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  1. Bygone days when games were just fun, nothing more, used to like playing the Terminator 2 arcade game at the old bowling place where Debenhams is now, also did the quasar thing in there a few times too even if it did feel a little silly.

  2. 24 minutes ago, Carl the Llama said:

    That's not what I'm saying at all, just warning anyone who happens to be reading the conversation that there are some bad faith types trying to blow things up and obfuscate the issues.  I only started looking into it because of the Quartering video as he's somebody whose content I've been following for years, I know what he's all about so him releasing a video taking a moral stance on this game was a big red flag for me.  Honestly if you ignore all the static and take the leaks and footage in a vacuum it just looks and sounds like a gorgeous game with a dark, introspective story which takes a couple of controversial decisions about how key characters' fates unfold. 


    Most people understand the fallacy that if a non-cis gender or sexuality person appearing in fictional media is indoctrination then popular fiction's been indoctrinating all non-cis people for decades, centuries even.  But these guys have a knack for blurring the lines, making funny in-jokes out of it, then drip feeding more and more edgy dog whistles until you end up with sad scenes like this and now they're clearly gearing it up again so I'm just spelling it out in case anybody isn't wise to it, I'm not accusing anyone on here of anything.


    Do you mind linking some of that stuff?

    No offense but look things up yourself, you cant be spoiled and I'm not going to go through tons of videos etc.,

    Just one video by some non white guy in the States, the funniest ones from a few weeks ago were where they flagged two channels belonging to lawyers but as stated I'm not trawling through hundreds of videos.

    All they had to do was ignore the leaks and this might have blown over but they turned it into a soap opera in which so many on YouTube is getting involved in, I still cant get my head around them doing this.


  3. 1 minute ago, Finnegan said:


    Oh man there's a special edition? Please tell me it comes in a pride flag tin with with an Ellie action figure with unshaved armpits waving a burning bra. 


    I'll order five. 

    Then do it instead of flapping your mouth, if all you want to do is buy something to virtue signal, why stand between a fool and his money :)

  4. 1 hour ago, Carl the Llama said:

    Nah you're cool, see that makes more sense but imo

      Reveal hidden contents

    that's a cool plot point, being hit with a major tragedy like the death of a popular figure early on is a good way to set up an emotional storyline.  I'm pretty sure most people expected Joel to die in this game anyway tbh. It's a major bummer that you'll never get to experience that moment spontaneously now though. I have a lot of respect for writers who aren't afraid to mess with popular characters, it's a big reason why GoT became so popular



    I would be very careful with youtube videos on it right now though tbh, I've watched a couple to try to better understand what the issue is and there's a theme of arguing along the lines of "I'm fine with Abby maybe being trans, it's irrelevant to me, my problem is the way they're treating Ellie & Joel and making us play as someone new instead of letting us get revenge as Ellie", but then they complain about the "woke agenda" ruining their game.  Does not compute. With Quartering wading in with his get woke go broke hilarity I'm convinced there are bad actors trying to ignite gamergate 2. I mean none of the stuff I've looked at once mentioned Sarkeesian being involved like Shep says, looking into that it appears to be pure rumour mill stuff generated on twitter which further supports my bad actor theory, hers is one of the first names into the pot if you're trying to stir up irrational responses from the gaming public.  Be extremely dubious about any negative press, there are obvious vested interests at play here and they're using the same indoctrination methods as last time.



    The Sarky woman was mentioned ages ago but the soap opera going on online is how Sony etc., have handled the leaks and flouted copyright laws, which I do not like, they made a real mess out of it.

  5. 1 hour ago, Finnegan said:

    I can't wait to play this, I might even break my own rule and pre order it. Possibly twice.


    Just to let Sony and Naughty Dog know I fully support their stance of rustling the jimmies of little incels on social media and that they should make way more games with lesbian feminist heroes just for the lulz. 

    Well, pre order it instead of flapping your mouth as per usual and go for the special edition if you want to support these companies, I'm prepared to wait and see since I do not like to waste my hard earned money :)

  6. 23 minutes ago, Carl the Llama said:

    That wasn't a spoiler, calm down.  I'm just telling you that the top articles about the controversy highlight people complaining about a potential trans character, being familiar with the first game's storyline I know that's not going to be an issue for its fans so I figure this soap opera you're following but don't want to talk about is centred on a different topic.


    Peeps aren't happy about a main character from the first game being killed off straight away amongst other things, would be like killing off Ripley at the start of Aliens

    Also the way ND and Sony have handled the whole affair leaves a really bad taste in the mouth,

    As for my mood, I'm a bit fed up because I find it difficult to sleep sometimes because my chest is still giving me grief at times so sorry if I flew off the handle.

