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  1. The Race for 7th - Stats Galore

    This would be great, many pound notes
  2. Bang Average

    IF we win by 1 goal against WBA and our record stands as...... Won 10 Drew 10 Lost 10 GD 0 but we will loose or play awful and draw
  3. We have the easiest run in

    Also not bad for Burnley and Everton, but teams in the bottom 8 or may even 10 are fighting hard against relegation so is it an easy game. So who has the toughest run-in? We've looked at the current league position of each team's remaining opposition and calculated the average level of difficulty - and it's good news for Liverpool fans, while relegation-threatened Brighton have a nightmare finale to their first Premier League campaign… Run-ins analysed Team Avg position of remaining opponents Matches v top 6 Brighton 7.1 5 West Ham 9.1 4 Stoke 9.4 4 Newcastle 9.5 4 West Brom 9.5 3 Huddersfield 9.7 4 Watford 9.9 4 Crystal Palace 10.4 3 Bournemouth 10.5 3 Southampton 10.5 3 Chelsea 10.8 3 Swansea 11 3 Man Utd 11.1 3 Man City 11.2 3 Burnley 11.3 2 Tottenham 11.5 2 Arsenal 11.6 1 Everton 11.8 2 Liverpool 12 2 Leicester 12.1 2
  4. I would take Rondon from WBA as a second option.
  5. Build up film before games.

    I want daydream believe back!!
  6. Adidas

    Find one without a stain, it’s all character
  7. Adidas

    Bring it back!!
  8. Safe Standing Survey Results

    Just bloody make half the kop or even half the stadium standing and those he wish to stand move ST to there! if you want to sit go in the other half. i hate sitting, some don’t. Give everyone a choice simple.
  9. Ndidi to Liverpool

    I think Man Utd will be in for him in the summer
  10. FA cup quater final draw 7.45pm UK time

    All these cup draws keeping the big teams apart these days fixed!!!!!!!
  11. FA cup quater final draw 7.45pm UK time

    Anyone apart from the big 6 at home
  12. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Not sure if any of this is fake news
  13. Adidas

    I hope so
  14. Sheffield United Pre Match

    It’s was him or a potato