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  1. Honestly not sure why people are losing their s**t over the team. (If the leaked one is correct which I suspect it will be). Looks to me about the strongest we could put out. And please stop with the obsession with Under, the bloke is complete toss. I love how people constantly want him in the side and question Brendans decision to not play him!! Pretty sure Brendan and his staff see him in training every day and realised long ago he is complete toss. Worst thing that will happen with him will be in one of his sub appearances he will do the usual cut inside and try a shot from 35 yard
  2. Vivtim of grooming?! Of her own free will she fled the country to join ISIS. She is not a victim of abuse, she has simply changed her mind and now wants back here. At last a court has ruled with common sense, and even better news thanks to Brexit she can't appeal to Brussels. Double victory. Out of interst what would your plan be for her, welcome home, full benefit packages and a regular Friday afternoon spot at Speakers Corner to spread her hate?
  3. Ok lets slightly change it and say Big Dave played 300 Games for England Disabled team as he is partially sighted? Why does he still not get a chance? I have heard Alex Scott numerous times during lockdown and I have never been surer she gets the gig as she is female and ticks the PC quota. On your last point I would go for the female builder everytime as I would a female mechanic. Its a mental thing where I would trust the female tradesperson more subconcsiously. No ones ever heard of a cow girl builder have they!!
  4. That is true but I never understand it as a reason to support having female pundits. It is obvious the real reason is to seem PC. As an example, it could be argued that Big Dave Postlethwaite who played for the Dog and Duck in the Blackburn Pub League for 18 years and scored an unbelievable 830 goals should also have the same right to rock up as apundit on the BBC. Played the game and was succesful - Tick The Professional game a lot higher standard than what he played at - Tick So poor Big Dave has got the same credentials as Alex scott but never gets a look in. Wont som
  5. United have got 10 more away points from home which is the same as us.
  6. United, Us, Everton, West Ham, Villa, Tottenham, Leeds, Arsenal, Brighton and Fulham are the 10 if anyone was wondering!
  7. It’s not just us, 10 teams have picked up more points away than at home this season so far.
  8. Weekend of the 20th we play Villa, more than likely on the Sunday as it’s in between the 2 Thursday night Europa league games. On a related note does anyone know when the fixture dates are confirmed for February? Can’t be too far away now?
  9. @FoxesDeb. I would not waste your time arguing with people, this is a Boris bashing echo chamber. If Boris visited them all personally and gave them £50 he would be slated for not ringing ahead to make sure they were in.
  10. After 15 years, he’s already told you that.
  11. Bonus internet points for you Bryn, you have pointed out a dirty horrible racist. Sit back and wait for the thumbs up. Let me be the one to give you the first. 👍
  12. Yes I agree. I remember as a kid thinking if I made it professionally I would play for Leicester all my career and money would not be of the slightest importance. That romanticism doesn’t last long and to be honest I would play for the devils 11 for 10 million quid a year! 😂
  13. If the reported wages posted above are correct then that is outstanding work from his agent. Truly frightening money for a left back. Would love to have seen the reaction of Mason Mount when it dawned on him Chilwell was on double his money!! 😂 I imagine he was asking his own agent why the f**k the left back who passes backwards and sideways all game is on double his own poke.
  14. Describing someone as completely useless is not abuse.
  15. I’d demand a Dodo egg omelette.
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