  7. Just not in the mood.

    As per what I've said before, wait for reviews  the buyer can trust before spending hard earned cash one way or the other.

    Personally I'm going to wait and see, not like the price is going to increase at all if I was to buy it.

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  8. 19 minutes ago, Carl the Llama said:

    That man has spent a long time trying to emulate Sargon of Akkad's early success with gamergate by seeking to uncover his own oppressive sjw regimes at every turn, it takes very little compelling evidence for him to go off on long, prejudiced rants.  So if he's triggered by this game then all that tells us is it doesn't pander to him with anime schoolgirls and barrel-chested space marines, he serves very little value as an impartial arbiter of a game's content.

    That's just one person of many talking about the shit storm over this game and was the latest video at the time of posting as an example, it is a soap opera and is not looking good, that's why I stated reviews since he himself has said he is not interested in buying the game, not video blogs or paid for websites but reviews the buyer can trust, :facepalm: Sony has not handled this well at all.

  9. Returned to watching Anime after seven odd years, binged The Promised Neverland which was a good horror story with a second season lined up, Demon Slayer which is a really good shounen with at times stunningly beautiful art and a gorgeous soundtrack, with yet again a second season and movie in the pipeline and might look at a few others that peeps are talking about.


  10. On ‎18‎/‎05‎/‎2020 at 15:49, Sir Shep said:

    Man alive like lockdown boredom made me look up all the fuss about this game, from what I’ve seen I can’t see me buying it now, although I’ll see if I can find an impartial review first. 

    Well, the soap opera is ongoing, I'd only go from reviews you can absolutely 100% trust

  11. Celtic and Rangers are clubs I care nothing for in a shit league, why keep harping on about them, unless we were to play them in Europe they are of little relevance and the fact a manager like Brendan walked out on them during the season to come to a club not in Europe  says a lot.

  12. 1 hour ago, Innovindil said:

    I love twitch, one of my favourite content providers on the Internet. There's always something to watch from professional tournaments to watching an idiot spend 25 hours trying to kill one boss on God of war (like last night. lol) and everything in between. 


    I genuinely have no idea why they are trying so hard with this nonsense, on any open sign up platform you're going to get idiots that just want to hurl abuse, but channels should already have enough tools to deal with it, you can self moderate a channel easily enough, or get people to moderate it for you, there's even filters so you can auto ban people that use words you don't like. 


    Only person on that council I'd trust with running something like this is CohhCarnage, but I genuinely have no idea why he'd want his name attached to something that could cause such a ****ing mess. Can only imagine they asked some of the other early days streamers but they all said **** no. 

    Been watching some of the meltdown of this on YouTube since content creators use both and a lot of peeps are unhappy with this person, who is continuing to shoot their mouth it seems.

    Along with the Last of us 2 and Sony/Muso stuff that is now leading to legal actions being taken against Sony, these media platforms are more entertainment than current TV.

  13. Had some major coughing fits again last night and could not sleep so stayed up watching Anime online, The Promised Neverland which would make a good live action horror.

    Started this anime too, a shonen  made by Ufotable, so the art is amazing and its supposed to be up there with FMA Brotherhood, guilty pleasure but enjoyable to watch.

    The character themes in Demon Slayer are fantastic.


  14. 6 hours ago, Dahnsouff said:

    Underworld series, but perhaps the presence of Kate Beckinsale means it should not be classified as shyte. :dunno:

    Or Warcraft, too much wasted yoof on the game

    Problem with Warcraft is it was made about the original game, it should have been the really popular undead plague story and the Lich Kings destruction of Lordaeron and the high elf kingdom.

    Sphere is a really enjoyable movie, probably Sharon Stones best alongside Hoffman and Jackson.

  15. 2 hours ago, Bert said:

    They sent an email out which has been posted above. You can either use it against the cost of next season or get a cash refund. Mine is £94 so a nice handy amount. (445/19x4.)

    £465 for me, strangely I get a lot of LCFC store Emails and promotional stuff but am not getting much from the ticket office since the start of the season, makes me wonder if the departments all use the same Email or if the ticket office is sending stuff to my old Email address. 

    Current one is nominating LCFC champions, peeps who have done stuff in the community but since I've seen so few peeps these past two months for me at least it is a pointless Email.

  16. 1 minute ago, Qwerty said:

    Do we just sit tight and wait to hear?

    I was hoping relocate my season tickets for next season, so I don’t want to miss any deadlines.  

    Should I just assume that until we know what’s happening with the rest of this season, that no decisions will be made regarding next season?  I know they suspended the auto-renewal , but I don’t have that anyway.

    Anyone in the know?

    They continued to take the payments for last season then nothing mentioned, not a peep from the club yet.

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