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  1. Just now, Finnegan said:


    Yeah but why even mention Ziyech? 



    4 minutes ago, Finnegan said:

    Depends who's next after Iheanacho (assuming that's going ahead.)


    A top young forward to upgrade on Shinji, a promising young centre half that's good enough to start and some quality depth at centre mid is a great start.


    But to echo everyone else, there's still big holes.


    I'd want a winger of at least the quality of our other signings if Riyad goes, a quality right back that's not just back up to Simpson but an improvement and probably still another CB.

    Agree with this 100%. A creative midfielder as well for me, but can't really see it now we've got Iborra.

  2. 2 hours ago, Marutimon said:

    Goal ratio for Manchester City: 1 goal per 99,9 minutes

    Goal + assist ratio for Manchester City: 1 goal or assist per 72,3 minutes


    If true then there should be some noticeable drop-off in his goals ratio when playing for other teams... lets see...

    Goal ratio for Nigeria NT: 1 goal per 116,5 minutes 

    Goal + assist ratio for Nigeria NT: 1 goal or assist per 77,8 minutes

    Goal ratio for the Man City EDS: 1 goal per 133 minutes

    Goal + assist ration for the Man City EDS: 1 goal or assist per 66,5 minutes

    (Not to mention 6 goals and 7 assists in 7 games at the U17 World Cup)


    No. No drop-off.


    So maybe he performs worse against top opponents in the Champions League?

    Goal ratio for Man City in Champions League: 1 goal per 87 minutes


    The only thing that becomes so apparent is that he's been consistently scoring goals no matter the competition or what team he plays on.


    Also: If its all down to his teammates then how come no one else ever came close to his stats save for Aguero, the second most prolific striker in EPL history (behind Iheanacho)?

    Sergio Aguero: 1 goal per 110,7 minutes

    Edin Dzeko: 1 goal per 158 minutes

    Stevan Jovetic: 1 goal per 169 minutes

    Wilfried Bony: 1 goal per 181,9 minutes

    Leroy Sane: 1 goal per 289 minutes

    Raheem Sterling: 1 goal per 314,7 minutes


    Still no...


    You could say Gabriel Jesus is close, but we'll see if he keeps up the consistency of Iheanacho over 2100 minutes (as compared to 740 Gabriel Jesus has played so far):

    1 goal per 105,9 minutes




    One last thing: To disprove your theory that its thanks to his teammates. Kelechi Iheanacho does not score because he has many scoring opportunities, but because his conversion rate was the highest in Europe's top leagues (for example in 2015/2016). His 12 league goals came from 19 shots on target.

    Very well done sir. Very interesting and informative. 

  3. 8 minutes ago, buzzer_b said:

    6 wins from 17 games. Really struggling atm. 

    C'mon Buzz! What's going on? Just standard bs or ? I didn't even give qualifying a go. Itotally forgot, but to be honest, I probably wouldn't of made it anyways lol

  4. Wes is club captain, I believe Kasper is vice captain? So I think he'll captain more games this year for us. Huth seems to be looked up to, and obviously Iborra was Sevilla captain for 2 years. I don't think an armband dictates on how a player leads the team. If they've got the personality to lead, they will, and I think that's only a positive.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Cardiff_Fox said:

    To add as well Porto need money quickly due to a FFP agreement with UEFA - I'm surprised more PL clubs haven't bought from there. I'd love to see us bring in Danilo

    Holding midfielder? Anyways it's a wonder how a Portuguese club manages to fail FFP, they sell their best players every year.. Already Porto have sold Andre Silva, Benfica have sold Ederson and Lindelof, Sporting have sold Ruben Semedo. More looking likely to leave from all 3 as well. 

  6. 23 minutes ago, brucey said:

    Since KP only took over Leuven's first team and not the youth team, are these players earmarked for their first team squad? I have no idea regarding the relative standards of Thai youth football vs Belgian second tier football, but this would make me slightly uncomfortable if I was a OHL fan..

    Their first team and youth team are different clubs? Not both owned by KP?

  7. 2 hours ago, deejdeej said:

    Get involved mate the more people the better.


    17 minutes ago, Ross-Kemp said:

    Get involved lads, nothing too serious, just about having a laugh.


    Any level welcome :thumbup:.


    Me and @deejdeej ended up walking Div 10 after a shakey start :scarf:

    Add us up then guys, just let me know you're off here. My names MKeetz95, you've been warned I'm not the best haha lol 

  8. 29 minutes ago, deejdeej said:

    In case nobody saw in the other thread we've got a new ps4 pro club. Foxestalk fc we won and lost one so far so all help is welcome haha 

    Haha I would, but I'm awful ? Always up for a laugh though. In all honesty I think my average rating on this pro clubs is about 8.0/8.1 from about 50 ish games.

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