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  1. Next City Manager?

    If you say so Chris
  2. Shakey Sacked

    Not sacked demoted with fat Sam coming in with shakey as assistant.
  3. Shakey Sacked

    What big teams we doing it against?
  4. Shakey Sacked

    Need a manager who has never seen us play and gives all players get a clean slate
  5. Shakey Sacked

    Great, but it’s all about who comes in
  6. Kasper

    Brings Gerry Taggart V Bolton when they changed the offside rule to mind 😂
  7. Next City Manager?

    I’d take the fella at Real Madrid instead but not sure he could do it with average players like Simeone.
  8. Swansea away pre match thread

    Lose and Shakey is toast 🐍
  9. Next City Manager?

    I can’t see past Diego Simone done a world class job at Athletico Madrid
  10. Kasper

    It’s 30 yards out! He should not even need a wall. he could have just walked over and caught it. if the opsonising team hit the target then kasper won’t save it.
  11. Kasper

    No doubt he has been quality over the years but really poor this season. Usually makes top draw saves and few mistakes, this year... Should have saved Kante goal Depoitre goal Salah goal Chadli goal Distribution worse than ever and it’s never been great. looks devoid of confidence.
  12. Huth

    Is he back for WBA? Been training for a couple of months now and played for the 21’s at least twice.
  13. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    We have a replacement lined up for Mahrez, Aussie footballer Rashid Mahazi
  14. Loan Watch 2017/18

    What a hit!