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  1. Let’s not get carried away, he has not been here out the goodness of his heart. We do pay him handsomely. He has just about recently started to justify his wage. That’s it. And he would not seek a move as he knows he will get no where near the money elsewhere he gets here. Like our other expensive flops.
  2. Would love to get Rangers, go up a couple of times a season and the Rangers lads we meet are good as gold. Hopefully they would still be as friendly welcoming us as away fans! 😂
  3. Sure I have read somewhere that 5th place in England is guaranteed pot1. Much like the last time we went into pot 1 as the champions of England. Happy to be corrected though.
  4. Great draw, well pleased with that. Can I have the same settings as the chap that had us in the Champions League edition. Not going to tinker with a successful team. Thanks @Des.
  5. Is corona virus a thing of the past now? Nobody in London today seems the slightest bit bothered.
  6. I expect you are correct in that the previous history between the two was the reason for what happened. Police are trained and have positional asphyxiation whilst doing hands on techniques drilled into them. There is no way he would not have known the consequences of doing what he did. He must of known what the end result would be, the fact three colleagues watched and didn’t try to intervene is more baffling.
  7. It was the contrast between yours and @BKLFox slant and explanation of his pre cons which appeared in messages directly after each other. It reminded me of the prosecution and defence summing up. Just highlights the different slant on things the extreme end of both arguments can take with the same information.
  8. This made me chuckle. The part where he appeared to have been rehabilitated!! 😂. He was committing a further crime (however minor). Were you his defence solicitor by any chance?!
  9. When a person is arrested (which the police require grounds for), there are two disposal options, 1) release NFA (no further action/no charges) or 2) charge/caution. Now the stats previously provided show arrests only, if the figures for disposal were available then a case could be made for institutional police racism ie lots more black arrests with NFA at the end could suggest racism in that black people are frivolously arrested but not charged. However in the absence of more detailed figures the stats suggest (as much as people won’t like to admit it) that black people commit more crime.
  10. Two teams in the same division can share a ground. Fake news.
  11. Another theory which would fit the statistics are that black people commit more crime? Im pretty sure police make arrests and solve the crimes which they are presented with? Surely no one is suggesting they go out and ignore crime by white offenders in order to concentrate on black offenders?
  12. As pointed out in this thread numerous times protest is not good during a pandemic. Not a good idea to graffiti a statue and also criminal damage. Even worse idea to attack the cenotaph in a proud country with a proud military past. I presume you mean Tommy Robinson when you refer to Tommy Cokefingers, yes a convicted criminal, as was George Floyd. Farage I wasn’t aware was a convicted criminal. I think today could be a turning point in how this goes. Football lads alliance already planning to be in London next weekend to protect war memorials could spell large scale disorder.
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