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  1. If this Jason Sancton from BO Russia is anywhere near as good as his cousin Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund then he’s probably worth a punt. 😂
  2. Do Luton play home midweek games on the Tuesday or Wednesday? Anyone know?
  3. I saw the same programme and was amazed by that fact. Explains why they roll out the red carpet for their vip clients. It was pretty sickening to hear the phone calls to the elderly lady who lost her money on them online fruit machine type game. She was obviously out of control and struggling and they simply kept putting £100 bonus in her account to keep on gambling. Makes you wonder how even the people making the phone calls sleep at night, let alone Denise Coates and get 260 million a year wages.
  4. Went to that game. Pretty sure Frank Rolling made his debut that day. Also remember it as the press reports said Emile had to be in college the next day!
  5. In the circumstances of the weekend just gone I think it was more important not to lose. First day home defeat with Chelsea to come is a bad start the manager didn’t need. Instead a draw with a good Wolves side and the pre season optimism rolls on for another week.
  6. I imagine the main harm would have been conceding and losing the game. Imagine the boost for Wolves players and supporters to see Ihenacho coming on. He didn’t bring him on because he’s not good enough and doesn’t work hard enough, as the three previous managers have felt.
  7. I have us as a win, lose and draw in the first three games. Wolves is the draw, probably 1-1.
  8. 0-0 atm. Look comfortable on the stats though!
  9. Porto away tonight in the champions league. 11/8 at Krasnodar in Russia seems massive. Porto are regular final 16 team.
  10. Picked up last seasons betting form! ?
  11. Blackburn, Peterborough and Carlisle £10 opening day home treble. ?
  12. Was Spider Kalac 6”7 if I remember right?
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