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  1. This was worse than the red for me. Absolute farce.
  2. He would **** you up for that. Don’t mess with Gasp
  3. I think I’d rather give one of the youth players a try rather than playing Iheanacho there. Under could be a possibility but I think his decision making really needs some work to become a decent attacking mid, that said I guess we just need anyone.
  4. There normally isn’t but Kelechi Iheanacho playing in the same position as Maddison, it’s pushing it.
  5. I know, but I mean generally someone suggested he could play in Maddison’s position
  6. Have I just read someone suggest we play Iheanacho as a number 10? Please tell me I havent
  7. Some gym equipment costs upwards of £10k so no, it’s doesn’t always make more financial sense.
  8. Something I found really confusing about the situation re lockdowns in Leicester was a study which suggested % of people in different areas of the country that have had Covid. We were nowhere to be seen but have been in constant restrictions for nearly a year yet areas like the north west had much higher %s. Bizarre.
  9. Just watched this “they just tried to book again” I use tripadvisor a lot, I’ll definitely have been done over like this at some point.
  10. Depends really I guess. I suspect some countries will look at the rate at which vaccinated people spread the virus and be happy to take the gamble for you to stay in some accommodation.
  11. I’ve not seen that but I’ll check it out.
  12. Are you new to this? Sporting venues will be after you legally being able to cough at a 90 year old.
  13. I hope that element of it is bullshit, I can’t see why it’s August and not sooner, Edit- especially as I’ve heard Ryanair pilots are going back just before Easter.
  14. The boys from Bergamo infected these all back last year anyway so they are all immune.
  15. Been saying this for a while, makes much more sense than travelling all over Europe.
  16. Not going to lie, I’m going to be on the pitch when Wes Morgan nobs in the winner in the last minute of the last game of the season to get us in the Champions League.
  17. I know it’s a long way away but I would be careful about making plans that include crossing multiple borders. Can imagine in some places that will still be messy for a while.
  18. Good job you have a few basil leaves on there, was worried about your balanced diet.
  19. Braybrooke have a 25% discount for NHS workers. My dad has ordered me a fridge full. Happy days.
  20. Yeah I got to the 15 minute mark and it got better but I do 5k in about 23 mins so was pretty much constant pain throughout. Much better out there today though.
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