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  1. One year I got 4 tickets left for me at Bournemouth through a football agent I met through a work colleague. They were left by Mahrez and Vardy. I imagine most of the time players tickets go to people they have never met.
  2. With the level of points you will need for this it is quite naughty that 30+ will end up with members who potentially have never done a single away game!! 😂😂
  3. No, cup tied. Played for Burnley in it.
  4. I thought it was a good article. Enjoy reading other peoples thoughts, feelings and experiences of the title win. I met him on one of the Champions League trips, him Matt Elliott and Gerry Taggart. Seemed a sound chap, don’t get the hatred for him.
  5. The thing is it is the offside rule that is wrong not VAR, VAR is simply giving a factual decision. However close it is matters not, VAR tells the truth. You have to have a cut off somewhere. If someone fails a drink drive test by 1ml of breath they are not let off because it is so close, the cut off has to be somewhere. The offside law needs to change, not VAR.
  6. The foxes eyes in a dark stadium looked good I thought.
  7. 1 of ours dropped out for this, 1 available. Meet in Burnley. Face value.
  8. It was really, really poor again today. i think this thread has highlighted most of the reasons why but another thing I don’t think helps is that majority of the crowd are season ticket holders who have sat in the same seat for the last however many years. It makes people become complacent and bored with the whole experience, hence only very extreme occurrences makes them wake up! Very similar thing happened to Stoke City. When they first went up to the Premier League it was an absolute bear pit cauldron type atmosphere, every tackle and every goal was urged on by the crowd, proper 12th man stuff. Fast forward 5 years and they are bored with it, ground becomes silent and toxic. It’s not enough to be in the premier anymore they want entertaining before they make a sound. We are going the exact same way and we all know where they ended up.
  9. If this is true what possibly will be the excuse? Surely we can’t have been confused and too thick to not know what we were doing a second time?!
  10. Crazy to think that that we played Doncaster in the same division 2013-2014 and now our Reserve/u21’s comfortably beat their first team on the same night our 1st team go second in the Premier League!! Never had it so good.
  11. Seems to be a lot of hate for people who leave early but at least they go to the games. I’ve got a mate who watches on tv at home but always turns it off 1 minute before the end so he can get a clear run to his kitchen. How much must we all hate him?
  12. I’m still in the ground from Sunday waiting for tomorrow night. If you have left early you are a shit fan. Only real fans like me are sleeping in the toilets for 3 nights. If you ain’t willing to stay for 3 nights after the game you don’t deserve to come at all quite frankly.
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