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  1. Great post. Was sure this would have had a bite or two. Good effort. 😂
  2. Very good of him to perform against West Ham kids while picking up 50k a week! We really are indebted to the lad.
  3. Standard BBC. Absolute shower. Can’t bend over enough to come across politically correct.
  4. Text or email. Possibly letter if he knew your address.
  5. If we win the return against Braga I imagine it will be strictly fringe players travelling to Zorya.
  6. I have got this shirt. Surely they don’t sell at anything like £250???!!
  7. Him not coming back the same player was always a possibility after an ACL injury. Some never return at all.
  8. They should just make it an authorised substance then. Would save the charade of some of the fittest athletes in the world all claiming to be asthmatic. Ridiculous.
  9. That has got to be something to do with the medication you can use if you are diagnosed with asthma. Same as a staggering 93% of riders in the Tour de France are also asthmatic. Cheating basically.
  10. Any rivalry with Scotland reminds me very much of our rivalry with Coventry. Years ago we were true rivals, now it only exists if you dislike them purely because you know they hate us. In terms of quality on the pitch Scotland are as far away from us as Coventry are us. Basically different stratosphere’s.
  11. Two very poor sides. England could name a 3rd choice team and brush either aside with ease. To play Israel and Serbia to get to a finals and not manage to beat either is telling.
  12. Jesus Christ man, he was never what Vardy is now. You are comparing our greatest ever player to a bloke who wasn’t even in the three best midfielders at the club at the time.
  13. No, please carry on doing so, it makes the melt down from the left even more hilarious afterwards.
  14. Cast your minds back to how the Remainers took the Brexit defeat, years of disputing, asking for another vote, trying to legally block it. Exactly the same scenario happening in America. Both sides will have options to proceed with. When something is literally 50/50 it is hard for the losing side to accept.
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