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  1. Also anyone who needs to take longer than a minute to do what they need to do, I don’t care if you’re a regular and know the person behind the counter, I do not want to be waiting any longer whilst you discuss your bunions in front of everyone.
  2. Still got a much better GD than most, surely due some luck as well. In the words of the late great george Micheal, you gotta have faith!
  3. Right time to move Vardy from your fantasy football so he can start scoring again please. Don’t want some charlatan stealing his thunder, do it now!!
  4. Chuff me backwards Arsenal ride their luck.
  5. 2 years ago at the WC I thought Pickford was the dogs bollocks, now I just think he’s just bollocks.
  6. My deals came to an end and my prices went up, a lot! So after a phone call and a wait of over 30 minutes of hold music they didn’t give me a deal I thought was acceptable so I’ve ditched my sports package which is a shame but in all honesty the bias was getting on my tits.
  7. Has anybody unblocked an iPhone before, I’ve been given a phone but it’s for O2 and my sim is EE. I’ve seen some online companies can do it for £15 but are these trust worthy?
  8. So many, I think back to Tony James (think that was his name) scoring against Oxford to keep us up in the old div 2 and the pitch invasion after. Not sure if there’s a vid as it was that long ago now that it’s probably in the Pathe News archives!
  9. Sir Shep


    Is there already a topic about this? , couldn’t see one but feel free to merge or whatever if so. Anyway i notice Sileby is under water again and even the 512 in Shepshed has been shut off due to flood water, I usually drive through Hathern to get to work but I’ll imagine the A6 will be flooded again and there’s no way I’m driving my Juke through flood water! Anyone else having issues, sadly I think this is how it’ll be from now on.
  10. I know exactly what you mean, i have to lift heavy things daily, up to 80 kilos sometimes and at 47 I’m dreading any sort of injury even though I try and be as careful as possible. Definitely look into it though, good luck and I hope you fully recover 👍
  11. Has your company done their due diligence? Given you the proper training like manual handling and the correct equipment, clothing etc? If not then it’s certainly worth pursuing I’d say although probably best to consult a legal professional rather than a barrack room lawyer like us lot!
  12. Stranger Things season 4 teaser just released, best TV show ever in my humble opinion.
  13. No EPL 3pm kick offs today, ridiculous in my opinion.
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