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  1. All I have to do is dream was a hit in 1958 Cathy's clown was a hit in 1960 This clip is from The Everly Brothers 1960 UK tour with the Crickets as their backing band. Enjoy.
  2. Disappointing but a fair result IMO.
  3. Out of control Not half bad
  4. I feel like part of my childhood just died. I used to look forward to the special occasions when my parents took me to Wicksteed Park for the day. And the little golf course there was my first experience of the game.
  5. Down the ages (getting desperate now)
  6. Manage (also unlikely)
  7. It's true that some of the words used have are considered to be racially unacceptable now and I thought of that before posting. At the time I remember it as a song calling for racial harmony. The term 'coffee coloured people' was used as an illustration of the outcome of mixing all races of the world together and I do not see it as derogatory to anyone. I am also mindful that Blue Mink were a mixed race group.
  8. Hit in late 1969, performance in 1970
  9. And that's why you decided to become a paramedic?.......
  10. The size of a depth charge and had a tendency to explode if anyone could drive a spike into it to get the beer out. The model for modern fire extinguishers.
  11. Seeing family Shopping Socialising Bowling Holiday
  12. I still have my pewter mug from the same era. It's a bit battered now though. I still maintain that beer tastes different when drunk from a pewter mug.
  13. Hank Marvin composition
  14. Acute problem and In good spirits
  15. Less of a problem and In good spirits
  16. Our democracy has been hard-won and is precious to many, including myself. We elect our representatives to act on our behalf, including the making of laws. Our society functions in the way is does because of those laws. Without the rule of law there would be anarchy, where we would have much less control over our lives. As much as I have sympathy for some of the causes, I cannot condone the wanton disregard of the law by individuals who place their own values above those of our society. We are in the middle of a pandemic, a situation that requires discipline from us
  17. I found The Feeling Good Handbook by David D Burns MD to be very helpful. It was instrumental in making me realise that my thoughts during depression were not balanced. Changing the way I thought was central to me overcoming depression and preventing its return.
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