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  1. If true that would be the midweek after the fa cup 3rd round.
  2. The thing is a significant section of Newcastle fans will be happy with this as they get to see the game. It’s not the majority that travel away from home it’s the minority.
  3. Surely WMP can cope with Albion and Swansea (and their 300 away following) at 12;00 and then us and Villa at 4pm? Still reckon it will be the Sunday.
  4. Anyone know why no announcement again today?
  5. It is definitely on the Sunday. Prefer it not to be 12:30 though. 4pm would be better.
  6. You can understand that, the long term Burton fans will have the hump with new glory hunters they are trying to atttact!
  7. Historically the problem with Burton is that they grew so fast on the pitch the supporter base wasn’t there off the pitch. When I was growing up they were non league rivals with Tamworth. Shame really as it’s a well run family club.
  8. Next set of changes announced today.
  9. Hopefully Burton decide soon. How many times can you threaten your own fans you will give the away side half the ground before you just actually do it!! 😂
  10. Worth holding on to see if they give us the other stand.
  11. We were in the home end that day in the section next to our support. Before kick off I noticed a few lads literally just walk between the ‘segregation’ down the front between the two sets of fans. I think it was one steward with little or no interest. Following their lead me and three mates did exactly the same and got in with our fans. But yes there were big numbers of our fans in the home end.
  12. Yes the Ipswich v Coventry game which was a Sunday has switched to the Saturday so we play villa on Sunday. interesting Ipswich knew before the official announcement day Friday.
  13. Is it time for the super fans to issue a list of do’s and dont’s of how to support a football team? Could print them on back of the clappers next home game.
  14. Could be a good way to allocate away tickets rather than the current priority system. Might need to bring a sleeping bag the home game before Bournemouth away though! 😂
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