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  1. Newcastle away in the Championship 2009. August bank holiday. Locked up for drunk trying to enter a football ground after a heavy days drinking. Heard the Newcastle goal in the cells underneath the stadium. Released by midnight with a caution. Could have been worse they didn’t issue me a banning order. 👍
  2. Playing for us?! That’s a bit kind. Attending, yes. Stealing a living, certainly. Playing for us, hardly.
  3. It wasn’t just the miss, the lazy foul in the corner sums him up perfectly. And I still can’t believe no one gets annoyed by his stupid jazz hands on the big screen at home. Boils my piss.
  4. Joke. Not only is he blatantly shit he is also now overweight. He will be with us stinking the place out until his contract runs out as no one will pay him half what we do.
  5. This is always a common misconception about him that baffles me. “Looked excellent before joining us”. No he did not. He tapped in a couple of sitters in the last 10 minutes for a team who create hatfuls of chances. Every Man City fan I speak to knew he was sub standard and were amazed they got anywhere near the money they did.
  6. Well reasoned and explained reply. In terms of giving it a try, like I said I couldn’t think of anything worse. Maybe I’m a dinosaur (aged 40) but watching women’s football would be below shopping with the mrs on my list of things to do. In comparison I have travelled the world watching England and in many cases in the early years without a ticket, so ultimately taking time off and paying to be in a city/country purely where England were playing with no chance of a ticket. Like I said, and it wasn’t just for affect, I wouldn’t watch a woman’s game if it was free/in my own garden. Even free food and beer wouldn’t tempt to a stadium.
  7. Personally wouldn’t watch a women’s football match if it was being played in my back garden. Also baffled why the BBC try to force it in to the mainstream at every opportunity. Each to their own though.
  8. The club should lock the gates until 30 minutes after the final whistle. That would look really impressive to the players.
  9. Hopefully one is not Betis like mine!! 🙈🙈
  10. Glad someone else remembered this. The postcard was filled in with the address of Wolves and you just had to fill in a message for him! I actually sent mine off. 🙈. From memory it read something along the lines of “we all have regrets in life, yours must be bigger than others!”. Always wondered 1) how many got sent and 2) if he ever read any!! 😂
  11. Yes we should go for it, absolutely. Not a chance for us this year, we will finish 10 points or more behind Wolves.
  12. 1 spare due to late pull out. Collect in London Sunday. PM if interested.
  13. Yes mate he definitely is shit. Very very shit. And for a bonus point his stupid hand thing on the screen is very annoying.
  14. Before it was removed I was called racist for stating how shit this clown is. No words needed.
  15. I boo him every week. Mostly because he is useless.
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