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  1. 11 minutes ago, foxinsocks said:

    never mind about west ham...


    I'm starting to worry about our business.    A I have said before, we have a number of player in our first teams that we are not sure about... i.e. if they work at their flaws they could become excellent premier league players... but if they will put the effort in.. and if they will succeed we just don't know.  In to this category I would put McGire Mendy, amarty, slimani, musa, kapusta, benny... and also james (can be remain fit?).  SO that seven where we are gambling (lets' say 3 make it).  If Mahrez stays, then he also has to put work in to get back to his best.


    So right now I think we need to buy in proven players with the quality to be top six players;  WE should buy quality.  Buy Micheal kean (or Smalling); buy cover at right back; buy adrien silva; buy  Iheanacho  - if we miss any of there we will need alternatives (NB: not deany - he's a good player but NOT top six) - so that's quite a lot of work.  IF this was a business we would have a team on each one. 


    I am right to be worried about our progress (i.e. lack of)?

    I think Maguire is a good start. And apart from Everton, I don't think many (if any) of the Premier League clubs have done a lot of business so far. Of course though, we all want them new signings done and dusted asap.

  2. 1 hour ago, buzzer_b said:

    No didn't even get to start the tournament. 

    Well if it makes you feel better, I had an attempt at it yesterday but lost in the semis.

  3. 8 minutes ago, Blue Fox 72 said:

    Not sure if you're on the wind up? But if you read further back up this thread you could make your own judgement (based on the speculation).

    Missed that, my bad.


    1 minute ago, SheppyFox said:



  4. 1 hour ago, buzzer_b said:

    Think it's 12 points just to stay in the division. It's as if my team have an hangover from being relegated from 1. I managed to survive though by playing like an absolute arse hole in keeping the ball and playing possession football. Beat this lad 2-0, he then added me as a friend and messaged me to say good game lol

    Can't beat being humble.


    52 minutes ago, Ashley said:

    So I've been banned off Xbox for telling someone they were a cvnt for killing me on GTA when I was trying to do hiests etc with friends. Going on Xbox chat in a moment to see how long it's for.. hope it's not s long one or else I've lost my FUT and my record lol


  5. 27 minutes ago, buzzer_b said:

    The struggle is real when you get relegated from Division One. I'm literally struggling to stay in Div Two now. Need one win out of two games to stay up. 

    How many points etc do you need up there? I've just got to division 4, but I reckon divisions 3-5 is where I'm gonna be.


    What does matchmaking get based on? Solely same division? I heard it was a 1 division leniency.

  6. 23 minutes ago, Ashley said:

    With that record I take it you've just started out?

    Yeah, I went off Fifa for a few months. Started playing again like a month ago, and this is the first time I've really took UT seriously. Quite enjoying it though. Just played a guy who's team was est. May 2017... he had 5 tots players is that possible?! We drew 1-1.

  7. It won't let me post a picture of the result I just had, says it's too big. Well he had 2 shots, scored 2, 1 from 30 yards out which just seemed to take forever to reach the goal and it went in and the other was from a tight angle at my keepers near post... I had 15 shots, 13 on target, and bottom line is I lost. 64% possession as well.

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