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  1. Ayoze Perez Talks The Adventure From Tenerife To The Premier League 20 November 2020 Having crafted and grafted a journey from Tenerife to Tyneside and now residing in Leicester, Ayoze Perez is a player motivated by dreams - the of which was to play in the Premier League. Having registered that along with a spot in a side playing in Europe, it's with Leicester City where he is looking to out fox defences across the continent. Ambitions recharged, hungry for new heights and kicking back ready to go again, it's his words that spells out his story. You’ve been in England for 6 year
  2. Belgium far better than England and youri is a starter for them, yet you know if youri was English no chance Southgate picks him because he plays for us
  3. When are first choice fullback come back 🔥🔥🔥
  4. How does Harry Winks get in?? Just bang average yet in every squad
  5. Leeds thread I know but Wolves played Friday night, we have 2 games before we play them in their next match 😂
  6. This pitch will break someone’s ankle
  7. Yep. Don’t know how he is keeping a straight face tonight.
  8. no var for a headlock. But checks that on rashford
  9. Rodgers wanted him when he was at Celtic
  10. YB29 has left forest. Still can’t believe they signed him.
  11. It’s is but I did it for the West Ham game and justified it be thinking I’d be spending a lot more if I was actually going the game. Given the result I regret my decision
  12. Sorry lads but just to let you know I don’t think we can win the league this year
  13. Cengez don’t like to pass does he
  14. Spend all that money and chilly is you’re corner taker. ****!
  15. Barnes is powerful and direct but not that quick
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