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  1. In with a huge shout for POTY now. Awesome
  2. With the options available on the bench all we could do is throw on defensive players and hold on really. Brilliant result to win there, especially after Thursday. Buzzing
  3. It's a bit of social media fun for the younger generation of fans. Vardy winds up opposition fans every week and we love him for it. Who's arsed if there's a bit of pisstaking on tiktok
  4. Win us a trophy and he'll be right up alongside Nigel for me. The job he's done this season despite having his favoured 11 fit for about 10% of it is mad
  5. He's class. Just feel like he'd be a square peg in a round hole if we were to try and fit him in somewhere. He's definitely not displacing any of the midfield 3 in the current system
  6. If he'd been fit all year he'd be comfortably up there with JJ and Youri for our POTY. Sensational every time he steps on the pitch. Never thought he'd get close to surpassing Ngolo tbh but **** me he's good
  7. We couldn't string a pass together for much of it. Salah and Mane got in behind us a couple of times and should've definitely got shots away. Not complaining, just think they were far more 'on it' than us until their heads fell off
  8. Definitely not me, but I think if they'd blown the whistle on 75 minutes we'd have had zero complaints. Any side who collapses like that though deserves **** all
  9. They were the better side for the majority let's be real. We created some big chances first half but they were playing the better football up until the equaliser
  10. Honestly surreal when the ball dropped at Vardy's feet today I'm still not sure we actually won
  11. That was funny as ****. Shades of us away at Bournemouth last 15 there. Unbelievable
  12. We couldn't, was in the contract
  13. He's not a wide player. Whenever he's came off the bench and played central (behind the striker) this season he's looked good. I feel like we definitely signed him to play out wide, which is baffling, but when he plays centrally I'm definitely a fan - offers a lot to the squad in that position.
  14. Traded places as the clubs scapegoat with Perez again, well done to him
  15. JJ will obviously be a huge miss however long he's out for but let's not forget we've got Riccy, Castagne and Thomas covering those positions still. Really, really hope it's not a bad one mind
  16. Declan Rice is actually pretty good
  17. We've been fantastic, still think the spinners bowl too much filth but they're bowling enough wicket taking deliveries to win us test matches on the sub-continent at the minute. Root's been a joy to watch, so glad he's back to his best. He is the difference
  18. Anyone sending Dean death threats is obviously a freak. Dean is still a twat.
  19. This Bess knock is really getting on my tits. What's the ****ing point of this?
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