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  1. Just a word of warning for people who are lucky enough to make their own travel plans and are hoping for a few beers in London before hand. Most pubs are bookings only due to the current restrictions. It’s not like normal times where you can rock up at a boozer and get a beer. We struggled to find a half decent pub for 5 of us which would accept us for more than 1 hour. Bit of planning required.
  2. Thankfully not having a LE post code that is exactly what we will be doing! Trains booked for £35 return, cheaper than the nightmare coaches.
  3. Yes I completley agree, the problem @newfox1has got is that the owners are free to ask for what they want and reject any offer they want. If they are in no rush to move they can wait it out for as long as they like. But in answer to his/her query there is no point asking the Estate agent for an update because he has had it, the offer was rejected. Balls back in his/her court.
  4. It matters not if you and the agent think its a reasonable offer. The elderly sellers own it and can sell it for what they want. You have had your answer, its up to you to either offer more or move on.
  5. Not sure if mentioned elsewhere but Man City home is Saturday 3rd at 17:30 and West Ham away is Sunday 11th April at 14:05.
  6. This Patsy Stephenson woman is an interesting case. She was on breakfast TV yesterday talking about how terrifying ordeal. With the information she gave yesterday in her interview I would love to know how she keeps a straight face pedaling this rubbish. Now anyone who has been arrested will know the booking in procedure takes at least half hour. She was taken to a Police van where they asked her name and address to issue her a ticket. She no doubt tried to disrupt this process my giving it the whole " I dont have to give you my details " rubbish. She was then released from the va
  7. Proper victim of Police brutality! Sure I saw her on TV this morning describing her harrowing ordeal at the hands of the Police. Which out of interest lasted a full harrowing 20 minutes before they realised her with a small fine!! 😂
  8. Put me on block, the good reason is a pandemic that has killed over 100,000 people.
  9. Definitely not when a post contains ACAB at the end and gets more than one thumbs up! Tells you everything about the leanings of people on here.
  10. The police never handled this badly. They broke up a court ruled illegal gathering. As they should do. The one video posted on here shows them doing so with minimum force after obviously pleading with people to move. We can’t pick and choose when we want police to uphold the law. BLM gathering - fine crack on good cause no police required. EDL gathering - police need to smash these up horrible people Vigil/ Reclaim the streets - good cause, crack on no police required. Football fans gathering- police required, stop it ASAP no need for the gathering. Doesn
  11. The lengths you are going to to defend this illegal gathering is embarrassing. A bizarre decision not to let people gather during a pandemic?! Really? So by banning a gathering the courts risked people catching covid?! No just the opposite, if people had listened then no one turns up hence no risk whatsoever.
  12. Worst stewards in the world then if they were supposed to maintain social distancing. As for the video I see nothing wrong from the police actions. They are obviously trying to engage asking them to disperse. The ginger girl (ginger used as a descriptive trait not in a negative way) totally ignored them refusing to engage. Shortly afterwards police remove them using minimal force. Textbook policing at an illegal event during a pandemic. People saying they should be left to it need to give their heads a wobble.
  13. No never mentioned the cause, it doesn’t matter what the cause was, people shouldn’t gather full stop. Same as BLM gatherings, large raves, parties, Rangers fans celebrating. The reason is not important, just don’t do it. Certainly don’t have the temerity to criticise the OB for trying to break it up.
  14. So you attended an illegal gathering during a pandemic but describe the policing as shocking for trying to break it up. News flash for you, it’s not shocking policing it’s what the normal general public want them to do. Ignore Twitter and the left wing mob, the average person has no sympathy for you. It was taken to court and deemed illegal, the organisers told you to stay on your doorstep. I’m sure you will have no complaints when lock down is extended due to actions such as these.
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