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  1. Peterborough away - 12.30pm Sat 27th January

    Peterborough are playing tonight away at Lincoln in the checkatrade cup. Interesting to see if they play a near full strength side with the game to come at the weekend. Especially if we play a weakened side because of to many games! 😂
  2. Peterborough away - 12.30pm Sat 27th January

    08:52, Nuneaton to Peterborough gets in at 10:13.
  3. Best Away Day

    For pure drama and atmosphere in the away end I always think Cardiff away in the playoffs is right up there. Just a shame it turned out how it did.
  4. Rearranged game is tonight 19:30 kick off. Shrewsbury away if we progress.
  5. Parking charge notice

    As has been stated previous in the thread only ever pay police and council parking fines. All private company ones are non-enforceable. You will receive multiple threatening letters but all will state you MAY be taken to court. They will even quote a recent case they won. Trust me, if you ignore it you will not be taken to court and eventually they will stop writing to you. The key is to totally ignore them and not get into any dialogue whatsoever. These companies play the numbers game. Ignore it totally and you will be fine.
  6. Sports in movies quiz.

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 88/100 My Time 129 seconds  
  7. Name this Leicester team

    Michael Duberry??
  8. Name this Leicester team

    Danny cadamateri?
  9. Name this Leicester team

    Wayne bridge
  10. Name this Leicester team

    Leighton baines
  11. Name this Leicester team

    Jimmy Bullard
  12. Name this Leicester team

    Correct. Great championship manager signing mid 90’s ish!
  13. Name this Leicester team

    Luke Chadwick.
  14. Name this Leicester team

    Stephen Froggatt?