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  1. Are you Leicester? What signings have you made so far and what formation are you trying?

    I've got a Leicester save (started for the second time) got Balanta in for £3.3m and a young Chelsea 'keeper Beeney in my u21s. That's it atm. Just got up to the first friendly. But my first save with Leicester I lost all the time, and just none of my saves are working no matter what I do. Eventually I want a Leicester save and a save starting in the VCN/S.

  2. My team is ****ing hopeless, played 12 games won 1 19th in the league, scored 8 goals in 12 games including a penalty and an own goal. Signed Embolo straight away 12 games in he hasn't had a shot on target let alone a goal, the fans have called the signing an Abberation. What the **** am I doing wrong.

    I'm actually poor at this. If I play as a better team, I lose. If I play as a worser team, I lose. I make us more attacking when we are the better team and expected to win, and more counter attacking when we are the worser team. Anyone able to tell me how to actually get some wins? So it's bearable.

  3. If you adjust their line height they defend higher up the pitch so you can actually get in behind them (ala Vardy) and if you make it a bit wider I think that helps too. And as someone else suggested, increase pass error.

    Cheers! I've put their line height at 60 and pass error at 55. Should see improvements?

  4. Professional is too easy, I'm winning every game now. But I've just upped it to WC and drew 2 games. (Leicester v Palace and Man Utd v Forest) I'm gonna do another game as a weaker team and see where I am. Really frustrating because I dominated both games. But 10 players defending in the opposition box. I want to be on WC so I'm not winning every game, but I don't want to just draw every game 0-0 with me having 13 shots to there 1, and occasionally they score that goal. All the sliders are still 50-50. Any recommendations? Or is it, keep playing get the feel of it and Bob's your uncle! Cheers guys.

  5. I can't find Ranieri on UT, is he on there? If anyone has him on PS4?

    I find it a good game, I think the slower gameplay makes pace more redundant but effective if a side has it (ala Leicester, a fast side)

    I take my hat off to EA, as I think it's a massive improvement on 15, still some tweaks obviously, but I generally think it's a better game than 15.

  6. Watford are assembling a potentially good side.

    Capoue & Behrami are top signings, Holebas looked decent at last year's World Cup, while Vydra has signed permanently.

    Think they want Stambouli as well & they could do with a Premier League experienced defender.

    A potentially good side, maybe. As a general question, how will they comply with the 8 'home grown' players? Or whatever the rule is? Because the majority of their squad are foreign imports and they've only added more foreign players. Like Man City needing at least 2/3 English players (Lampard, Milner, Boyata all gone from last season)
  7. You'll never please everyone, saying you can't enjoy career mode because of Football manager is laughable. I get people want to play Career mode BUT the game is for PLAYING not sitting there playing around with tactics and taking to players.

    Yeah I get that. I like the game, I enjoy playing it. Just saying I think it would be improved drastically if made a little bit more 'in-depth' if that is right. Any ideas what our ratings would be for 16?

  8. Really hope the career mode is made better, as someone else said (in this thread or another?) you can't 100% enjoy career mode on Fifa whilst FM is that far in front because it's made for a career mode so I hope for a few improvements on that front. Also think that the line between winning massively on one difficulty and losing, not being able to do anything on another is far too fine.

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