! Great stuff. Bring on Man Utd on Sunday now!
  10. I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 121 seconds  
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