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  1. Reality check. We are not the best team in the Premier League. We have some very good players and an outstanding manager but we are work in progress. There are positions in the team and on the bench that we need to strengthen if we are to improve. So far City have been punching above their weight and exceeding the expectations of most of us - let's not forget that at the start of the season the aim was a final league position that would give us European football. I'm very happy at the overall achievement of the team so far and accept the reality that things won't always go so
  2. I'm retired now but have been in both the position of a job applicant and of a hiring manager. The primary purpose of the application is to get you an interview, that's when you can really sell yourself. Although sometimes the hiring manager views all the applications in larger organisations they may be 'filtered' by the HR department first. The HR department won't be specialists in the job being offered but will be looking for both positive and negative aspects of the application, which is why it's important not to include anything they could obviously use as grounds for rejection.
  3. Live version - for those who don't know the background Guy was a messenger working for Elton when he was killed in a motorcycle accident.
  4. There's an understandable focus on his ups and downs at City and thereafter, but before he joined City he had a short term contract at Southampton and he kept them up. He has a proven track record at this level no matter what individuals may think of his personal traits and I hope he thrives at Watford, both for his and their sake.
  5. Unless he's actively seeking a pay cut there won't be too many clubs he'll be tempted to go to now.
  6. Players should be selected on merit, fitness and suitability for the role required for a match. In order to keep a squad happy players in form, fit and suitable must be given their opportunity. Watford at home is an ideal opportunity to give those players who have shown good form like Praet and Kelechi a start.
  7. There is nothing written in stone to say that the top clubs now will be the top clubs in ten, twenty, thirty years time. Just look at the history of the top league in England over the past century. There was a time when Bolton Wanderers, Wolves, Sheffield Wednesday, Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest and many others would have qualified as the top teams in the country and where are they now? Some top clubs of recent decades haven't always been top clubs and there is nothing to say that they have any right to continue as top clubs. Equally some smaller clubs have grown to be 'big clu
  8. If I read Brendan Rogers correctly he is an ambitious man who would like to reach the very peak of his profession. I doubt that we will have him long term but I think we'll have him for long enough for him to put success on his CV. He has a string of achievements at Celtic but could only have had more of the same by staying there. He wants achievement in the PL, and getting City to a Champions League place or winning a domestic trophy would count as that. Getting the league title would be outstanding, unfortunately no matter what he does this season the likelihood is that it's L
  9. Early environmental awareness - made no.2 in 1971
  10. We have a squad of talented players and it's natural that rich clubs will want to buy our success. But those players have flourished under our manager. Take them out of that situation, put them in a system that doesn't suit them or that doesn't work so well and watch them go downhill. BR is the one we really can't afford to lose.
  11. I think we watched the same program - Sky Arts for me.
  12. I hadn't realised that George Harrison contributed to Donovan's Hurdy Gurdy Man (which Donovan wrote while he was in the ashram in India with the Beatles). The verse didn't make it to the final release but Donovan has included it in his live performances. George's verse was: When the truth gets buried deep Beneath the thousand years of sleep Time demands a turn around And once again the truth is found Here's the Donovan classic including George's verse.
  13. Many good words in this thread already, I'll just try to add something else to consider. There are basically three types of person who work: 1. Those who will do anything to maximise their achievements and income, even at the expense of their own happiness and those of their dependants. 2. Those who are happy to do the minimum to get by. 3. Those who want to earn enough for a comfortable life for themselves and their dependants and are prepared to sometimes work in careers they don't particularly like to get what they need. (1) is quite a few bu
  14. Anyone with an expertise in Inheritance Tax? I believe that the exempt limit is £325,000 after which the taxman grabs 40%. That's 40% of my savings which I've already paid tax on to bank. I'd like my children to get what I've earned, not HMRC. I'm considering blowing the lot to buy a property which I can gift to them. I believe that I have to live for seven years to avoid inheritance tax if I do and even then if the property appreciates in value HMRC will be after them for Capital Gains Tax. None of this is very palatable but I'm after any strategy that gets my as
  15. I listened to an interesting radio interview with Jeff Lynne who produced Free as a bird. He basically had tapes provided by Yoko of John Lennon singing the song in 1977, which sounded like a demo tape. He then worked with the remaining Beatles to produce the record - Paul sang a soft backing to John's voice through the song which I admit I hardly noticed and George did the great intro. Jeff used all the technology he could get his hands on to modify the output of the original tapes to produce harmony between the voices and John's piano from the original tape. Anyway for general interest h
  16. I had my procedure in 1996 Alf, survival rates have probably improved since. The doctor who quoted the rate to me was Director of Cardiology at Guys & St Thomas so I took him at his word. My father had arrhythmia which wasn't corrected, it took him a week to die in the Royal after his stroke and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. He knew that he was at risk and told me on several occasions that if he had a stroke and was in the type of situation that your cousin unfortunately suffered then I was to turn the life support off. My af was persistent (100% of the time) w
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