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  1. I get over the disappointments if we leave it all on the pitch like the play off semis against Watford and Cardiff. What's depresses me is the points of realisation of systemic shitness like getting relegated to League 1 or the other night.
  2. Sevilla for me or Ulloa vs Norwich in title winning season.
  3. After watching us in the last 6 months, culminating in the biggest meltdown I've seen in ten years, I still don't have any confidence of finishing above Chelsea and United with chumps like Albrighton, Justin and Bennett starting for us.
  4. I'm still raging fellas. We won't get a better chance than this in the next 5 years imo. Fvck sake.
  5. I don’t think this is a serious debate. Just a bunch of reactionary men venting frustration on a website. Would people be clamouring for Rodgers to go in the ground? No. This is especially since I think Top will back him completely and in reality we all know that.
  6. I think his team mates need to trust him more in possession. He gets in to good positions one on one and can create something. Maddison especially needs to look for him more.
  7. Arsenal fans are a bunch of ghouls. Nearly as bad as Villa.
  8. Complete ****ing donkey. He's pish.
  9. We need Ndidi to be imperious and Youri to smash it to get anything I think.
  10. best 3-4-1-2 ever was the great escape one under Nige. Cambiasso, Wasilewski, Ulloa Vardy and Nuge all up front. So many cult heroes in that side.
  11. Him and Gray need to go this summer. We need proper wingers now. He is almost certainly a legend, though.
  12. Couldn’t be doing with that the position we have been in all season. Don’t think I’d go to all the games either.
  13. We’ve got fame. We’ve got money. But what I really want is to do these some serious damage.
  14. A bit damning on the league that the only reason we are in the top 4 is because of 8 games before December. Before then and since we've looked like a lower midtable side.
  15. Just seen a Tottenham goal ruled out for a toe offside. Fair enough. But why are things you could never discern with the naked eye checked and obvious things aren't? VAR is dumb.
  16. would be great to delete my memories and play DS1 for the first time blind again.
  17. Not just how it was formed, how it persisted and even ended. In living memory (post 1945!) Britain was force feeding Kikuyu people their own genitalia in Kenyan concentration camps. People in this country don’t know this.
  18. I appreciate your response mate but you may want to refrain from using the term "cultural Marxists" which is pretty abhorrent term loaded with anti-Semitism.
  19. i think he came from a pretty shit background as well and is using his platform really well. Just to think if United didn't have that injury crisis he might not be the player he is and could be slogging it out on loan.
  20. No. But its a reasonable sequence that demonstrates why BLM has a distinct anti-capitalist/Marxist tone in its analysis of racism on a football forum pal
  21. anyone who engages their brain for more than ten seconds will realise that racism in the West is tied to perceptions of former colonised peoples, and any substantial analysis of colonialism concludes its driving force is capitalism. Thus, it is not a reach for a anti-racist movements to take on an anti-capitalist themes. As the pre-eminent critic of capitalism then Marx and his conclusions will obviously be cited by those in BLM as relevant.
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